20 Foods To Re-Grow From Kitchen Scraps

20 Foods To Re-Grow From Kitchen Scraps

As we all know, today’s world everything is so expensive, especially food, increasing demand for different food products is increasing their prices. But there is a trick that you could save your grocery bill by using your left-out food. You could grow your vegetables in your garden. Here is the list of all vegetables that you could re-grow.


Lettuce could be quickly grown in your garden; instead of dumping the leaves over you could place them in a bowl with a little bit of water and keep the bowl in the sunlight. After a few days, you could see roots coming out of them, and then you could put them in the soil to grow ideally.



Celery is one of the easiest to grow from leftover scraps. You only have to cut the top and bottom of it, place it in a bowl with a little bit of water, and keep the bowl in the sunlight. And after a few weeks, you could see the leaves starts to get thick and grow along the base.



If you couldn’t find lemongrass in the market, then re-grow them in your garden. It grows like regular grass, just put the leftover root in a jar full of water and place it in sunlight, and after a week, new growth will start to form, and you make yourself a garden of lemongrass.


4.Bean Sprouts

You can re-grow your favorite bean sprouts at home with a tablespoon of the bean you want to grow and put it in fully immersed water. Leave the jar for a night, and in the morning, drain all the water and put them in a different container; cover it with a towel overnight; repeat this process daily until you see sprouts forming on it, and keep them until your desired size, and then cut it off and enjoy.



Avocado is a superfood, and can re-grow it, all you need is its seed and use a toothpick to submerge it in a bowl of water. Keep the bowl in a warm place but not in front of sunlight; it takes few weeks for the roots and stem to grow; when the leaves start to appear, you could plant the seed in the soil and wait for it fully matures.



Potatoes can be grown from their peelings; you need to cut the peelings into two inches and ensure that they have two or three eyes on each of them. Allow them to dry out overnight and plant them four inches deep in the soil, and after a few weeks, you will see the plant beginning to grow.


7.Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are grown just like potatoes, you have to cut them in half and put it on a toothpick in a container full of water. In a few days, you’ll see roots appearing and sprouts forming; once the shoots have grown by four inches, cut them and put them in soil.



Ginger is very easy to grow; you need to plant a piece of your ginger root and bury them in the soil, making sure the buds are facing towards the sky. In a week, you’ll see new roots forming, which you can use.



You can also grow pineapple in your home by cutting the top of it and put them in a container full of water. Keep the container in the sunlight and remember to change the water daily to keep it submerged in the water. In about a week, you’ll see roots forming, and once they are emerged, fully put them in the soil.



Garlic is very easy to grow, and can re-grow it with a clove. Just pluck one clove and plant it in the soil with its face down. Once you notice new shoots forming, cut it, and the plant will start creating a bulb.



You can grow onions indoors as well as outside. Cut the root of the onion with a little bit of onion and cover it with soil and keep it in sunlight.



Pumpkin is very easy to grow, just spread its seeds on the ground and cover them with soil; after a few days, you’ll see a plant of pumpkin growing.



Mushrooms are difficult to grow as they require a warm atmosphere with a lot of humidity. It is better to grow them in a pot by cutting the head of the mushroom and planting the stem in the soil. Leave the top exposed, and in a few days base of the mushrooms will start to grow.



You can grow hot red peppers from leftover food, collect the seeds from jalapenos and plant them in the soil and keep them in direct sunlight. You don’t have to take care of them as they proliferate, leave them in the ground, and they’ll quickly grow.



Fennel can be grown by cutting the base of the fennel an inch and put them in a container with a bit of water, and keeping it in sunlight.



Tomatoes can be grown from the seeds that you throw out. You have to wash the seeds and, plant them in rich soil until growth starts. Keep them under sunlight and water them until they fully grow.



Basil can be grown by a four-inch long stem place that stems in a glass of water and leave the glass in a bright spot, but not directly under sunlight.



Place the bottom of the cilantro’s stem in a glass of water and leave it in a bright place. In a couple of days, the roots will start to grow some inches. Once they start to grow put them into a pot and wait for a few weeks to fully develop them.



To grow turnips at your home, remove its tops and place it in a container of water. In a few days, you would see green tops growing, allowing the root to start growing until it’s ready to transplant.



You can grow a cherry from its pit and put it in cold storage for a few weeks to germinate.