20 Pet Friendly Places In Bangalore


A mountain-size of guilt develops when you abandon your pet at home while going out for lunch or dinner. The worse is yet to come; the moment you open your door, encountering those sad puppy eyes makes you weep for leaving them alone. This list of restaurants in Bangalore are proudly announcing that they are pet-friendly and these places for sure will put an end to your guilt for leaving them at your home. Few of the places offer a separate food list for your pets which makes it a more enjoyable experience for both of you. You and your pets can now have breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner together with other pets and go home without any remorse.


1. Onesta

Anything gets better with pizza, and it becomes even better when you have it with your pet. Onesta  has now become one-stop destination for pizza and many of the desserts that they bake it to perfection. They are delicious and irresistible. They have many branches across the city, and they are proud to be pet-friendly.


2. A Hole Lotta Love Café

With a quirky ambience of bright yellow walls and vintage things in the café, they allow your pets to have their yum food with no restrictions. They are more than happy to welcome your pets to their place. They even have books for you to read and fancy cushions to feel at ease. The place is usually crowded, but it is completely worth the wait. Do not forget to try their waffles!


3. The Hole In The Wall Café

The Hole in the Wall is pretty similar to A Hole Lotta Love café with regards to the ambience, food menu and the music playlist. It is one of the best American breakfast joint in the city and it is pretty crowded in the mornings. Their burgers and waffles are famous and loved by many. Although, it is a small place, it caters to your pets and you can enjoy a lovely delicious plate of food with your pets.


4. Bundar

Bundar is one of the most popular places in Koramangala for its freak shakes and burgers. Bundar, meaning monkey in Hindi and allows all your pets. It creates a special doggy date experience for you. Their milkshakes are huge and far away from disappointing you. There is ample space for your pets and the seating arrangement is such that you can always catch your pet when indulged in nuisance.  A must visit for their creatively giant burgers that makes your tummy happy.  


5. The Yogisthaan Café

One of the most peaceful cafes you will find in the city. The traffic noise, the dust and the heat is unfelt as soon as you enter this place. They have a Labrador themselves and is often very interactive with the customers. Most often you find foreigners and people working on their laptops or reading a book or just having lunch with their pets. They offer very healthy Indian food and this is surely one of the places where you must take your pets to have lunch or dinner. It ensures you to transport to a whole new world of bliss.


6. Grubnomic

Grubnomic in Kalyan Nagar is a very petite place that offers good breakfast menu and is open arms to the pets. Although the city is known for its numerous cafes and pubs, there are very less number of places where they allow dogs and cats. They offer you with their best cake when learnt that it is your birthday or any special occasion. Very friendly staff, almost makes you feel at home. I, myself has started playing with one of the pups on a Sunday morning while having breakfast.


7. Café At The Atelier

Far away from the traffic noise and pollution, there locates a peaceful happy café that will take you and your pets to a dreamland of harmony. They have put up a note on every table that says to play games and read books if you wish to, with your friends and pets in the café. They also have color pencils on their tables which allow you to color till your food arrives at your table. Besides, they also conduct performances and workshops encouraging all kinds of talent. The café’s ambience is refreshing to the city dwellers.


8. The Permit Room

The Permit Room at MG Road has so many creative cocktails that will spin your head. Adding to their startling menu, their starters are lip smacking making it a perfect combination for a Sunday brunch or anytime of the week. This gets even better when you can take along your pet where your pets are most welcomed. With their charming ambience, it is sure to have a good time with your family and friends.


9. TherPup

It’s all in the name. A big farm, so away from the city that is almost in the middle of nowhere.  There are so many beautiful friendly dogs running around and in the background there is good music and food on your tables; sounds like a dreamland, isn’t it? This is real. This place in Whitefield is real. This is a café established for pets keeping in the mind that pets need recreation too. They need socializing as well. After all, we all are social animals! This is one café that is most recommended for all the pet lovers to visit. They have great food and their specialty is their desserts.


