20 Places Every Chocolate Lover Must Visit In Bangalore

20 Places Every Chocolate Lover Must Visit In Bangalore

Does chocolate play a prominent role in your everyday life? Do you prefer chocolate dishes over others? Do you try different dishes just because they have chocolate in it? Do you travel miles just to taste that chocolate? Do you spend any amount of money for chocolate? If you have nodded your head in agreement to all of these questions, hurray! You are a true Chocoholic. We have come up with 20 places (not in ranking system) in Bangalore that will suffice the hungry chocolate monster in you.

Glen’s Bakehouse

Have you ever had this crazy feeling for a cake that is so soft, cold and moist, where the taste of it remains with you for a long time to savor it? Head to Glen’s for their cakes. They bake one of the best kinds of chocolate cakes and red velvet cakes in town. Their sundaes and main course are great too. They have got a good breakfast menu which will not disappoint you.



There is no particular time to have a dessert. All time, all day is desert time. Play Hard Eat Wild (PHEW) is a small colorful place that hardly has 10 tables around. The highlight of the place is their sizzling brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with  a bright green mint leaf. The coco is rich and dense in flavor yet in perfect balance with sweetness. The vanilla ice cream is smooth and creamy that melts in your mouth. Although, their momo platter is delicious, the dessert is the highlight.



Smoor in Indira Nagar is one of the best dessert-parlors that Bangalore has got. Their Belgium Chocolate cake, rainbow macaroon, red velvet cake and fries are must try. The Belgium chocolate is a luxury that is perfectly baked. The texture of the cake is at its perfection that you would wish to come here again and again.


Richie Rich

Richie Rich is serving the food lovers since donkey years. What you have to try is their hot chocolate fudge that comes with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and nuts. Its open till late night and has no place to sit (Race Course Road) so, you will have to stand and enjoy the dessert. It is a perfect place to end the day.


5. Desserted

Deserted, that is opposite to Mount Carmel College is a cute café that has got good Italian and American cuisine with extraordinary desserts. All of their desserts are delicious especially the Ferrero Rocher cake, red velvet cake, brownies, chocolates and raspberry chocolates. They are rich in flavor and  stomach filling. You will carry on with that taste in your mouth for a really long time and savor it; once its gone and you will want to come back. They have a store of quirky and colorful home décor and accessories.


6 Dolci

This is a very tiny place located way inside from the main road of Cunningham Road. Their ambience gives you certain hope and peace in mind taking you away from the city noise. The look of the cafe is very photogenic and hence, I can assure you that you will certainly have a good photo for your Instagram. Apart from the lovely ambience, the desserts here are great. Their chocolate cakes and cheesecakes are to die for. It is not too creamy or overly baked; it is at its best.


7 Art Of Delight

Art of Delight swept me by my feet the very first time itself. They are brilliant in their cheesecakes and sundaes. The texture is smooth and it has the impeccable balance of coco and sugar. Their hazelnut coffee and chocolate ice cream topped with nuts is something not to miss out on.


8 Guilt Trip

You will certainly be guilty if you don’t try out this place. They have such cute little cupcakes and different kinds of cakes. Their chocolate plus coffee plus hazelnut flavor cupcake and red velvet brownie are so good that the first bite will brighten up your mood and make you forget about the world. No exaggeration! Give a try to their breads and cookies as well. You will spend a lot of time deciding on what to get as their menu has numerous options. Without wasting much time, concentrate on the cupcakes and the brownies.


9 Chianti

Known for its Italian food, it has a romantic ambience. One of the fancy places to have a date! Apart form the luscious main- course, the desserts here will win your heart. The hazelnut chocolate mousse and white and dark chocolate marbled brownie that comes with roasted walnuts is appetizing and is a perfect way to end a meal.


