20 Most Popular Cafes In Kolkata, You Must Visit Today!

20 most popular cafes in Kolkata must visit today

Kolkata is a city of varied contrasts. You’ll find the variety in terms of contemporary cafes, bookstore coffee shops, and even re-independence cafes. so if you are looking forward to fulfilling your caffeine craving today, you now have agenda! An agenda to visit the best coffee shops in town, read on to find out 20 Most popular cafes in Kolkata, you must visit today!


Wise Owl Café

Wise Owl Cafe is one of those cafes which is full no matter what day it is. So if you think you’ll get lucky with an instant by dropping by on weekend or a holiday, then you’re clearly mistaken. It’s a small cafe but all the hype is worth it. With the demarcated open/ smoking zone and the closed cafe being separated by a glass barrier, this cafe is perfect in its own way. One of the eye-grabbing elements in terms of decoration in this cafe is its picketed fence boundary. This cafe since its establishment has grown on to become a huge favourite amongst people of various generations too. And they have a new steakhouse too.


The Corner Courtyard

The Corner Courtyard is a dream realised within the closed doors of an ancient house. The building is a 1904 property which was completely renovated and restored and is now a cafe/restaurant cum boutique. With truly unique interiors due to its old architectural heritage and contemporary yet art deco inspired design, this one is a must visit.


Mrs. Magpie

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? This cafe in Southern Avenue is a pioneer of some of the best cupcakes in the city. With over 20 flavours, you’ll get three different sizes of cupcakes. Other than that, it is the perfect place for a tea party with its assortment of the menu to choose from. Go and try them all!


Piccadilly Square

Piccadilly Square since its establishment has become one of the most finest cafes in the city and has three branches in well- known locations too. The cafe near Lansdowne is a wonderfully quaint place with not too many seating’s avoiding public congestion. you’ll get the best waffles and good cheesecake here. Try the Hummus Sandwich too.


Bon Appétit

You know a cafe is doing well, when it has more than one outlet. Bon Appétit is the hidden gem of cafes. Carefully tucked in the by lanes of Hazra, this one is a little to find. But all that hassle is totally worth the wait. With swings as tables, this place has a unique approach from the beginning. There aren’t too many tables so be there before the rush hour begins. there’s an alternate outlet in Salt Lake also. And although any and every food item on the list is scrumptious, but do not forget to try their Stuffed Pita Pocket.


Blue Door

The Blue Door cafe may have quite ordinary interiors but their food is so exquisite that they have earned their spot on this list. With a never-ending menu, they major in Continental cuisine. With some lip smacking dishes on the list, this is a must visit.


Indian Coffee House

The Coffee House is the oldest standing cafe on the list and undeniably no list is complete without this one. To heritage dating back to the pre-independence era, this Coffee House is a reminder of our cultural past. Situated in the Albert Hall, this cafe is architecturally and socially significant. The French Windows and the double height ceilings bear testimony to the architectural style adopted in its making. The food is quite ordinary, but the place is all about the feels. Manna Dey’s hit song ‘Coffee House Er Shei Adda Ta’ is in fact written dedicated to this cafe. Do have their Cold Coffee With Cream and Chicken Cutlet.


Blue Sky Cafe

Located in Dharmatala, New Market, it is a cafe well frequented majorly by foreigners. You’ll hardly feel it is India looking at the customers with varying nationalities. They serve a wide array of types of food including Chinese, Italian, Indian, Continental etc. There’s no good reason to not try their breakfast menu. The food is extraordinary yet comes at a really minimal cost. The staff is well acquainted with the regulars, and are great at their job. Plus, there are no additional taxes.

P.s. The cafe is almost always crowded and you may need to share a table.


Bikers Cafe

The Biker’s Cafe is the place to be if you’re looking for a musical evening. With occasional musical nights, this cafe has become a favourite for a lot of music-loving customers. It has a wooden themed rustic yet contemporary decor, this is one of those fancy cafes you want to visit. with a Harley inside, it is truly a biker cafe, so save up the battery before you go on to take selfies with it.

