20 Food Items You Must Try In Kuttiyadi, Kozhikode

20 Food Items You Must Try In Kuttiyadi, Kozhikode

Kuttiyadi is one of the famous towns in Kozhikode district of Kerala. It is renowned for its abundance of coconut. When you enter the town, you will start sensing the magical aroma of various food spots. Some of the favorite foods of Kuttiyadi are Unnakkaya, Ari-Unda, Pazham Nirachathu, Kaayunda, Ullivada, etc. You can see the street vendors and cooks preparing fresh and delightful native foods there, which will compel your taste buds to get a bite.


Unnakkaya is one of the native foods of Kuttiyadi, made with a filling of grated coconut and sugar mixture inside and an outer layer consisting of mashed up medium-ripe bananas and rice flour. Then this dough is fried in coconut oil. The sweet aroma of coconut oil and banana infusion is mouth-watering and will satisfy your sugar cravings.


2.Ari Unda

This dish is famous throughout India with different shapes and tastes. Coming to Kuttiyadi, it has its uniqueness in ari unda. Here, it is made with roasted rice powder, jaggery, grated coconut, and cardamom, which gives it an unique flavor. Later, all of these will be beaten and mixed with the help of wooden mortar, then made into small balls and wrapped in seared plantain leaf.



One of the famous non-vegetarian foods in Kuttiyadi is Irachipathiri. The filling, including shredded chicken, which fried with onions and certain spices, makes it remarkable and has a unique structure. This filling then wrapped in a sheet made with all-purpose flour and deep-fried in coconut oil. While taking the bite, you could feel the crispy textured outer layer and delicious juicy chicken pieces and masala inside each edge of this piece of savory.


4.Chicken Biriyani

Many hotels in Kuttiyadi serve Biriyani, which has Malabar style and flavor. Biriyani made with tiny rice calledJeerakasala’ rice, gives it an incomparable texture and flavor. Chicken Biriyani in Kuttiyadi is usually spicy because of its masala. When you get the smell of spices in it, you can feel its magic working out inside your mouth. The Chicken marinated in native masalas and spices is so juicy, tender and the correct way to eat Biriyani here is by mixing up the Chicken pieces with the sautéed onion masala and spongy rice and slowly enjoying each bit of it in your mouth.



To make your evening special, a Pazhampori with tea is an excellent combination in Kuttiyadi. Pazhampori is made with sliced ripe plantains dipped in a sweet batter made with all-purpose flowers and a bit of wheat flour, then finally fried in coconut oil. From the roadside, you can see the fresh and hot Pazhampori displayed inside the glass cupboards in shops. A juicy bite of Pazhampori with a sip of tea will give you instant energy for the evening.


6.Porota And Chicken Curry

This combo is one of the most preferred ones by the native people in Kuttiyadi and also by most of the non-veg lovers in the Malabar region of Kerala. The style of cooking is what makes the dish unique here. Chefs here usually mix the ground, fried coconut masala in Chicken Curry, resulting in its thick consistency. Chicken Curry is spicy and hot but with a taste bud-stimulating variety of savory. A crispy Porotta is one of the perfect combinations with chicken curry here. Take a piece of traditional Kerala Porotta, dip it in the thick chicken gravy, and wrap a chicken piece with it. Just place it in your mouth and the flavors will flow in your mouth by giving you a vibrant experience.



Vellaappam is a significant breakfast dish in Kuttiyadi. It is made with fermented rice batter mixed with a bit of toddy, then toasted in a special cast iron semi-circle pan known as Vellappachatti. Hot Vellaappam with veg curries as well as non-veg curries is a great combo to start your fresh mornings. It has a crispy texture at its sides and is very spongy in the middle portion, which will give you a mixed experience while having it.



One unique dish in Kuttiyadi, considered as breakfast and an evening snack. Vattapathiri made by mixing rice powder, coconut shreds, and cumin seeds with a pinch of salt in hot water. Then, fried in coconut oil. Can be a perfect combination with non-vegetarian curries, especially chicken curry, and is also tasty with native vegetable stew.



One of the healthiest foods in Kuttiyadi is Sugiyin, loaded with mung beans. A mixture of mung beans, grated coconut, jaggery, cumin seeds, and cardamom is cooked, mashed, dipped in the sweet batter made with wheat flour, and deep-fried until the batter covering is crispy. This food is rich in protein and has a high nutritional value. For a complete taste, this has to be eaten fresh.



