20 Easy Cake Decorating Ideas


Cake decoration may seem like a tedious task, but when done correctly, it will make the Cake look like a store-bought Cake. It is an easy job if you can consider the following points and use it to beautify your Cake.

1. Gems

Gems are cheap, but they will add value to your Cake making it look vibrant and colorful. They are readily available in almost all shops. Their crunchy and sugary exterior coupled with soft and chocolaty interior makes them any baker’s favorite product to add texture.


2. Icing Sugar

It is the oldest trick known to any Cake decorator that highlights the importance of icing Sugar. When icing Sugar is to gently dust on Cakes through a sieve, it gives it a magical look. Icing Sugar is simply available at any supermarket or mall. Even if there is any left-over icing Sugar, it will be helpful in other desserts, like Pan Cakes.


3. Ganache

A basic Ganache is usually made of simple items like Milk, Butter, Cocoa Powder and Sugar. A Chocolate Ganache accentuates the texture of an already dense Chocolate Cake. The gloss of the Ganache will give the Cake a glossy finish and make the Cake look like a sinful indulgence.


4. Frozen Buttercream Cake Toppers

Frozen Butter Cream Cake Toppers have a versatile use. They are generally used to effortlessly give a finishing touch to a beautiful Cake. Food colors may be added to it so as to obtain delightful vibrancy. It is quick and easy to make, all that is needed is some essence, Butter and Caster Sugar that needs whipping to make this wonderful delight.


5. Cadbury Shots

Cadbury Shots got introduced in the Indian market and immediately, the bakeries took it as a challenge to step up their decoration by a notch. Usually, Cakes used to be decorated with chocolate Chips but using Cadbury Shots, makes the chocolate have varying texture. The brittle coating of stiff chocolate around the gooey center makes it a delight to eat with the soft, moist and dense Cake.


6. Fresh Fruits and Berries

To add a fruity punch to a tasty Cake, one can make use of their creativity using fruits and berries. These Cakes, of course, have a low shelf-life but they also add the fresh taste of fruits. With exotic fruits like Kiwi and Dragon fruit making an entry into the Indian market, you can have an International touch on including the same. Canned fruits also go well as decoration, especially Raspberries and Blueberries.


7. Jelly

Jelly on top of Cakes is not a very new concept. Since a very long time, the humble Cheese Cake is craftily made into a grand feast by including a Jelly topping. The jelly adds a different flavor and taste to the Cake. Jelly Crystals are readily available in supermarkets.


8. Marshmallow

Marshmallow adds a unique quality to the Cake. Marshmallows are sweet and are also fluffy and light, which makes it an excellent item to use it on top of a Cake. They may even be heated or melted to give a beautiful appearance to the Cake. They are available online.


9. Chocolate Bar

Whole chocolate bars also are an affordable yet cute option to give a stunning appearance to a Cake. Chocolate bars that have Wafers in the center are a special favorite because it blends two conflicting textures. Chocolates like Perk, Munch, and Kit Kat are used mostly for this purpose.


10. Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate Syrup is a quick alternative when you feel lazy but also want to give your Cake a different look. Drizzling Chocolate Syrup on the Cake and allowing it to set in a refrigerator for a while makes it appear like a natural piece of art. Many companies ranging from Hershey’s to Funfoods by Dr. Oetkar have easily available Chocolate Syrup present in the shops.


11. Desiccated Coconut

Dry, desiccated Coconut Cake topping is a unique combination. The Coconut flakes may either be toasted golden or directly sprinkled over the frosting. The Coconut gives a nutty taste and makes it earthier. This decoration using Coconuts goes exceptionally well with slightly tangy Cakes, like Honey Cake.


12. Sprinkles

Sprinkles are available in many colors. They may even be in metallic hues. They are crunchy and tasty. Just a packet of sprinkles added on the Cake completely reinvents a simple looking Cake to look like a head-turner at a party.


13. Shaved Chocolate

Chocolate Shavings can be made at home or bought from the store. Chocolate Shavings have been largely used to decorate Black Forest Cakes.  The Chocolate Shavings due to their different shapes and sizes give it a layered taste that makes the Cake feel like a compound dance on your tongue.


14. Oreo

Oreo biscuits can be used in many forms to add glamor to a Cake. They can be put whole or even when cutting into half. After being blitzed in the blender, these Biscuits leave a resultant powdered form which is also a commonly used decoration to dust over the Cake.


15. Lollipops

Lollipops would make an incredible decoration, especially for children’s Cake. The plastic sticks of the lollipop are used as reinforcement when it is stuck into the Cake. Lollipops come in different flavors and colors too. Take care while eating this Cake.


16. Real Flowers

Real Flowers are added to Cakes to make it look like a bouquet of fresh surprise.  The flowers will make even a basic looking Cake seem like a stunner.


17. Nutella

Hazelnuts are very expensive, but Nutella is not. Nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread that can be used to dress a Cake. It will add the flavoring of Hazelnuts. Even if you cannot frost a Cake neatly, a messy look will still be presentable.


18. Jam

Jam can be effortlessly spread to decorate a Cake. All that is needed is to heat up the Jam a little so that it reaches a runny consistency. On achieving a more liquid state, the Jam may be spread on top of the Cake easily. It will add a fruity taste and a jelly-like texture.


19. Caramel

Caramel sauce is easy to make, all it needs is a pinch of salt in sugar cooked over a low flame. It has to be stirred continuously so that the sugar does not burn.  The sauce then gets poured over the Cake. One needs to take special precautions since caramel sauce has a very high temperature. To skip this entire process, one can merely buy ready made Caramel Sauce.


20. Marzipan

The components of Marzipan include an Almond meal and sugar syrup. It gives an marvelous finishing look. It is at par with fondant in matters of appearance and is relatively less complex to make. Food coloring may be added to attain various desired effects.