20 Easy Finger Foods For Baby

20 Easy Finger Foods For Baby

As we all know, how fuzzy babies are when they start to eat solid foods, we must remember to shape their food so their tiny fingers can grab it, and we have to look that the food is soft and chewable for them. Here are 20 foods for babies in various textures and shapes.

1.Steamed Broccoli

Broccoli is an excellent food for your baby, bursting with vitamins and minerals with a small amount of iron and zinc that are a top priority for babies’ nutrients. Broccoli has a long stem that will help the baby to hold it and act as a handle; you can make small pieces of broccoli and serve your babies; it will be fun and innovative for them to eat it.


2.Roasted Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes contains fat-soluble vitamin, and roasting them will improve their taste. You cut the Potatoes into small thin large pieces for your baby to hold and enjoy the taste.


3.Baked Salmon

Salmon is an easy fish to cut into little pieces for your little ones to eat. It provides unsaturated fat, which is essential for brain and eye development. They are soft and easy to eat for your little ones to handle.



Bananas, are such an essential food for everyone, especially babies, as they promote a healthy digestive system. You can cut up bananas into long pieces and add chia seeds on one side for your babies to make them exciting and fun for your kids.


5.Omelet Strips

When your baby is grown enough for solid foods, try to give them soft-boiled egg york and cut them into strips for your baby to eat and have fun with.



Mangoes that are delicious and nutritious for babies, contains nutrients supporting the eyes, heart, and immune system. They are suitable for seven-month babies and cut them into slices, and are ripe enough for your baby to eat and hold.


7.Roasted Red Peppers

Roasted peppers are sweet and loaded with vitamins that help to fight infections. You can give them to babies up to seven months and cut them into small pieces, so they can get attracted by seeing tiny bit of red pepper.


8.Steamed Peas

Green peas are the roots of protein and carbohydrates. It contains complex carbs to prevent tiredness and help grow babies. They are an interesting round green food that will attract your babies.


9.Toast Strips

Serve your kids with toasted bread with a layer of peanut butter. It is tasty to eat and handle and helps kids to improve their chewing technique.


10.Cucumber Spears

Cucumbers are 96% water that is an essential nutrient to moves waste products out of our cells and aids in baby’s body temperature. Cut small slices of cucumber with a bit of salt and serve your kids.


11.Tofu Cubes

Tofu cubes are fun to eat which contains plant-based protein and calcium which plays a key role in brain development and eyes development.


12.Pancake Strips

Pancakes add a great source of nutrients and flavor to your little ones. They are a great source of iron that helps in the proper functioning of immune cells. You can make small strips for your kids to hold them properly and have all the nutrients.


13.Shredded Cheese

Shredded cheese is an excellent source of calcium which helps to build strong muscles, giving them shredded cheese will be a fun way to add calcium to their food.



Babies can eat pasta from the age of five or six months, and are easier to grasp, making them the perfect finger food for babies.


15.Sliced Strawberries

Strawberries are filled with vitamins and minerals and boost your baby’s immunity. So instead of giving your babies huge chunks, slice them into small pieces and give your babies to boost their immunity.



Avocado is fiber-rich and contains healthy fats that support babies’ digestion. So cut small pieces of avocado to help their digestion.


17.Shredded Chicken

Chicken contains protein and vitamins that promote iron absorption and helps babies to absorb their food. And instead of giving your baby a whole chicken, shred it and then give them, to make it easier for them to eat it.



Chickpeas help babies in neurodevelopment, metabolism, and taste perception. Roost them for your babies to give them a more subtle taste for your babies.


19.Rice Balls

Rice balls are an impressive source to fight diseases and prevent cancer. Steam your rice and form them into little balls and make them into slightly messy finger food.


20.Puff Snacks

Packaged puffs are good for on-go snacking as they dissolve quickly in your mouth and are a good snack for babies starting to eat solid foods.