10. The Teal Door Café

This three storey café in Indiranagar, has beautiful ambience that will surely make you open the door. The atmosphere inside the café makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. They have comfy seats that will make you curl up with a book and some coffee or tea. Offering South Indian, fast food, beverages; they are known for their chicken dishes.  You can cuddle with your pet, play and have yum food with them.


11. Café Buzzinga

With a very colorful ambience and vast outdoor seating arrangement, there is ample amount of space for your pets to run around and have a gala time. The bougainvilleas in the café brightens up the mood and wipe out your fatigue. They have brilliant functional combos all day that will allow you and your pet’s belly happy. They are pretty generous with the quantity of food they provide you for their prices.  


12. Bite Me Cupcakes

Disclaimer: Super yummy cupcakes zone. Only enter if you have the willpower to not eat everything. They have the soft fluffy cake topped with the most delicious cream of various flavors that will melt in your mouth. Their caramel, chocolate, butterscotch and coffee are the best. They have special cupcakes for your dogs called “Pupcakes” how thoughtful! This is one of the dessert places that I, personally recommend you to try it out. Their pupcakes are sure to make your pets go all jumpy and smiling. They have many branches around the city.


13. Indian Paratha Company

Far from the city, you find this place on the way to Nandi hills; where you not only get to enjoy the beautiful scenic view but their delicious food that reminds you of your home, and also the bikers revving on their expensive bikes. It is a fascinating scene that usually happens early on the weekend mornings. The place is set in the midst of greenery that enables your pets to experience the fresh air that is not available in the city. It is a nice place for breakfast if you wish to have it outside the city.


14. Toit

A micro brewery pub that recently opened its door for pets in the city when they arranged for an outdoor seating. Friends, pets, good food and music: perfect day. They have very limited number of seats for the pets, so it is advisable to make a reservation before going. This could be a place where to start your weekend with.


15. Green Theory

As the name suggests, it is a vegetarian and place that is covered with trees and plants. It is known for its eco-friendly ambience and the owner of the café itself being a dog lover believes that pets bring joy in our lives and every moment we spend with them must be cherished. They also have Sunday brunches with pets which makes this enjoyable and memorable to everyone.


16. Bistro Claytopia

Bistro Claytopia gives you a garden feel. It is peaceful and open its arms to your pets. You will become a kid when you enter this place as they have paints on the tables and you are allowed to play with clay and make things with it. If you want, you can take it back home as well. They have lawn which gives freedom to your pets to run around freely. Claytopia is known for their burgers and their beverages. It will give you a heartwarming experience for sure.


17. Vinny’s

They have got three branches around the city and are known for their huge freshly baked cheesy pizzas. During weekends you find so many people with their pets enjoying their pizzas and dogs gaining all the attention from other customers. This place gives you the number of slices you want which enables you to try out different flavors of pizza for a very pocket -friendly price. Try their mocktails for a better experience.


18. Sunny’s

Interestingly, the name of this restaurant is the owner’s dog name. That statement gives you a clarity about how much they would love to have your pets in their house. Sunny’s is a good place to hang out with friends and family. It is an old bungalow that has been converted into an Italian restaurant with multiple dining spaces to sit and where your pets can roam around freely.


19. Rasta Café

Rasta Café is on the Mysore Road; far away from the Bangalore city’s noise and pollution. The place is huge that will give freedom to your pets to run and jump around. The place is always crowded during the nighttime especially during the weekends. You will see families, friends hanging out and couples, people from all ages. To have a more relaxed experience, visit the place during the weekdays. Try their starters: Nachos, chilly cheese toast without fail.


20. Urban Adda

This place is New BEL road allows your pets to hang out with you. They have a tiny library and few games for you to entertain yourself. Offers good amount of delicious food that has the best kind of flavors. When you go, try out their drink Shikanji. They are pretty big hearted with the quantity of the food. They will treat your pets just as you do pouring enough love on them, so there is nothing to be worried about.