20 English Foods That Everyone Should Try

20 English Foods That Everyone Should Try
20 English Foods That Everyone Should Try

Great Britain has a rich history of its tradition and culture and their varied food as well. Not only invaded this country but also their eating habits. They encouraged having full breakfasts and a rich quality of drinking wine. The growth of this Empire brought new tastes in their buds and they kept it, and made it a part of their substantial cuisine. Cuisines can be transformed according to time and climate, but as the UK has been carrying cold weather they always follow their tradition to be warm and full.  So every food they eat contains a lot of energy and is crammed with memories of their ancestors.

They adapted from Romans, Turkeys and their own Saxons, Vikings and Danes developed a daily preserved tradition. As with many English Cakes and pastries are a part of various religious holidays of the Year, they not only praise their food as a culture but also value it for making an enviable culinary reputation of English people. Not only in England but Scotland and Wales are also in a habitat of English food.  Here we are presenting the top 20 English foods that everyone should taste and enrich their taste buds.

1. Full English Breakfast

A proper fry-up English breakfast requires a vast platter capable of accommodating many proteins with poached eggs, banal beacon, Kidney, fried bread,  a sausage made entirely of blood, and vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, beans, etc. which are inexplicably called ‘ bubble and squeak’. Black pudding is also in their breakfast platter. A full English breakfast contains their exotic cuisine. This Hartley breakfast is famous on all over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and they prefer it on weekends. Cafes or a bit like dinars this provides this breakfast.


2. Scotch Egg

A Scotch egg is nothing but a full and hard-boiled egg wrapped with sausage and bread crumbs. This is a deep fried dish, and a lot more crispy. It is a popular pub and picnic dish and generally served cold with pickled onions and tomato ketchup. It is actually a heavy food which was invented for the wealthy travelers on carriage rides. Some say  that the origin of the Scotch egg is nothing but India’s Nargisi Kofta, which the returning soldiers introduced in England.


3. Yorkshire Pudding 

It is an old and mouthwatering English Cuisine.  It is like a popover – a puffy bread-like treat with a crispy shell and a soft eggy interior. Therefore it is composed entirely of eggs, flour, milk and fat. It is generally paired with roast beef, this dish used soak up the meat’s juice left on the plate. Before Prozac arrived this was the best possible alternative. It is nothing like creamy or soft pudding, so it is also a healthy and tasty food available in the cafes of the UK.


4. Cornish Pasty 

It is not like an English dessert; it is full of meat and vegetables with a crust that one should have to break with a fork and a knife. It looks like a flaky pastry case filled with a beef skirt, potato, swede and onion. It can be served hot or cold with a garnish of coriander. In the markets and bakeries of downtown Conwell, we can find Cornish pastries for breakfast or heavy meals. It can be a great spicy prude for food lovers.


5. Shepherd’s Pie

It is one of the oldest traditional and classic British meals, which originated from Scotland and the north of England.  Some of the families use beef in it and some use minced lamb and potatoes. It is also referred to as Cottage Pie which is the shepherd’s only made a long time ago. Thick layer of brown meat and there is a hidden gravy blanket of mashed potato beneath it. It is actually a family dish, but it can be served in restaurants also in any part of the UK. This is a delightful experience of food for food lovers.


6. Fish And Chips 

A delicious plate full pick of fish and potato chips with ketchup and mayonnaise and coriander chutney. But everywhere they don’t pick the right side of this dish because the fish is not so good in some places. In this food, fish should be soft, and it can be Salman or any other fish. This recipe implies a perfect beer batter coat for the fish to make it incredibly crunchy and addictive. The chips should be deep-fried and crispy. This is one of the best British comfort foods must tried for everyone around the world.


7. Steak And Kidney Pie 

A pie with a bucket of Pastry stuffed with vital organs of a ship and crispy green salad. It can be served with mashed potatoes, beans, broccoli salad and sauce. It is perfect for winters in the UK. This is a healthy meal and specifically a homemade Pie in the north of England to Manchester or York on their Markets and restaurants.


8. Beef Wellington 

It is a pastry-like food although it contains a stick coated with pate. It is named after the famous Duke of Wellington but it is also an adaptation of the French dish fillet de boeuf en croute.  It is baked, but sometimes it includes a wrapping for coating of meat in a crepe or Parma Ham to retain the moisture and prevent it from making the pastry soggy. Green peppercorn sauce is one of the main ingredients. Roasted fingerling potatoes with fresh Herbs and garlic are also present in this dish. Around Willington we can find this dish, and around the UK, many of the restaurants serve this dish with great delight.


