20 Instagram Profiles that Celebrate Indian Food

20 Instagram Profiles that Celebrate Indian Food

Recent years have seen an immense development in the interest generated globally for Indian food. This popularity is not only due to the British love for ‘curry’ rather because of the increase in restaurant culture with a large number of cooking competitions and TV shows that have come up over the last decade. Instagram too has found a consistent number of their account holders uploading and writing about food in general with Indian food garnering a particular kind of interest. This led to our exploration of those profiles on Instagram which have made a name for themselves for working in and around food and the culinary journey that is India. Here goes the list…

1 @thewhiteramekins

Himanshu Taneja, the owner of @thewhiteramekins is a banker by morning and a food stylist & food connoisseur by night. His Instagram handle is a journey through the ever-evolving food scene in Delhi until he moved to Sydney at the beginning of this year. He moves effortlessly between baking, cooking, and food styling with equal prowess and has an expanding food experience from making European desserts to Indian curries and chutneys.


2 @thoughtsoverchai

Having stayed in Hyderabad, Nagpur, Mumbai, and currently living in Dubai, Tasneem Rajkotwala has the most irresistible take on Indian cuisine with a Bohra twist. She cooks, reviews, and constantly updates her travel journeys making her profile a food heaven. Leaving her corporate job, she has a quiet confidence in her cooking which makes her Instagram profile a continuous spread of simple home cooking transformed into a royal affair.


3 @whiskaffair

Few prestigious awards behind her and working closely with some of the well-known food companies in India, Neha Mathur is the name behind @whiskaffair. Her profile is your go to if you want to try out traditional Indian cuisines and be sure that they will turn out perfect every time. She believes that continuous trials and testing of the same recipe is the secret behind the great cooks of history. She left dentistry and took up cooking and photography, continuing to keep the implications of diet in her cooking.


4 @funfoodandfrolic

Like most food bloggers cooking up a storm, Hina Gujral too has taken a career turn. Her blog and profile explores the simple affairs of everyday life but showcasing them in a way to do justice to the comfort food that is characteristic of Indian cuisine. She uploads her daily food journey of simple but wholesome meals that we have grown up eating filling us with nostalgia.


5 @saffrontrail

Cookbook author and blogger Nandita Iyer specializes in vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and believes that vegetarian cooking can be as flavorful for meat lovers as well as have a healthy touch to everyday food. From dosas to rasam to chole, she has everything on her plate making it a happy mixture of southern and north Indian cooking styles. While her Instagram profile is a record of her daily food, her cookbook is available for those who want to take the vegetarian route.


6 @shwetainthekitchen

From office lunches to easy dinner recipes that are mostly vegetarian, Shweta knows how to make simplicity shine. Served in small, petite portions her food looks healthy and really delectable. She loves to develop new recipes for the usual favorites and taking pictures of every step of development of the same. Not to forget the array of snacks recipes that can be found in her blog. She collaborates with people to photograph their recipes too.


7 @thegutlessfoodie

Living in Pune Natasha is an inspiration for all people fighting some ailment or the other. She lost her entire stomach to a tumor and from then began her food journey. She believes in living rather than existing, and she lives through her food. Having to modify her food choices completely, she records her every day food discoveries while living with her partner and trying to find a balance between her vegetarian diet and her partners love for meat.


8 @youarewhatyoufeast

Chef Nira Kehar brings the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda to bring us food that looks exquisite and tasty. She is the author of the path-breaking book Ojas bringing a comfortable mix of medicinal food that helps you grow mental and physical strength. Her Instagram handle journeys through her travels all over the globe bringing knowledge of Indian gastronomy.


9 @saffrontouch

Anagha Godbole moved to the US and realized that representation of Indian food is limited to Curry and Chicken Tikka Masala. Thus, began her food journey to learn Indian cooking herself so that she doesn’t miss the overwhelming repository of food available in India and to have access to those recipes she has to develop them herself. She was a finalist in the Indian Masterchef where she learned the art of presenting Indian food.


10 @delhifoodwalks

This one is as desi as it can get. The Instagram profile of Anubhav Sapra finds the most quirky, over the top street foods in Delhi, and the surrounding areas giving any foodie the urge to quit their jobs and take up food appreciation. With his recent Ahmedabad tour, he brought new ways of doing fast food that is just the right kind of tasty. Visit his channel to see the videos of the alleys of Purani Dilli, exhibiting the best of Indian food.


11 @indiancurrytrail

From curd rice to fried food, Uma Ramanujam has defined everyday cooking and have taken it to a new level of perfection. Her idlis have a certain light and rustic texture which convinces anyone looking at the picture that it’s bound to be good. Using the simplest of ingredients and picture components, her profile makes us realize that all you need is honest cooking to make any picture stand out.


12 @justhomemade

100% vegetarian recipes, Radhika Penagonda’s @justhomemade is a riot of colors bringing out the various local food produce. Being a food stylist, she knows the importance of colors of vegetables and the liveliness that is showcased by every ingredient. If you want to have an insight into the various festival foods that are prevalent in India, this is a profile worth a visit.


13 @cheftzac

The chef behind the Bombay Canteen, Chef Thomas Zacharias’ profile explores the different cuisines of India and puts a twist to it. With his recent food journey in the Northeast of India, he wants to explore the less known tribal and pahadi cuisines that are authentic to Indian land. He knows the importance of using sustainable products and makes sure that whoever visits his profile goes away with an insight into the lesser-known seafood or ingredients that can be used to whip up a delicious spread.


14 @mixandstir

A Bengali residing in California, this homecook does have a nostalgic touch to her food and photography. With fluffy white luchi and Bengali style chicken curries, her Instagram profile is a mix of Bengali sweets and savories that are easy to make but out of this world in taste.


15 @cookinacurry

A Mumbaikar with a column in Vogue India magazine and the owner of @cookinacurry, Maunika Gowardhan has become an international phenomenon with her take on Indian home cooking. From working alongside Jamie Oliver or the macaroon Queen Pooja Dhingra, she has done everything and had a recipe book to her name. Her Instagram profile is just a reflection of her food development. See it and be amazed.


16 @archana.pidathala

Author of Five Morsels of Love, Archana Pidathala has brought to life the recipes from her book in her profile on Instagram. Filled with Telugu cuisines, her recipes bring old world charm with modern presentations. She mostly puts up pictures of her daily meal, some made by her while others inspired from other people. She has an eye for finding the quickest meal spread without compromising on the taste.


17 @playfulcooking

As her cookbook says, Kankana Saxena is the star of food from eastern India. A culmination of all things tribal as well as simple home cooking, that are in every east Indian household. Even though she mostly delves on Bengali cuisine with fluffed up rotis or potol dolma (stuffed bottle gourd), at times she uses international ingredients like asparagus or salmon making her profile ‘glocal.’


18 @mallikabasu_

Mallika Basu has the right tips and tricks for the modern busy moms who knows and wants to find the balance between home and work. From cutlets and chops to prawn curries that are synonymous with Indian food, she has recipes up her sleeve that not only is filled with flavor but educates the people on the fact that India is more than just about curry.


19 @siakrishna

Her profile is fresh, colorful and has the understated homeliness that we associate with Indian food. From Pav Bhaji, Vada, and Stuffed Paratha, the recipes are as Indian as the pictures are modern. She proves that Indian food has the potential for being classy and sophisticated while being wholesome.


20 @notoutofthebox

Has frequent column in a Bengali leading newspaper and knows how to please her crowd, Chandrima Sarkar uses Indian ingredients and gives it an international flavor. Not only that, her profile mostly consists of Bengali food made rich with classic seafood. She has started baking and seems to be confident making cookies.