20 Traditional Foods Which Welcomes You In Kashmir

20 Traditional Foods Which Welcomes You In Kashmir

1. Mutton Rogan Josh

Kashmir is the place where we can taste the spiciness of the meat. The meat cooks with the seared onion, and the special Kashmiri red chilies. The spices in the meat are delectable and it is popular in Kashmir on many unique occasions. Lamb or meat lovers can enjoy the Rogan Josh in Kashmir. Yogurt adds the flavor to the dish. The healthy dish with low fat is the Kashmir Rogan Josh. The rice or naan is the best main dishes can serve with Josh.


2. Lamb Leg Roast Curry Raan E Khaas

This is the yogurt based Curry in which lamb leg gets immersed in the spices. The Curry cooked with the mint leaves, Cinnamon, Cardamoms, spicy onion paste. The core ingredient in the Curry is Mawal flowers. Lamb leg is the one which gives the unique taste to the dish. The Curry can serve with the rice, and bay leaves spread over the curry gives the delightful dinner setup during occasions.


3. Paneer Chaman

The dish made of Cottage Cheese drives the veggies crazy. Paneer combines with the spices gives the delicious gravy. Paneer with the milk speckled with green and brown cardamom. This helps in softening of the Curry. The unusual ingredient use to make the delectable Paneer Chaman is fennel powder and dry ginger powder. The chaman looks creamy, and it tempts us to taste it once ever in life.


4. Dum Aloo

Kashmiri Dum Olav is a marvelous dish from the north region of India. It is one of the best Olav from 10-15 varieties present in all places of India. Potatoes are the favorite of food lovers, and it has not any precise taste. It gives the unique taste with the ingredients one use. Whole baby potato loaded with the thick yogurt gravy gives the delectable and exceptionally fragrant Kashmiri Dum Olav. The preparation is so easy to make this creamy, delicious dish.


5. Gogji Razma

Razma is the traditional and favorite dish in Kashmir during winter. The Gogji Razma is the combination of Red Kidney beans with Turnip. The preparation is easy, but the taste can beat any other delicious dish. The Kashmir magical Vaer infuses in the recipe of the Razma. This traditional dish can pair with the rice on the Chilly day.


6. Aab Gosht Kashmiri Mutton Curry

Kashmir is the heaven for mutton lovers. The people in Kashmir use white meat in their daily lunch. More than 30 varieties of red meat dishes are available. The most popular one among those dishes is Aab Gosht. The milk, Cardamom, and black pepper are the main ingredients which make the dish spicy and yummy. The dish is light, and the flavor of the dish resembles the white sauce. The soupy dish makes one feel to try again and again. The uniqueness in the dish is the usage of the milk instead of traditional yogurt.


7. Matschgand

It is the spicy and delectable red gravy. The dish has the minced meatballs, which makes meat lovers to taste a different recipe. The dish seduces the taste buds of bon vivant. The aroma of the Matschgand makes the visitors to try out the Curry.


8. Morel Palov

Morels are the species of Mushroom, which is rarely available and it is costly too. Thus the Morel Palov is the royal dish which can serve under great occasions like marriage. Washing the Morel is the primary and important step in making the dish. The Palov made of Morel flavors with the black cumin, mustard oil, fennel, and ginger powder.


9. Lyodur Tschaman

The most favorite dish of Kashmir Pandits and loved by the Veggies visiting Kashmir. Tschaman is the cottage cheese, and it combines with yellow colored Lyodur (turmeric). The dish cooks in day by day basis in the vegetarian houses. Tschman is the creamy yellow color gravy has several spices, and the curd adds the sourness to the Curry.


10. Dhaniwal Korma

Kashmir is the land of fragrant spices, where natural Saffrons, Kashmiri red chilies, and butter. These flavors are included in the Kashmiri cuisine by the Muslims. The dhaniwal korma is the mellow colored Curry, and it does not look like the creamy Curries in Kashmir. Dhaniwal means the coriander. The Korma is the dish made of Yogurt cooked meat and the coriander with several spices. The aromatic flavors in the dish are due to the addition of cloves, and cardamoms.


11. Wazwan

The tour to Kashmir, will not complete, when people does not taste seven-course Wazman. Expert chefs of Kashmir make out the dish during the night for any marriage and parties. Huge plate use to serve the dinner which consists of the entire meal. The heavenly meal makes the visitor happy while the journey to Kashmir. It consists of the collection of food items like rista, meat cut of ribs, Yakhni. Last but not least the delicious Gushtaba serve at the end of traditional Wazwan.


12. Muj Gaad

During special occasions and important days, Kashmiris loves to cook nonvegetarian dishes. One among them is Muj Gaad. It means the delicious food of fish with the radishes. It is present in the month of December, when the occasions like ‘Shivaratri,’ ‘Amvasi’ falls on. Radishes and fishes got deep fried and mixed as one. The spices like fennel and ginger made as gravy to which the fried items get immersed.


13. Tabak Mazz

The fan of Wazwan cuisine of Kashmir, should try the spicy Tabak Mazz, made of the meat ribs. The deep fried ribs of the lamb get stuffed with the spices of Kashmir. The taste of lamb chops drives food lovers towards Kashmir. The meat is deep fried with salt and chili powder.


14. Tschok Wangan

The vegetarian can have the opportunity to taste the spiciness of the foods in Kashmir. The Kashmir all time favorite is Wangan, and it is available throughout the year. It is the dish entirely made of Brinjal to which the spiciness adds, by the usage of Tamarind water, and spices. The taste of the dish is sour and fiery


15. Kashmiri Chicken Pulao

Pulao is one of the famous spicy dishes in Kashmir which tickles the taste bud of the visitor to Kashmir. Kashmir red chilies used in many biryanis all over India. The spices of Kashmir and its red chilies make the pulao more delectable than others in India.


16. Kashmiri Saag

It is the simple and delicious vegetarian dish made of Spinach. It is the traditional and ordinary food in Kashmir. The spinach sparkled liberally along with the red chilies, mustard oil, and garlic cloves. The hot Chapattis make this as a flavorsome side dish.


17. Nadir Yakhni

This is also one of the mutton Curry in Kashmir, which acts as the favorite dish among the people. The yogurt adds the flavor to the dish. The difference between the other mutton Curry is the absence of the chili powder and turmeric. It is the mild dish and spiciness can be brought to the dish by using tangy side dish. Cloves, bay leaves, and Cardamom are the flavors added to the dish.


18. Apple And Raw Mango Chutney

The raw mango chutney is the other representation of Kashmir traditional foods. It serves as a side dish or can use as a dip. The chutney flavors with the Kashmir spices like Cardamom, saffron, and nuts, yogurts gives the generous taste to the Chutney. Just 5 minutes is enough to make the delicious side dish which makes the main dishes special.


19. Mitha Bhat

The Mitha Bhat, is the Kashmiri vegetarian Pulao which tastes sweet and mild. The sweetness is due to the addition of the dry and fresh fruits. It gives tenderness to the chill climate in Kashmir. Some fresh fruits like Pineapple, Pomegranate, and dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, and cashews add more delectable taste than other pulao.


20. Noon Chai

Chai is the refreshment drink taken in all over India. Noon chai is the famous beverage in Kashmir. It also has the names Pink tea, and Kashmiri Tea. It is the traditional beverage, and the culture of Kashmir insists them to drink it 2 to 3 times a day. The best accompany for the delicious tea is bread, Kandir Tchot, Sheermaal, and Lavasa.