20 Europe’S Best Ice Cream Parlours

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French people have a classic taste in ice cream, but they have too many flavors to count. They might not be the world’s top ice cream but they have excellent parlors to eat that serve exquisite ice cream.

1.Martine Lambert

The best ice cream parlor in Paris is a few minutes from the Eiffel Tower and offers tasty artisan and natural ice creams. When you eat their ice cream, you will feel like are eating fruits, due to their naturally made flavors. If you eat their chocolate sorbet, you’ll find all the ice creams useless.

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Amorino makes their gelato with milk, eggs, and soy, with a wide range of toppings and macaroons. They use flat paddle spoons to create perfect petals of gelato and make them in the form of roses.

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3.Gelateria Duse Da Giovanni

Italy is the capital of ice cream, where gelato is eggy and rich, and flavors are lighter and sweeter. They use fresh fruits, and their scoops are significant with low prices.

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4.Gelaterial Ii Doge

The best ice cream parlor in Venice with the lowest prices, and they usually has a queue, and we have to wait to taste their delicious ice cream. They have traditional and unusual, interesting flavors but still serve the best ice creams.

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5.Chalet Ciro

Their ice is dense, fresh, and rich. For a sophisticated version of school childhood taste, their gelato flavors are the most natural, and they will ruin you for future ice creams.

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6.Bella Blu Gelateria

It is a perfect parlor for you to cool down and enjoy the beach view while eating your ice cream. Bella Blu’s dreamy decor and colorful selection of gelato are one of the best.

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They make ice cream and sorbets in fresh-tasting flavors such as apricot and goat’s cheese, pistachio with nougat and marzipan, Indian mango, raspberry, and Moscow mule.

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Their flavors are indeed an art, like their rose and hibiscus, chocolate and ginger, olive and lemon; they all are their creamy revelation. It is located by several museums, and you could stroll there and try different flavors.

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Brymor’s ice cream made by using the milk from Guernsey cows grazed on the grass around the farm. Their lightning flavors, like licorice, blackcurrant, banana, and mango, can enjoyed while watching cows grazing on the farm.

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10.Craig’s Farm Dairy

Craig’s makes its ice cream from its cows. You can enjoy your ice cream by sitting on a bench outside the farm shop and enjoying the scene.

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11.Green Jenks

Green Jenks serves the freshest, healthiest finest gelato that is inexpensive and served by friendly staff. It is a place of sweetness and laughter that will create memories for your children.

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12.Nicholls Of Parkgate

The Nicholls family has been serving delicious homemade ice creams for 75 years with more than 100 flavors, including banana choco chip, cinder toffee, and lemon and line.

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Sottozero has fantastic flavors with a choice of sugar-free flavors also to suit dietary needs. It’s a go-to place in Malta for many people to have delicious ice cream.

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14.Robert Gelato

This place serves creamy, luscious, distant flavors and serves award-winning gelato. They made their ice cream with fresh organic milk, including panna cotta with caramel sauce and caramelized peanuts.

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15.Casa Mira

It is a Spanish ice cream parlor with an excellent school interior and serves quality and cheap flavors. It is the spot where you will find the best ice cream in the province.

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This parlor serves organic ice cream that changes daily and has extraordinary flavors. Its famous scoop is cinnamon with caramel.

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17.Lody Roma

Lody Roma is opened in 1946 and still serving creamy, characterful flavors. Black sesame is a must that we should try, and also the pumpkin flavor.

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18.Gelarto Rosa

This parlor, founded by Niki Szokron, a former model who had trained in ice cream making and now serves beautifully scooped ice creams into petals.

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This ice parlor used to be a garage, but the owner converted it into an ice cream shop in 1970 and started serving delicious ice creams. Their seaweed flavor is a must to try on.

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They serve vegan ice creams, and all their flavors are plant-based and organic. Everything here is healthier than any other ice cream with a maintained flavor.

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