20 Places In Delhi That Are Famous For Its Particular Variety Of Food


If we talk about Delhi, The Capital City, it not only have a political background but also have so much history and culture mixed up with food. It doesn’t only have population diversity, but we also encounter diversity in food, which offers a variety of option for gourmet of all kind. So, here is the list of 20 places in Delhi that have been known for their uniqueness in food and will leave you craving for more.

1. Tom Uncle’s Maggie Point

Don’t we all love Maggie? Yes of course! The easy to cook, instant and tasty food item. This crazy love for Maggie and its high adaptability made many joints and food stop to experiment with Maggie dishes. One such place is Tom Uncle’s Maggie point; this popular Maggie point offers a variety of Maggie recipes with a twist like Egg Maggie, Cheese Maggie, Butter Masala Maggie, Butter Chicken Maggie which will leave your mouth watering and craving for more of it.

Location:  Near Ramjas College, Delhi University.


2. Cafe Lota

Located in the National Craft Museum, Cafe Lota is an Indian Food Cafeteria which serves the contemporary version of many Regional Indian Dishes like Quinoa Upma from South and chicken ghee roast which has a smoky flavor with a twist of Konkan masala. The must try specialty Dish this place offers is the Palak Patta Chaat. In beverages, you can sip on to Kesari Lassi, Cold Kappi. And to sweeten up your mouth you have Coconut Jalebis, Pineapple Golgappas. Its serene ambiance, Friendly Staff, Tongue teasing menu and the reasonable price will make you an addict of this place.

Location: National Craft Museum, Pragati Maidan.


3. Raju Da’s Tea Stall

Also known as “Raju Da’s” or “The Singing Tree” is a simple but attractive and innovative Tea Stall run by Raju Saha (people call him Raju da), where you can enjoy a variety of tea and coffee cups under the “Shady Painted Peepal Tree.” The name singing tree is because the tree has got the hidden speakers in its branches playing Bollywood songs. Here in summer, you can have refreshing cups of Jeera Tea or Arabian Tea, whereas in winter you can savor your tongue with Masala Chai, Lopchu, and Kashmiri Kahwa. No true-blooded Dilliwala should miss going to this place.

Location: Market no.1, Chittaranjan Park, Delhi


4. Shake Square

Earlier known as “Keventers,” the shake square has been serving best milkshakes to Delhites since 1971. This place offered great milkshakes with the right amount of sweetness and served really chilled with ten different variety of yummylicious, fruity, and exotic flavors, some of which includes Kesar Pista, Kassatta, Mocha, Butterscotch, Chocolate, and ice cream shakes. The place is usually bustling with customers and has long queue even in winter. So, if next time you are near CP area of Delhi, I would recommend you to visit this place.

LocationNear Wenger’s, Inner Circle, Connaught place (CP)


5. Nourish Organic

If you are a hardcore vegan and follow  healthy eating habits but need some twist in your usual healthy foods, then Nourish Organic can be the end to your search. Nourish Organic with its Motto of Healthy eating for Urban Living, offers a variety of raw organic food. Organic Pizza having buck weed base with dip of yogurt, sprouts, and tomato toppings are one of their well-known experimented food. Tom Kha soup (made of coconut Milk), Mango or Strawberry Smoothie, Sushi Wraps, etc. are also in the menu which will amaze your taste buds and change the concept to “Healthy can be Tasty too.”

Location: Meharchand Market, Lodhi Colony


 6.Veg Gulati

For Vegetarians, it is a satisfactory point, where your appetite will no longer have to wait for some exotic food. It is a vegetarian point, as its name suggests. This restaurant is well known for its types of food variety in North food cuisine and also for its services which are remarkable and fast. Being a very famous food joint, you have to wait in the queue for our order, but waiting is worth for such an amazing mouth amuser food. A lot of dishes are popular here; you can try from a variety like Malai Kofta, Paneer Afghani, Bhutta kebab, Special vegetable kheer, Ghiya gajar ki kheer.



7. Karim’s

The speciality of this restaurant is that it is  famous, since the time of our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru and have its branches in other places also like, Kailash Colony, Nizamuddin, Noida, Gurgaon, but here in Old Delhi is the oldest and the chefs of Mughals kitchen started this restaurant, so the taste in the food still carries the same royalty of that time.  It serves the most delicious non-veg in Old Delhi that everyone should try who love Mughlai food. In their special menu, they have Chicken Noor Jehan, Khamiri Roti and in sweets Kheer Benazir and Shahi Tukda. This platter will surely satisfy your taste buds with an exotic experience.

Location: Kalan Mehal, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi 


  8.Punjabi Food Fiesta

It is the most famous restaurant for Punjabi food in West Delhi. A very pleasant Punjabi look is given to this restaurant so, that you can feel the Punjabi gesture here.  They have different menus for different occasions, with Houseful menu in a buffet. Delicacies on the special menu  Makhani Chooza,  Hing Sarson Paneer and Maa Chole Di Daal,  Mogewala Kukkad, Bhuna Meat Mirchi Pudina is served that will please your eyes and exotically loved by your tongue.

Location:  The Pink room, 29A, 2nd Floor, Hauz Khas village, near Delhi Art Gallery


9. Bishan Swaroop Chaat

Chaat is such a basic and delicious snack that is loved by all no matter what age. Normally a chat is a combination of different fruits with chaat masala, but this chaat shop serves a lot of different varieties that will give you the adventure of taste in every bit. The interesting thing that makes their chaat a way different from others is that every bit of chaat is coated in various flavor that will thrill your mouth. Also the leftover masala soup that carries sweet and sour delight in itself is as if you have the desert after dinner. A must try snack.