P.s. a loved place for all bikers and look out for their drinks in a bulb!


The Royal Bengal Tiger Cafe

This present-day modern cafe in Tollygunge is dedicated to creating awareness about conservation of the endangered animal, tiger. There are provisions of both indoor and outdoor seating area, and the cafe has a European- styled theme to its interiors. Inspired by the preservation of tiger, the colours majorly used are yellow and black for the theme and there are multiple painting of the animal decorated on the walls. They have an extensive menu over three cuisines namely Bengali, Chinese and European. Do not miss out to try their delectable Mustard Chicken Sandwich.


Paris Cafe

The Paris Cafe has a dainty interior focusing on French decor and French cuisine primarily. The food here will almost make you believe that you’ve teleported yourself into a cafe in Paris. And did I mention that they make macaroons?


One Way Cafe

Even thought the One Way Cafe is one of the newest additions to the cafe world, it has become quite a favourite amongst the crowd.

The grand hall of the cafe gives you a genuinely antique feeling that this cafe tried to achieve with their interiors. The interiors are based on a car theme. Other than that, the food menu has a lot to offer with the amazing ambience that this cafe provides.



Waterside Cafe

One of the high-end cafe’s of Kolkata, this is a cafe which open 24 x 7. Located inside the posh Hyatt Regency, this boosts up the reputation of the 5- Star. The menu is exquisite and irreplaceable. The cafe is delicately decorated with white and blue light shades. the guarantee of being a luxury hotel’s cafe is that there is nothing on the menu, you cannot just love!


Cha Bar

This Oxford Cafe is truly dedicated to its book lovers. Located on the first floor, Cha bar is Oxford’s own cafe. For those enjoy a good read with yet delectable food to gorge upon, this is your sweet heaven. The Cha Bar not only provides a variety of tea but several types of coffee also, both hot and cold.


Tea Trove

The Tea Trove is a one of the premier student friendly destinations of the city. With a classic menu containing some classic Continental dishes, this place only just the ‘tea’ place as the name claims. In fact, for Bongs who need daily snacks during their evening office tea, they deliver snack boxes for also. Isn’t that great?


Mystic Yoga Cafe

The Mystic Yoga Cafe is the answer to all the health concerned people in the neighbourhood. this cafe in Camac Street provides the best of both world for many who wish to spend quality time with someone yet with a healthy meal. It is one of its kind as its name suggests, and serves essentially organic food made by vegetables from organic farms. The cafe is also quite pocket-friendly.



This original British tea room is an English favourite. Flury’s is one of the most iconic destinations, without which Kolkata is incomplete. Majoring in confectionary items, it is a must stop for those with a sweet tooth. Other than Swiss delicacies, their English Breakfast is renowned even outside the city. As the city and its people changed over generations in time, so did the menu of Flury’s. They have included a healthy version of the breakfast brunch as the Jogger’s Breakfast.


Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain literally translates to ‘ the place of good bread’. It is an international chain of cafes with outlets spread globally. The interiors of the café invoke a colonial charm and is one of the famous cafes of Kolkata. Located right beside its leading competitor Flury’s, this cafe still does decent business in spite of the reputation of Flury’s. Their bakery is inviting and their specialization is the Cheesecake, a taste of which will bring you back a second time.


Aqua Java Decibel

A proper coffee place, there are multiple outlets all over the city. although originally opened as a hookah or shisha parlour, this has become a great coffee place too. The interiors of the Phoolbagan outlet are interestingly done by remodeling part of an existing house. They serve perfectly good coffee and great food with occasional music performances too.


Cafe 4/1

The vegetarian only cafe is as different as the name is. With simple yet innovative homely interiors, this place gets you into your comfort zone. With a variety of seating choices, it ensures that a number of visits do not get you bored of the place. With the kind of presentations of the dish they indulge in, not many meat- mongers would even miss non-vegetarian dishes here!