20 Types of Coffee Drinks for All Coffee Lovers

20 Types of Coffee Drinks for All Coffee Lovers

Coffee is famous and loved by many people. Coffee is a refreshing drink that never allows you to doze off. You drink it when you have an assignment pending or a night when you’ve to talk to the person you want to have a conversation that whole night. You literally get addicted to coffee or I must say caffeine. Lately, new drinks consisting of coffee are trending all around the world.

To all the coffee lovers, and non-coffee lovers too. Below is the list of different coffee flavors present in the menu and must to try all these.


Most popular in European countries and now in all over the world. the most common misconception that people come across is that espresso is a roasted coffee. It’s prepared from several roasts to give you a bold flavor and not the bitter flavor which everyone thinks it gives. When you go into a bar and order a shot and regret about your life later, instead you can have espresso and regret your life staying in sense.



This drink is usually not found in many cafes of your place or country. As, it is very rare in India to get but you can try and get it. This is equal parts of espresso and hot milk. It is most commonly consumed in Portugal and Spain.



Macchiato is popular in all coffee cafes. It is because many like it or attract to its name and order, then become a fan for its savor. Many coffee shops charge you more than it should cost. This drink is just a single shot of espresso with milk foam on top. Now, do you want to pay the amount they ask you to pay for this drink?



Lungo or long shot is a shot which is more than single one or less than double shot of espresso. Lungo will make you stay all night and help you think about your life than usual. May be this coffee drink will help you get through all your pain and give you a new start.



Cappucino is a common and famous among all the coffee drinks. It got that name because the color of it is similar to the robes of Capuchin monks. Cappuccino is just a shot of espresso mixed with steamed, wet milk.



Double shot of espresso is basically Doppio with the use of double coffee filter and double the amount of boldness through one cup of coffee. Now people compete on a national level or international level for different sports, for judging a barista the quality of this drink is judged upon. So next time, if you want, give an order for double espresso calls it Doppio.



The clear form of espresso is called Ristretto. The boldest flavor you could ever encounter. It is prepared using the portafilter and hot water through beans. Most Europeans prefer Ristretto over those fancy drinks Starbucks gives you. And they are not wrong you should be able to drink the purest coffee without any insecurity as that proves how much boldness you can handle at a time.


8.Chai Latte

The chai latte which is conquering all the Starbucks outlets in western countries. The Indian things are swinging across the world. The chai is popular and included in the menu of many restaurants. This chai tastes different from normal chai but got nice flavor and liked by many people.  


9.Caffe Shakerato

Shakerato is usually made from espresso shots and ice cubes shaking in a cocktail shaker with chocolate syrup. Frothy consistency is formed. You can add Baileys Irish cream into it and serve it in a martini glass.  


10.Black Eye

This coffee drink is not just espresso and ice cubes it is more than that and people love to drink it again and again. It is slightly thinner than espresso and that makes it different from those bold espresso shots. If you’re afraid to try pure espresso, then try this first and then try the pure espresso.


11.Latte Macchiato

You can expect a mixture of balanced flavors and delicate flavors from latte Macchiato and you won’t be disappointed at all. The milk and espresso are so perfectly balanced that it will not allow you to use fidget spinner and will satisfy you no matter what. Your next order will be latte Macchiato next time you visit any coffee shop.



Chocolate everyone’s favorite and when added with coffee gives you the product which everyone can love and drink again. It’s basically espresso and hot milk and sweetness through cocoa powder. If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, then add dark or if you want to add milk chocolate then add that.


13.Café Corretto

Everything has to be tried with different things to give it a new touch. This time we can add grappa to the drink it is obviously given to you on the side, so if you want to add a little amount or may be whole.



It was accidentally invented as most of the coffee drinks. It was invented by Nescafe and served in may cafes across the world. It is served with Greek foam that gives the coffee new touch and popularly had in France.



The strong espresso blended with chocolate, sugar, and milk is a evolution to make Bicerin. Bicerin was traditionally served in Italy and it became famous all over the world. Being a traditional drink you can definitely spot the difference between the newly formed coffee drinks and cold coffee drinks.


16.Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is so different when it comes to a coffee recipe. They just don’t add espresso and sugar and give it to you. Irish coffee is made using hot coffee, Irish , brown sugar, and thick cream. Nowadays people serve Irish coffee with whipped cream and that is not right. I would say it is wrong and should be stopped.


17.Espresso Romano

This coffee drink is made with a shot of espresso blended with sugar and lemon rind. The lemon gives it a hit which is loved by many.


18.Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is prepared with a different approach. The sugar is added during the boiling of water and do not make it vapored off. This is popular in Austria. The simmering method is used in making it. When you visit a coffee shop and see it on the menu, do order it.



This is that unpopular beverage that wasn’t able to compete with other beverages and was not able to face the failure. It originated in Algeria and is made using espresso, mint, and lemon. I know that sounds really unique and different, but was not able to satisfy the market. So it was taken off on the menu. But it is one of a kind.


20.Caffe Medici

A Doppio is taken and poured above orange peel also lemon peel can be used. The chocolate syrup is added to it and topped with stirred cream to avoid bitte savor of espresso. It is a coffee with unique taste which can be tried by coffee lovers to have a new and refreshing coffee.   


A little fact about coffee which might or might not be known to you, but coffee color is actually white. The coffee beans are roasted which gives them the brown color. Since coffee is a part of people’s life nowadays it’s always fun to try new and different types of coffee.