Location: 1421, near Mahavir Jain library, Chandni Chowk


10. Moolchand Paranthe Wala

Parantha, all most every Indian love to have it in morning breakfast. A lot of places are there who serve parantha on their menu but Moolchand parantha wala; they have an extremely exotic menu for parantha lovers that too in a very reasonable price. The size of parantha and the stuffing inside it is so much satisfying to your appetite that although it can fulfill your hunger but your craving for more can never end in just one parantha. They serve these parathas with a spicy mint chutney, and you can order a glass of raita (recommended) that adds a finger licking taste in your platter. So, next time when you are up for a parantha party, try this place and enjoy it till 1PM. So, never say no to a party, just go and enjoy.

Location:  Moolchand Metro Station, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi


11. Khandani Pakode Wala

With such an awesome traditional name this food joint also carries a finger-licking, exotic flavored variety in their menu. This pakoda food joint is very popular and old too that still serves the same taste in their platter as followed by past days. The customers who are coming here since their childhood found no change in their delicious food flavor. With the variety in pakoda, they serve a different type of green mint chutney that gives the perfect tasty touch to it. The must try variety in their menu is Lotus stem pakoda, soya chop fries, and paneer pakoda with a glass of Butter Milk that can fill your appetite of taste.

Location:  Ring Road market, next to Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi


12. Kulcha King

A lot of you are aware of the Khandani Paranthe Wala, but just opposite to this, there is another food joint known as Kulcha King. They serve mainly three types of variety, mix kulcha, masala kulcha, and paneer kulcha. You can have any of them with a glass full of raita, and you will love to have it. They serve their kulcha plate with chole, tamarind chutney, and onion salad that complete this platter as a blend of perfect taste.

Location: Shop no. 144, Ring Road market, Sarojini Nagar


13. Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat, is known as the soul of Delhi which is centrally located at South Delhi which came under Government of India with a joint venture of many other ministries. This place is very famous for every kind of state food of India.  Here you can have delicacies of every parental state of India, Only one place that will serve you every local food platter in here that too in reasonable price. From Jammu Kashmir to Kerala, you can have food of every state. More than 17 food stalls are here, where you can give a thrill of taste to your taste buds. Bijoli Grill, Momomia are one of them which are mostly recommended to try.

Location: Dilli Haat, INA – INA metro station, on ring road near AIIMS ; Dilli Haat, Pitampura- Netaji Subhash Palace Metro Station


14. Prince’s Paan and Chaat Corner

This small paan and chaat food joint is in GK market. People stand in a long queue for their turn to have delicious snacks in here.  Golgappa is very famous of this food joint in GK market. It is such an amazing spicy mouth pleasing snack that everyone love to have either of any age. Must go and have these Golgappa, you will definitely remain craved it for more.

Location: M 29/5, G.K. Part 1, New Delhi


15. Indian Accent

Indian Accent is one of the posh restaurants in Delhi. You can celebrate your grand days seriously in awesome and mind blowing ways by ordering wholesome food platter that melts in your mouth like cheese and whose taste will leave you craved for more. This is such a famous one, that you have to book your seats some day before your celebration day just to confirm that you have them on the same day. The menu here carries all types of food platter as per your food preference you can’t say which one is most delicious.

Location: The Manor, 77, Friends Colony, New Delhi


16. Paranthewali Gali

No doubt in saying that it is very known and popular place for varieties in paranthas. You can have here almost 20-30 types of parantha or may be more than that, and this is enough to introduce about the popularity of this place. Shops in here are very very famous and old since the 1900’s. Every variety carries a very different flavor of yumminess in itself. Make sure when you are coming here, you are very very hungry because you will surely crave for more after not having enough appetite so, make sure of that if you are coming here and want to enjoy this place from tip to toe.

Location: Chandni Chowk, New Delhi


17. Murthal

It is one of the much-known places in Delhi for food joints. Murthal is famous for parantha and other veg and non-veg dishes. If you want to enjoy street food with friends, then it is the best  place to enjoy.  People are, die heart fan of paranthas in here. It is served with kali dal that gives it an awesome, and unforgettable taste.

Location:  49-50 Milestone, GT Road, Murthal


 18. Varq

 It is a very famous hotel in Delhi and is awarded on a very popular platform too. Varq is a royal hotel to dine out with your family and friends. The way of presenting everything is out of the world especially the way of anchoring different cuisine is pleasing to your eyes and no words to define taste. Food is very yummy and exotic. The workers who serve you food are very humble and gentle. You will fall in love with everything in here. A must try place for some special moments.

Location: The Taj Mahal Hotel, 1, Man Singh Road, New Delhi


 19.Khan Chacha

This food corner is famous for non-vegetarian food but also serves vegetarian food.  People love to have non-veg here; it carries such a blend taste of spicy and sweet in some dishes that will melt in your mouth and leave a tongue ticking flavor. In their special menu, they have a lot of varieties in kebab and rolls from them you can choose anyone you want to have. Especially recommended, chicken seekh kabab and khammeri roti.

Location: Lower Ground Floor, FC­8, Epicuria, Nehru Place


 20.Dolma Aunty Ke Momos

Momo with a very spicy sauce that gives it an exotic spicy flavor and fill your mouth by amazing mind blowing thrill is loved by all. This small food joint always packed with the Momo lovers. They serve very soft Momo with the spicy red hot exotic sauce that leaves an amazing wow feeling after having every bite. Prices in here are very reasonable you can easily afford, from 20 to 50 rupees, it is worth to have such a finger-licking Momo.

Location: Shop 39-B, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi


Do try these tongue teasing food joints with your besties or your family members that will give you a bunch full of beautiful, awesome, delicious and unforgettable memories which always bring a huge smile in your heart whenever you remember.