20 Easiest Recipes With The Mighty Aloo!

20 Easiest Recipes With The Mighty Aloo!


Aloo Keema

The recipe is a simple but an amazing one. To make this, you need mashed potatoes and stir fry them in cross-country flavours. You can add meat and vegetables like cabbage, capsicum and sweet corn and a whole bunch of spices while you mash the potatoes on the do in the frying pan itself. It is doused in rich flavours of both countries.


Dum Aloo Lakhnavi

There are various styles of potato dishes in the country, of which Dum Aloo is very common name seen in every household. This particular rendition of the dish is one cooked in the regional flavours of Lucknow and hence known as Lakhnavi side. For this dish, the potatoes are first cut in half and then hollowed out. A mixture of paneer and spices is prepared and mashed which is then stuffed with a filling inside these potatoes. The stuffed potatoes are then cooked in a spicy gravy with lots of onions and tomatoes. It may sound complicated, but once you prepare this dish, it will be an easy make.


Batata Vada

This is a very well-known street snack in Maharashtra. In this dish, a mashed potato patty is actually served with chutney. The patty is prepared by mixing mashed potatoes with spices and then coated with chickpea flour and fried. The golden look of the dish makes it a novelty in the streets. It is usually served with a tangy and sweet Chutney.


Honey Chilli Potatoes

One of the most famous Oriental dishes in the country is the Honey Chilli Potatoes. No Chinese meal goes by without this dish. Other than being a great party snack, this one is just a bundle of flavours.


Delhi Style Fried Aloo chaat

Delhi is known for its roadside Chaats. So how could we miss the famous Aloo Chaat from Delhi! Diced potato chunks are first fried in spices and then tossed in chutneys. Usually,two Chutney are used- tamarind and mint, making this dish an ultimate delight to gorge on.


Potato Au Gratin

We all love our fair share of Continental dishes, right? Especially those Au Gratin dishes which just resonate to happiness in a bowl. The Potato Au Gratin is a dish where layers of thinly sliced potatoes are laid alternatively with a cheesy sauce in a casserole and is baked until the topmost cheese has a golden brown colour. It is truly a soul satisfying meal, indeed.


Spicy Potato

If you love spice, then there can be no other dish you would love more than this. Spicy potatoes is a simple yet brilliant dish where potatoes are looked with a lot of tomatoes and a lot of spiciness! The spiciness is usually due to the addition of red chillies, which makes this dish every spice lover’s paradise in a bowl.


Aloo Ka Achar

We all love Achaar don’t we? The more unconventional the Achaar is, the more we love it. For this dish, fried potatoes are tossed in vinegar, mustard seeds, sugar, chillies and tamarind. This amazing dish can then be served with roti.


Bang bang batata

What’s better than a quick snack? This one is just that. It is the answer to all untimely craving for fried and spicy food when all you have are potatoes in the kitchen.


Chatpata Aloo

Indians have a soft corner for spicy and tangy flavours. This one is just that. The potatoes are stir fried with various aromatic spices, chillies, ginger and lemon juice. Usually, a dash of asafetida is added for that extra tinge of flavour.


French Fries

No one can deny their unimaginable love for French Fries. Probably why mostly all dishes come with a side of French Fries. Be it Burgers or a Continental dish, it all comes with French fries. Other than that, French Fries are great without anything too.


Dum Aloo Kashmiri

With about a dozen variations of the Aloo Dum in our country, it is a tough job to know them all. A very common one amongst them is the Kashmiri Aloo Dum, a classic restaurant dish. In this dish, potatoes are cooked in a cashew based gravy, which makes it a little sweeter than the other varieties.


Stuffed Potatoes

Although simple to make, this makes for a great party snack! The potatoes are hollowed out and stuffed with a filling of choice. It can be a meat filling or a vegetable filling. The potatoes are then grilled in a tandoor.


Aloo ka Bhujia

Aloo Ka Bhujia is a simple Indian dish which is very common in every Indian household. It is prepared by first boiling the potatoes and then preparing mashed potatoes. Then you need to stir fry this with a few spices and your dish is ready.


Aloo chokha

Other than being an accompaniment to Litti, this is a tasty dish in itself. The potato is first boiled and then mashed and mixed with salt, chopped onions, tomatoes, chillies and pepper.


Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto is an immensely popularised Bengali dish, which is also a world famous one. Although a simple dish to make, the dish is very flavourful.


Aloo Gobi

What is better during winters other than our favourite Aloo Gobi ki Sabzi? Every vegetarian’s favourite, Aloo Gobi is a simple yet brilliant dish that just can be served with anything.


Aloo Jeera

This dish is made from two very simple ingredients- Aloo and Jeera. Even with the use of such minimum spices, it is indeed of a surprise that this dish is so rich in flavour and taste.


Aloo Paratha

No one can disagree with the fact that the favourite type of Paratha is the Aloo Paratha. Other than being a common Indian breakfast, it is a versatile dish which can be served during anytime during the entire day. It goes best with a side of ghee, raw onions and chillies and pickle.


Dahi Aloo tikki

One of the most favourite street foods of India is the Dahi Aloo Tikki. For this dish, usually, potatoes are first boiled and then mashed. The mashed potatoes are then mixed with spices for the essential flavour and coated in chickpea flour for the crispy edge. The final tikki is then doused in sweet and sour sahi with Chutney and Bhujia for the final dish.