10 Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli has a very attractive ambience that draws you. The place is all white and cream hues  giving you a certain sense of happiness just by looking at the place from the outside. They are generous with the quantity of the food and have the best molten chocolate cake in town. As the name suggests, the flawlessly baked cake melts in your mouth that is luscious in essence and the aroma can make you travel to ecstasy. The molten cake is sprinkled with castor sugar on top giving it a more exclusive appearance.


11 DYU Art Cafe

This café is an old house that has been turned into a fine-looking, serene café that offers peace of mind and nothing else, by offering us with amazingly scrumptious desserts and coffee. They have got a very friendly staff and this place is one of the ‘must visit’ places in Bangalore. They are very creative and will never  dissatisfy you.


12 Berry’d Alive

You will take this experience to your grave! All of their desserts are first-class and will not burn a hole in your wallet. The size of their desserts might be a little smaller than the other places comparatively but they have got their quality. Completely dedicated to desserts, they have few branches across the town but, the taste has not been dissatisfactory. Their hazelnut crème pot is one of the famous, signature dishes. A must, must try.


13 Bliss

Bliss lounge is known for its chocolates. They have got many combinations of flavors of chocolates that are brilliant in its own ways. A perfect way to treat yourself with a box full of happiness. They have also got the finest chefs who give you a heap of happiness on a plate. Believe me, their food rejuvenates you from all the stress of everyday life. The chocolate melts in your mouth and it is one of the best feeling at any point of the time.


14 Stoner

Stoner’s serve incredible ice creams that every ice cream lover should try on and undoubtedly it will become one of their favorites. Their choco ferrero, chocolate almond crumble and chocolate overload are a must try for every chocoholic. They beat their ice cream right in front of you and you can always ask for your specifications. Friendly and fast service. They also have cheesy thin crust pizzas which are equally mouthwatering.


15 Cafe Noir

A French café with desserts at its perfection. They are finely baked and presented. They are known for their desserts and their European food is a treat. Choco Mousse, 3 Choco Ganache and almond croissant is a must try as every bite is a bliss. Their pasta and wine- for a perfect lunch/dinner. Golden brown, soft crepes will eerily stay in your mind and makes you want for more. It will promise you a remarkable experience with food.


16 Truffles

One stop destination for American food and desserts. Big menu filled with so many dishes in variety that mind will start to boggle. They have such tempting desserts on the display, you would want to try everything out. We will make things easier for you: try mud pie, choco lava cake, death by chocolate without fail. Although all their desserts are very appetizing and yummy, chocolate lovers should try these in particular. The chocolate tart is very crunchy and luscious in essence.


17 Watson’s

English ambience: yellow walls, a small library, beautiful bright colored plants, pretty cages hanging, brick walls around, comfortable seating, tasty food, amazing bar menu and a brilliant taste in music. Coming to food, their pizzas and desserts are the best. The chocolate brownie is soft, fluffy, filled with rich coco, served with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream . They usually run out of it pretty quick, so make sure you have it before it is gone!


18 Move N Pick

Move N Pick ice creams give you an euphoric experience with their wide range of varieties. Their chocolate brownie and a scoop of Swiss chocolate will make your taste buds crave for more. It has a pleasant ambience that gives you instant harmony in your mind. The food will harmonize your tummy! It is pricy but it is worth every bit. The texture of the brownie is so fluffy and spongy, you will come here again and again.


19 The Chocolate Heaven

Bangalore is promising many cuisines thrown across in all kinds of budgets and no place will become a complete food junction without dessert parlor. Although the city has bagged many ice cream parlors, The Chocolate Heaven stands for its name. It is a true bliss to have desserts from here. Their chocolate presents  right amount of yumminess.


20 Waffle Magic

One of the best places to have waffles in the city. The chocolate waffle is soft and brown that will lure you into temptations. The cafe is surrounded by fresh coco aroma. The ice cream served with waffles is creamy and rich in savory.  The waffles truly will transport you to a magical land. This is one place to have waffles and not burn your pocket.