9. English Pancakes

Like any other pancakes with a thin layer of flour, egg for fruits like bananas and milk. Their pancakes are comparable to the French crepe.  They serve it hot and medium-fried with a golden brown texture.  It can be served with lemon wedges and caster sugar or any fruit filling. Once it is baked, it can be wrapped in cling film and freeze for many days. It can be found all over the UK, generally in the cafes. But people from all over the globe also like their pancakes maintaining this recipe.


10. Black Pudding 

It is also not a soft pudding with a cream, but it is a pudding made with onion, pork fat or beef suet, cereal, oatmeal, barley and congealed Blood.  It is generally used in English breakfast, but it can be an independent dish as well. It can serve hot and cold only on occasions. Like English breakfast it can be found all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in their cafes and restaurants.


11. Cornish Hen

It is a full roasted hen with the skin rubbed with a mixture of olive and herbs. Veggies like butternut, acorn or zucchini squash are arranged around the hen to add extra flavor. Seasoning is added with fresh Rosemary, thyme oregano with a Sprinkle of Spice. It is baked carefully to avoid overcooking. It is served with homemade French bread for soaking up in delicious juices and added to a simple tossed salad or Caesar salad. It is an English Family dish, but in the UK restaurants we can find this kind of preparation.


12 Sticky Toffee Pudding 

It is a pudding cake with honey and the sweetness of plum dates and creamy caramel. The touch of corn syrup makes the caramel more smooth, and a bit of Vanilla reaches its flavor as a desert. It is served with a bubbly rich toffee hot sauce which gives a thick sticky glaze. Many Englishmen prefer to eat it cold or at room temperature. It can be found anywhere in the UK because Englishmen very much like it as desert.


13 Toad In The Hole 

A great English dish is toad in the hole, which is arranged with the pan-fried sausages and egg-based batter topped with onion gravy and remarkable vegetables. At first, the baking is done, then it covers the sausages completely and it just peep out on the top just like a toad in the hole. Yorkshire pudding batter is used  in it but in the old times it was also served with meats such as rump steak and lamb’s Kidney. It is served hot and it can be found in England. They have it for lunch or dinner.

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14. Spotted Dick 

Spotted dick is an old traditional food of Great Britain which is the combination of flour, sugar milk, baking powder, suet and dried fruits. It is a baked pudding cake and can be served with creamy vanilla custard. It originated from Downtown England in the Victorian age where people used to take spotted dick drizzled with custard sauce at the end of their meal and for its elegant look, it is also known as Royal dish.


15. Trifle 

Trifle is an Incredible English dessert with sponge biscuit (ladyfinger), custard fruit, and a lot of whipped cream layer. It is a traditional English dessert which is served on Christmas but some of the people can make summer Berry truffles also.  Other ingredients like chocolate, coffee, granular and fruit flavored Jelly are also the additional tastes for trifles. Earlier Englishmen made trifles out of thick cream flavored with sugar, ginger and rose water, after three centuries it changed its pattern but despite all these additions, it kept its fame like old times.


16. Eton Mess 

It is a summer dessert Made with strawberries, meringue, cherries and chilled cream. In its early days, it served in the 19 century School cricket matches at Eton College. So this food is named after it.  It can be after lunch or dinner. This is now a popular dish in Britain. It is a homemade or picnic dessert but as it has a traditional value menu restaurants also serve it in Buffet.


17. Afternoon Tea 

Tea is a part of British culture and afternoon tea is a real treat that is generally taken around 3-4 p.m. It is a part of the day and the habit of many citizens. In earlier days Britain traded tea from China and India. They dried and crushed and drowned it in boiling water. They have kept this tradition till now. Many prefer it in boiled water but many of them like it with milk and sugar. Anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales, anybody can brew a cup of tea for pleasure and satisfaction.


18. Stargazy Pie 

It is a dish with pilchards in a pastry shell along with potatoes and eggs. It is a traditional English dish that originated from Cornwell. Nowadays, Stargazy pie is being made with other fishes. This pie looks like a star and, the sardine heads peeping out from it, makes it more attractive. With a golden crust, this pie is served hot. It is found mainly in Conwell.

stargazy pie-5

19. Roast Dinner

Roast dinner is a part of life in every British family. After Sunday in church it’s a traditional way of making dinner more elegant. It is a large platter with roast beef, Yorkshire Puddings, Roasted potatoes, easy cauliflower cheese with simple buttered carrots, rich beef gravy and condiments such as apple sauce, mint sauce or redcurrant jelly. Though it’s tastier when made at home, there are many efficient restaurants all around the UK.


20. Victoria Sponge Cake

It’s a Royal traditional dish of England. It is a double-layered sandwich sponge cake with a jam and sweetened creamy filling. It can be topped with confectioner’s dust sugar. Some strawberries from outside give it an elegant look. This cake can be found in any bakery in London. Because people there love to keep their tradition as it was.