20 Traditional Gems Of Maharashtrian Cuisine


Maharashtra is a state with spectacular flavours that haven’t gained the popularity they deserve. Some such traditional dishes are highlighted down below and I insist you to try them at least once.

1. Paplet Chi Amti (Pomfret In Triphal Infused Curry)

Amti, usually describes a lentil curry but in this traditional Konkan dish, it relates to the smooth, silky consistency of the curry in which the pomfret is cooked. With the predominant flavours of triphal and Kashmiri red chilies, this dish is every spicy food lover’s paradise.

paplet_chiShingadyache Ka2.lwan (Catfish Curry)

Kalwan is a typical marathi term that describes impactful taste of dominant ingredients. Catfish is moist with a mild sweetness and firm flesh which doesn’t fall apart when cooked in the curry. Tandhlachi bhakri (rice roti) is match made in heaven with shingadyache kalwan.


3. Mori Kheema (Shark Kheema)

You must have tasted mutton kheema but mori kheema is something you must try. Mori (dog shark), a fish with delicate flavours is the best choice to make kheema as it is very meaty with few bones. Relatively difficult to de-skin, Mori’s taste compensates the inconvenience wholly.


4. Teesryache Sukhe (Clams With Coconut And Spices)

Clams are one of my favourite seafood and this particular dish is absolutely spectacular in terms of flavours. Hirwa watan (Green masala paste), browned onion paste, garam masala, koli masala and roasted dry coconut paste forms the base of this delicious recipe. It tastes marvelous with hot phulkas.


5. Malwani Khekda Sukhe (Malwan Style Crab Dry Gravy)

The delicate flavor of the meat, its sweet aroma and flaky texture once cracked out of its shell, the crab combined with the hot Malwani Masala makes you crave for more. The juices from the crab oozes when you break the shell.


6. Nagpuri Dahi Mutton (Mutton In Yogurt Gravy)

Rich with flavours, this dish is a blend of yogurt, buffalo milk, fresh cream, poppy seed paste, and cashew nut paste which helps to mild the heat from all the chilli used. The smooth gravy coats the mutton thickly soaking it to make it even tenderer.


7. Vardha Mutton (Smoky Mutton Curry)

Hearth roasted onions promotes beautiful charred flavours into the red meat curry enhancing its taste to a different level all together. Coarsely grinded dry roasted spices give a great texture and mouthwatering aroma to the dish. A red hot piece of coal is placed in the midst of the curry pot to infuse the smoky flavours into the tender mutton.


8. Saoji Kombdi (Saoji Style Spicy Chicken Curry)

This dish is prominently the combination of goda masala, rice, cashewnut and split Bengal gram. Not only is it flavoursome and rich but also healthy as the curry uses jowar flour as a thickening agent. Usually served with jowar bhakri (jowar roti) or rice, saoji kombdi’s spicy nature gets a perfect companion.


9. Kaala Rassa

This Kohlapuri delicacy is an interesting blend of the famous kanda-lasun masala and goat blood that gives this curry its intense flavours. The goat blood provides a unique flavor and texture and the charring of most of the ingredients gives it a smoky taste.


10. Pivla Rassa (Yellow Curry)

The turmeric used in the curry gives it the bright yellow colour. Any ingredient that would alter the colour of the curry is a big no. A puree of split Bengal gram, pigeon peas, and green gram is added to give the curry a body. Any meat goes excellently with this curry but I personally prefer fish cooked in it.


11. Mundi Rassa (Goat Head Curry)

An extremely spicy but delicious goat head stew which is very hard to resist once tasted. Its heat will make your nose run but your mouth water. The skull has the maximum flavours and all of it is pulled into the curry. Mostly preferred with rice, it tastes equally amazing with bhakri.


12. Koli Kolambi Pulao (Prawn Pulao)

This traditional recipe uses koli masala in its preparation and has ground all spice mix generously sprinkled over it. The robust mixture of koli masala and garam masala gives the pulao a special zing. The prawns are firm yet juicy and its attributes are significant in the rice.


13. Pathare Prabhu Mutton Pulao (Spiced Rice With Mutton And Eggs)

This dish is distinctly related to the famous Yakhni Pulao. The mutton is generously coated with ginger-garlic paste and sautéed in ghee and then stewed. The stock from the stew is used to cook the rice, This is what makes the dish finger smacking good.


14. Khimyachi Parsundi (Eggs On Minced Mutton)

Juicy flavorful mince of mutton topped with gooey fried egg is a meat lover’s fantasy. In addition to all this goodness is the rich fragrance of saffron that enhances the taste of the dish. The yogurt used complements the recipe and provides a texture.


15. Hirwa Rassa

This beautiful mutton curry is cooked in a spinach paste that will coat your tastes buds romantically. The mutton marries the spinach creating fireworks inside the mouth. It’s a dish I could eat every day of my life with no complaints.


16. Bharleli Kombdi (Stuffed Whole Chicken)

Stuffed with browned coconut, caramelized onions, ground aromatic spices and tangy lime mixture, the chicken is flavoured all the way through. The chicken once stuffed and stitched is sautéed in ghee to steep the fatty goodness into the poultry. The pan drippings are the transformed into fragrant gravy that is poured over the chicken.


17. Moriche Ambat Tikhat (Hot And Sour Shark Curry)7

A perfect blend of chilies and tamarind pulp, this curry’s hot and sour tastes complements the mild sweet taste of the delicate fish. Kokam and tomato pulp join the tamarind in contributing the dish the sour punch whereas the chilies and peppercorn bring the heat.


18. Banga Rassa (Goat Offal Curry)

Offal meat is usually not favored by many but these less preferred organs can bloom into a palatable preparation. The curry has a base of caramelized onions and burnt garlic and thickened with potatoes. The roasted spices strengthen the dish making it dainty.


19. Bomblache Kalvan (Bombay Duck Curry)

Bombay duck is a highly delicate fish with excellent flavours. This particular dish can be prepared with fresh as well as dried Bombay duck. Chilies cook thoroughly in the curry and acquire a gentle sourness from the Kokam making them taste gorgeous.


20. Karli Masala (Indian Silver-Bar Fish Masala)

Karli is a fish with distinct flavours trapped behind immense number of bones. You’ll struggle while eating it but fish is very tasty especially the roe. It tastes extremely fantastic with steaming rice.