20 Poha Preparations To Make You Feel At Home

20 Poha Preparations To Make You Feel At Home

“Poha-The Love Symbol”. Sounds like a good Bollywood movie right? I mean there has to be a motion picture on “Poha”, depicting every Maharashtrian marriage’s which starts by showing how the ‘bride’ serves poha to the ‘groom’ and thereafter living happily! Many families in some parts of India have to have poha at least 3 to 4 times a week for breakfast. Yes, that amount of love for this food item.
For all you people staying away from your families, here are 20 poha preparations to make you feel at home.

1.Kanda Pohe

Kanda Pohe is the most loved dish. There is this huge amount of pleasure in having this rice treat steaming off right out of the pan. Stomach filling and extremely healthy, it is made by adding onions (kanda) to poha (made from rice) and giving it a nice tadka. This is the item that makes marriages work. After all Sunidhi Chauhan, our beloved singer has a song on Kande Pohe!


2.Potato Pohe

Adding potatoes to pohe just increases its credibility by becoming more stomach filling. Every mom’s favourite as its extremely easy, fast and makes their kids fat. It’s so wholesome that some may eat it even for lunch. Potato-Potato!


3.Pea Pohe

Exactly what the name prompts, it is made by bringing together the green goodness of peas and turmeric added, a yellow pohe. The best way to make your kids eat greens and enjoy them at the same time!


4.Instant Pohe

Just got home from a long day of work and can’t find something to cook that delicious and fast or got a mini break from your routine in the evening and feel like treating your stomach instantly? Then all you need to know is how to prepare the simplest of them all “instant pohe.” Why the name, is because, you just have to add chilli and salt to the pohe and it’s ready. Hot food for every mood! No excessive adding of other onions or peas etc. Perfect for all the amateur cooks out there!


5.Vegetable Pohe

Unravel the artist within, with this dish. Add whatever colours of vegetables you want to your pohe and create a beautiful plate of food. A total stress buster, this preparation truly enhances your innovative streak and gives you the freedom to experiment. Trial and error, there you go!


6.Dadpe Pohe

Dadpe pohe is a typical Maharashtrian breakfast. Famous because of its simplicity. All you have to do is add coconut paste to uncooked poha (flattened rice) and mix it well. Leave this mixture under pressure, and that’s all that there is to it. Eating uncooked, tempered stuff~fancy!


7.Dahi Pohe

Dahi pohe makes you calm as a cucumber! It’s basically cooking a mixture of poha and yogurt (dahi) by giving it a nice tadka. We always have loved the idea of adding cold stuff to make a hot delicacy. Yogurt does the trick.



Krishna Janamashthami is celebrated all over India, better known by our very own Dahi Handi. On this day specially, nobody misses a chance to have Gopal-Kala. It’s the easiest to put together, just mix pohe, curd, lahya and cucumber and you are done. Ancient stories tell us that this Gopal–kala was a dish that Lord Krishna used to make all by himself, seeing to it that he does not use fancy ingredients. He used to divide it equally amongst his friends. Portrayal of great virtues, Gopal-kala!


9.Tomato Pohe

Like most poha recipes, here to tomatoes and pohe are mixed and cooked with love and care until they turn nice golden brown. The red tomato cubes tossed in the poha, makes it very appetising!This is a must try.


10.Raita Pohe

Never waste all that is yum. This poha preparation sticks to the mantra stated earlier. Take out your leftover raita and add it to drained pohe. Mix and serve cold! Ready within seconds!


11.Milk Pohe

Oatwise! It’s the most efficient breakfast, and will keep you going all day long! Eclectic use of ingredients like milk, poha and sugar stirred well together, is served as a cold meal. It’s a rural India favourite!


12.Poha Carrot Pattice

Nothing goes better with tea than homemade, crispy, golden brown poha carrot pattice! Just make small patties of julienned carrot and drained out poha. Shallow fry them until crispy and ravishing! Eat it alongside hot beverages with chutneys you please.


13.Pohe Missal

Kolhapur’s extremely spicy missal can be adaptive for people who can’t handle high levels of spiciness by just adding “Kanda Pohe” and curd to it. Pohe makes missal a more of a wholesome meal and rejuvenates our taste buds like never before!


14.Sambar Pohe

Presenting South Indian special, Sambar Pohe! I love how the spicy, tangy sambar can make any dish eaten along with it, South Indian! Having cooked tadka poha with sambar makes your eyes pop and jaw drop with its amazing flavours!


15.Poha Papad

Comes with warranty and guarantee for one whole year! Make them once and don’t look back is its mantra. Cook some pohe and crush them. Add some spices and salt and then make a dough. Roll out perfect circles of papad and let them dry out naturally! Cook and eat each papad whenever you please. The best Indian crisp!


16.Tamarind Poha

This tangy poha recipe makes your mouth water like never before. Giving tamarind (chinch) and sambar powder a nice tadka and mixing with damp pohe, we get this amazing smelling dish just in a minute after starting to cook. Now you know what to do the next time you have extra tamarind chuttney at your place!


17.Instant Poha Idli

We know how time-consuming the process of idli making is. Making and resting period of an idli batter takes at least 8 hrs. Phew! But, by just adding poha to your rice mixture this wait is shortened immensely! One can have idlis whenever and wherever, without much of prerequisites! All the idli lovers say “yay!”.


18.Poha Chivda

Bowl full of this roasted goodness is what makes Diwali or for that matter any day feel festive! It’s something Indians love to hog when bored, excited, hungry or calm. This food item is in such great demand that most food shops have packets of poha chivda for sale. Roasting poha along with chillies, groundnuts, dried coconut and different spices does the trick! Go on try!


19.Poha Pakoda

Want to make all your pakodas crispy? Be it pakodas made of any filling, just add washed pohe to your filling or patty and shallow or deep fry! There you go, crispy and golden brown version of your favourite pakoda!


20.Poha Kheer

Now for all the sweet tooth food crazies out there, this is something you’ll have to try! A rather interesting version of rice kheer is kheer made from poha! Boil milk and add cooked pohe as well as sugar! Garnished with dry fruits, is served hot!

~Don’t miss mommy, make something yummy~