20 Restaurants in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

20- Restaurants- in- Itanagar- Arunachal- Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is one of India’s 29 states and the country’s farthest north-eastern state. On its southern edge, Arunachal Pradesh shares borders with Assam and Nagaland; on its western border, Bhutan; and on its eastern border, Myanmar; and on its northern border, China. The state’s capital is Itanagar.
Here we will discuss the best restaurants in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

1. Hotel Mon-Valley

Excellent customer service is received from the hotel’s staff. A takeaway is another option that will leave you satisfied with the food. Their chutneys have a pleasant, spicy taste to them Thenthkuk and momos can be found there. A little bland in taste, but good and reasonably priced.tawang-monastery

2. Sela Restaurant

Sela restaurant is run by Nepalis and is especially popular for fried rice and momos (Tibetan dumplings), as well as thukpa(Soupy noodles) and chow mein. . It’s brighter and more spacious up there. As you enter the parking garage on MG Road, you’ll find Sela Restaurant.img_8193

3. Dragon Restaurant

The chefs at Dragon Restaurant understand that the correct combination of fresh animal flesh, rice noodles, and certain herbs and plants creates equally unforgettable flavors.
Chinese and Tibetan cuisines are served here.the-golden-dragon-chinese

4. Lilikaf

Lilikaf is a modest, unpretentious cafe in Itanagar which is located on a hilltop. Momos, noodles, soups, fried rice, and other dishes are popular here. For two persons, the typical cost is roughly INR 200.famous-indian-play-back

5. Fire & Ice

Fire and Ice is an attractive restaurant with modern decor and an open bar space inside. This hotel restaurant, with its elegant woodwork and sophisticated purple-and-turquoise upholstery, serves well-prepared Indian and Chinese dishes and competes for the title of Itanagar’s premier fine-dining destination. For two persons, the pricing range is around INR 600.fire-ice-restaurant-in

6. Orange Restaurant and Lounge Bar

The committed team of chefs is enthusiastic about displaying the gastronomic delights of the Westcountry. To make the plate delicious, high-quality ingredients and fresh, locally produced products are treated with respect and care. Delicious homemade bread, flavorful chutneys & sauces, and divine sweets are all made from scratch and presented beautifully for you to enjoy.orange-bar-restaurant

7. Moti Mahal Delux

This eatery serves fantastic butter chicken and delicious naan. The employees are known to be patient. At Moti Mahal Delux, the pleasant service demonstrates a high degree of excellence.moti-mahal-delux

8. Mughal Garden

Visit this restaurant if you enjoy Mughlai cuisine. Eating delicious steak and well-cooked naan is a pleasurable experience. Without the kind employees, Mughal Garden’s success would be impossible. Clients agree that prompt service is essential. Many visitors believe that the delicacies given are at reasonable pricing. You will undoubtedly like the relaxing atmosphere.largest-dinning-hall

9. Korean Restaurant Cafe Moa

This restaurant’s Korean cuisine is a must-try. Ramen that has been cooked to perfection could be just what you’re looking for. When visiting Korean Restaurant Caffe Moa, delicious coffee is a requirement. Visitors are welcomed all year by the creative crew. This restaurant’s service is described as “rapid.”rice_sauce_set8

10. Blue Pine

Blue Pine serves ethnic cuisine from north-eastern India, as well as Indian, Continental, and Chinese meals. Blue Pine will never let you forget the authentic flavor of India’s unique northeast.2019-01-21

11. Woodland Restaurant

From one window in the back corner of the restaurant, you can view the Magnificent Tawang monastery, and from the other window, the new Buddha park. The views up and down the street are also fantastic. This is a beautiful wooden structure that draws you upstairs. You’ll find a fantastic selection of dishes and soups at a reasonable price once you arrive. Bring a torch with you because the power may go out at any time.vrindavan-new-woodlands

12. E&K Restaurant

On the side of the Laguna Bridge, at an incredible setting. There is parking available. Near the entrance door, there is an adequately designated waiting space. The overall eating ambiance is set by lovely décor, eye-catching decors, and contrast lighting. The menu is diverse, featuring options for North Indian, Chinese, Continental, and local tribal cuisines, as well as desserts and baked goods.104_508533881

13. Zomsa Restaurant

It feels like a second home, with fabulous food and a pleasant atmosphere to eat and socialize. We serve freshly made local, Chinese, and Indian cuisine, including thukpa, momos, churpa, biryani, chicken curry, sandwiches, and many other dishes. It’s a must to try their chicken thentuk here.getlstd-property-photo

14. The Chaat Shop

Enjoy Chinese and Italian cuisines that incorporate a variety of gourmet components. This dessert establishment serves delectable chaat. Many guests have commented on how efficient the staff is at this location.ajnabi-mithai-ghar

15. The Marquee Restobar

Delicious chicken might be just what you’re looking for. These restaurateurs are concerned about providing prompt service. You will appreciate the reasonable costs.e6d2b3e97bc4271a55f2815eede19a88

16. RC Pizza Café

Taste perfectly cooked pizza at this eatery. RC Pizza Cafe provides a valuable service in the form of food delivery. The friendly workforce works hard, maintains a good attitude, and contributes to the company’s success. This location’s competent service is a huge plus. This restaurant’s popularity is based on its delectable pizza.RC-Gallegos-Cover-660×400

17. Quartz King Restaurant

The Chinese and Indian cuisines are trendy, according to guests. Everyone agrees that the service is excellent. For example, you can sample Chinese-style Lung Fu soup, chicken mushroom soup, and American chop suey.download

18. KFC

Worldwide, KFC is known for its chicken wing buckets. Their franchise is located in Itanagar. Many people love the taste of chicken that is served here. Their menu includes chicken wings, chicken burgers, veggie burgers, puffs, desserts, and beverages. They also offer Included in the beverage category are crusher drinks like coffeelike coffee or chocolate shakes. In their menus, some meals cover every aspect.good-for-fun-time

19. Gurung Hotel

At this restaurant, you’ll find a diverse menu focused on Indian food. The majority of people say the personnel is knowledgeable. The extraordinary service at the Gurung Hotel is well-known. The rooms are wooden, with a fair cost, and are clean; the food is superb (unlimited both for veg and non-veg items). Dipendra Gurung and his family will treat you with great hospitality. It’s a great place for plant enthusiasts to come and roam around and explore the neighborhood.gurung-s-home

20. Asian Flavour Restaurant

The sense of hospitality in this restaurant is primarily dependent on competent employees. The service is rated as excellent by a large number of people. Try the crispy honey prawns and the salt and pepper winglets.dream-palace-hotel