20 Tofu Desserts That Are A Must-Try


Tofu is basically coagulating the soy milk and squeezing the solids into a block. It is fermented bean curd, similar to cheese curds but without dairy. Tofu has a lovely flavor, even though that might not sound appealing to some. Tofu is somewhat sweet, spicy, and somewhat nutty. Because of its neutral flavor, it pairs well with other flavors. That’s why desserts are so good with it! In addition to its creamy texture. Tofu is the only option if you want a decadent vegan dessert with a silky texture. To get you started, here are 20 of our favorite tofu dessert recipes.

1. Vegan Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Try this pudding instead of the Snack Pack one. Similar to the popular choice for lunch boxes , it is chocolatey, creamy, and sweet. However, this version uses all of the ingredients and is healthy.

2. Tofu Chocolate Mousse

It has a lot of protein, tastes like chocolate, and is silky smooth. Furthermore, you just need three fixings and it’s straightforward to make. There is no meticulous folding, blooming gelatin, whipping cream, or waiting for it to set. In a food processor, simply blend everything. After that, you can eat it right away! It only takes five minutes to finish. This mousse tastes even better after being chilled for half an hour.

3. Vegan Lemon Tofu Cheesecake

Try this vegan lemon tofu cheesecake if you like citrus. It is delicious, bright, and tart! Additionally, since it is vegan, anyone can enjoy it. Because it is made with simple, whole ingredients, it is also reasonably healthy. The hull is made with pecans and maple syrup. Sugar, lemons, tofu, and almond butter make the filling. The filling is light, airy, and lemon-flavored, while the crust is sweet, crunchy, and caramelized. It tastes good.

4. Macha Tofu Cheesecake

This specific recipe is velvety, natural, cooling, and delectable. The crust is buttery and sweet. Due to the potency of matcha, a little goes a long way. Only three tablespoons of matcha powder are required for this recipe to be so vibrant.

5. Taho

This Filipino dessert is excellent if you like boba drinks or parfaits. Taho is made of layers of smooth tofu, sweet custard, and brown-sugar clear syrup. It’s worth the time and effort spent preparing.

6. Strawberry Tofu Mousse

It’s so refreshing to eat this strawberry tofu mousse. It’s great as a dessert, a snack, a breakfast, or any time. Simply gather some freeze-dried strawberries, maple syrup, and silken tofu. You only need to whisk it up. Mix the tofu with the other ingredients first until it becomes creamy. Serve with some fresh strawberries or mint.

7. Tofu Ice Cream

This tofu ice cream is sweet and creamy, just like regular ice cream. The most incredible thing about this recipe is that it can be made in any flavor. You are welcome to use cookies, fresh fruit, and other flavors.

8. Crème Brulee

Because it’s so magical, crème brûlée is one of my favorite desserts. It tastes good. This vegan crème brûlée, on the other hand, lives up to every one of my fantasies. It has a sugary crust and is custard-like in texture. It has a light tropical flavor and is sweet.

9. Vietnamese Coffee Flan

Flan is typically a sweet caramel custard drenched in caramel sauce. It is highly jiggly, sweet, luscious, and creamy. In addition, this vegan version truly rivals the original in quality. The smidgen of espresso adds the ideal measure of corrosive to adjust each nibble.

10. Coconut Tofu Cookies

These delicious coconut cookies will transport you to the tropics. They are perfect for a summer party because they are light and moist. Be aware that they are highly addictive!

11. Chocolate Tofu Pie

Chocolate almond milk and melted chocolate chips make up the double chocolate filling. The silky tofu and almond butter add texture and creaminess. There is no requirement for a crust in this recipe, so you can use whatever you want! Pretzels, cookies, crackers, or a prepared crust can be used. Although this recipe can be made entirely vegan, it is only pseudo-vegan.

12. Banana Cream Pudding

This vegetarian variant is overflowing with banana and coconut flavors. It’s delicious and lightly tropical. Creamy vegan custard, fresh banana, and graham cracker sand are included in each bite. Enjoy it with vegan whipped cream!

13. Chocolate Raspberry Tofu Pie

Chocolate raspberry tofu pie is like something out of a fairy tale. Chocolate and raspberry are a phenomenal flavor mix, and this pie features that delightfully. Everything in each bite is just right. The raspberries are crisp and bright, and the chocolate is decadent and rich.

14. Vegan Key Lime Pie

This recipe includes a vegetarian-rich graham wafer outside that is crunchy, sweet, and excellent . It tastes very much like a standard crust made of graham crackers. However, the key lime pie’s filling is, as everyone is aware, the most significant component. And this one does not let you down. It is light, creamy, and bursting with lime flavor!

15. Lime Tofu Vegan Cheesecake

Would you like some more lime-y, creamy goodness? Then you need this vegan cheesecake made with lime tofu. It has a silky, sweet taste and a lot of lime, which is bright and tangy.

16. Vegan Vanilla Cheesecake

At your next gathering, this vegan vanilla pudding will be a big hit. It is simple to flavor and delicious, making it suitable for everyone. The fact that there are so many topping options is the best part! Because it has a simple base, it can be used with anything. You can use caramel, fresh fruit, chocolate, cookies, or anything else as a topping!

17. Keto Matcha Tofu Pudding

You do not have to give up dessert if you actively follow a low-carb diet. One excellent example is this Keto matcha tofu pudding. Everything you love about dessert is in this. With the earthy, fresh taste of matcha, it is delectable and indulgent. It also happens to be low in carbohydrates.

18. Carrot Tofu Cake

This carrot cake has a lot of sugar. However, the remaining ingredients are not particularly harmful. Tofu, carrots, applesauce, and flour make up the majority. The end product is a moist, protein-rich carrot cake that tastes great. Additionally, it has roughly half the calories of a typical carrot cake slice.

19. S’mores Bars

These gooey s’mores bars are genuinely delectable. They are free of nuts, gluten, and vegan. They are a giant version of s’mores on steroids. They’re also absolutely delicious. Oats, maple syrup, and coconut are used to make the crust for these bars. Crispy, chewy, and just sweet enough, it tastes great. The filling is chocolatey, smooth, and rich.

20. Chocolate Tofu Cake

One of my favorite types of cakes is the flourless chocolate torte. It is so dense and highly moist that it almost resembles fudge. One of the most abundant things you’ll ever have is it. The texture and flavor of this chocolate tofu cake indeed resemble it. It’s so good it makes your mouth water.