This dish is something exquisite to try in Kuttiyadi, with its roots in a classic Yemeni food. This, made with basmati rice, Chicken, and certain mild masalas is not a spicy dish. Kuzhi means ‘pit’. The dish got its name because prepared in a pit filled with burning charcoal. The smoky flavor is the main feature of mandi; it enhances its uniqueness, and due to its slow cooking process, the chicken pieces are very soft and tender. Some famous restaurants serving this in Kuttiyadi are Kadavu Restaurant, Mehafil, and Al-Raidan.


11.Ela Ada

Ela means leaf, and this dish is made from plantain leaf with rice. It is made with rice dough stuck on the plantain leaf, then by adding the sweet grated filling to the dough, folding, and from there, straight to steaming. Certain varieties of Ela Ada are available in various hotels in Kuttiyadi; spicy ones, with sugar, jaggery, etc… are ordinary but mouth-watering art pieces. The fresh aroma of steamed plantains infused into the rice dough, which has a sweet filling, will give you a good experience there.



Neyyappam is the best option for foods to try out in Kuttiyadi. It is a rice batter with jaggery fried in coconut oil. It has a semi-circular structure as it is fried in a narrow bottom iron pan. People often try Neyyappam with Chicken and duck roast. Interestingly, sweet with spicy curry sounds like mixing two opposite poles, but you can try it if you admire vivid foods.



This dish is one of the famous local dishes in Kuttiyadi, mostly preferable for eating with tea in the evening. Kaya means banana, and made by mixing mashed banana and wheat flour. It also has a fruity taste. Being fried in coconut oil makes it flavorful and aromatic.


14.Puttu And Chicken

This is one of the traditional delicacies of Kerala. Kuttiyadi town has many restaurants that serve Puttu and Chicken Curry. Puttu is a type of Steam cake that is made with rice and coconut shavings. It mixed up with thick chicken gravy, it is more than enough to fill your tummy and psyche with hot and spicy Chicken Curry and Puttu is still a vibrant menu in restaurants.


15.Beef Fry

Dark brown Beef Fry, which is rich in flavor served in front, is such a mesmerizing view in restaurants of Kuttiyadi. The usage of pepper with various spices is a game changer here. The beef is slowly cooked for more than 3–4 hours to get its tenderness, and by the time it cooks, all the masalas and spices will induce it with delicious flavors. These all together give us a golden sparkle on your taste buds. Beef Fry is best with Porotta, Pathiri, and Puttu.


16.Kallummkka Nirachathu

Seafood items are also a main attraction in Kuttiyadi. To make this dish, they use mussels. Mussels opened, and rice dough is filled inside. After going to steam, it is marinated in chili powder, and along with the mussels, the dough gets fried in oil. One of the main foods That you can find in tea shops and street food areas in town.



Kalathappam is both a sweet and a snack in Kuttiyadi. These sweet rice cakes are available in the bakeries of Kuttiyadi. Its moist, spongy structure makes it unique in many aspects. It is made from rice batter mixed with jaggery, fried onion and coconut pieces, undergoing slow cooking. The texture and taste make it a most loved dish of the natives. You can enjoy it melting like a fluffy sugar candy inside your mouth.


18.Nannari Sharbat

To cool off on hot summer days, Nannari Sharbat is an excellent option in Kuttiyadi. The authentic natural Nannari Sharbat is becoming extinct now, but you can find the Sharbat with authenticity in the shops of Kuttiyadi. Nannari is also a medical herb that used to treat several diseases naturally, so the drink also has medicinal qualities.


19.Aval Milk

If you want something to quench your thirst and fill your tummy, Kuttiyadi Aval Milk will attract you. Made with mashed bananas, cold milk, crispy beaten rice, and dry fruits. Together, it will give you a refreshing experience. Beaten rice is high in vitamin B and probiotics. Milk and banana increases their nutritional value. Try it out and experience it.


20.Koyi Ada

Made with seasoned and roasted coconut shavings mixed with shredded chicken, then covered in a plain four-dough sheet and fried until the outer layer becomes crispy. It could be stored for about a week in an airtight container and is readily available in most of the bakeries at Kuttiyadi. The bite, which mixed up with seasoned coconut and Chicken, gives you goosebumps.