20 Types Of Sushi To Know About

20 Types Of Sushi To Know About

Sushi is Japanese cuisine first made way back in 1799.It’s the most popular Japanese specialty all over the world.

Technically, it refers to seasoned rice topped with raw seafood. It is sticky rice that is sweet with vinegar of and is creased with seaweed and carefully rolled in a cylindrical roll neatly. Sushi is often served with gari, wasabi and soy sauce.

Sushi is often confused to be sashimi which is raw fish with rice.

As Japan is a seafood paradise, the authentic sushi is non-vegetarian. But thanks to the thinning culture gap, many restaurants have come up with delectable vegetarian options as well. Here we tell you about 20 types of Sushi you should know about:

1. Nigiri Sushi

It’s the most famous kind of sushi. It is made by pressing Vinegared rice with hands, smeared with Wasabi sauce and embraced with a single topping of seafood. Some chefs even garnish it with cooked vegetables, cooked fish and meat.


2. Maki Sushi

These are called the slice sushi rolls and are the most famous types of sushi outside of Japan. It consists of seasoned Rice with a filling found in a roll of Nori soy paper, a thin Egg omelet or even Shisoleaf.Maki can be served in five different ways – Futomaki, Chu Maki, Hosomaki, Uramaki, and Temaki.


3. Chirasi Sushi

Chirac literally means ‘scattered’. People also call it as sushi in a bowl. In Japan, the toppings vary by region, but in India, you’ll find a mix of raw and cooked seafood topped with seafood and rice.


4. Inari Sushi

Inari is rice inside a season often sweet pouch of deep fried Tofu. It was named after the Shinto god of fertility, rice, agriculture and foxes.


5. Oshizushi Sushi

Oshizushi is made out of a wooden mold. The rice and toppings are put in the mold and cut into squares and rectangles before serving. It is also called the pressed sushi.


6. California Sushi

It is a type of maki sushi with Crab, Black caviar, Avocado, and Cucumber. It can also be made with Mango or Banana instead of avocado. It is a popular fusion sushi.


7. Salmon Sushi

This sushi is a spicy one of them all. This is because this recipe uses a lot of Sriracha.It is a hot sauce made with loads of chili peppers, water, and sugar. It’s a great idea for a starter to increase appetite.


8. Dragon Sushi

It is made out of Bq eel (unagi), Tobanjan, Avocado, and Sesame. Its texture is very crunchy and is considered great for pregnant women.


9. Dynamite Sushi

Dynamite sushi is a western-style sushi made out of Salmon, Spicy mayo and Prawn tempura. It is usually baked to give it some crispy texture.


10. Cucumber Wrapped Sushi

These rolls can either contain Crab or Salmon, they are rolled in thin sheets of Cucumber and served with Teriyaki, Soy sauce or Wasabi. The beautiful green casing makes it for a beautiful supper for a party.


11. Sushi Truffle Balls

It’s an offbeat sushi topped off with a lot of baked Sesame seeds. It is made out of different Bell peppers, Tuna, Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Nori sheets.


12. Coconut Chocolate Sushi

It’s a sweet sushi generally served as a dessert. It is made with Heavy cream, Chocolate sauce, and loads of Shredded coconut to top it off.


13. Fruit Sushi

This sushi is not so fishy after all, fruit sushi is made with fruit, Rice and coated with a thin sheet of Mango. To add more flavor, it is served with Raspberry sauce.


14. Pop – Tart Sushi

Sushi out of pop tarts? Yeah, that’s right! Pop tarts are smashed and rolled into thin Nori sheets to make this sushi. They are very chewy and make a great snack for friends over a party.


15. Waffle Sushi

It’s a waffle rolled into sushi, a unique breakfast option. They are made out of Eggs, Sugar, Cream cheese, Strawberries and Maple syrup. It is less fragile than regular sushi.


16. Candy Sushi

Looking for an option for a starter at a kid’s birthday party? We have got one for you! For this sushi, rice is rolled into Gummy bears making it a sweet treat.


17. Spicy Shiitake Mushroom

This is for all you vegans out there, fresh Shitake mushrooms are seasoned with rich and spicy Sriracha-Vegenaise sauce adding a rich dense texture to it.


18. Brown Rice Veggie Sushi

If you prefer eating brown rice over white one, take note, this recipe is just what you want. Brown rice has healthy whole grains which give your metabolism a good boost of energy. This sushi is made by rolling Brown rice and salad into Sushi mats and served with Wasabi or Soy sauce.


19. Raspberry Sushi

Raspberries are considered one of the most versatile fruits. It is considered a natural candy with great health benefits such as weight loss.This sushi is made out of Cheesecake, Raspberry and a layer of chocolate. It makes up for a delicious appetizer.


20. Mac N Cheese Sushi

Ever heard of that before? In this sushi, hot dogs are covered with Mac and Cheese and kept in the freezer for five hours. They are later cut and served in small servings with Sriracha or Tomato sauce.


Is there anything a sushi can’t do? We guess not! The rapid globalization of the world has helped to get local cuisines to the world’s forum. Sushi, being a part of Japanese staple diet has found its way into India as well. In the capital, you can find the authentic Japanese sushi at various restaurants. The best one being Yum Yum Cha at Saket, New Delhi. We suggest you try the dynamite sushi here, it’s as amazing as it sounds.

The Three Sixty Degrees at The Oberoi, Gurugram is another winner when it comes to sushi. Its signature California sushi is delectable. The restaurant offers a five-star experience and has a wide range of sushi for you to choose from.

But if you’re looking for world’s best Nigiri sushi, Wasabi by Morimoto, The Taj Mahal Hotel is your place. This place also has a live demonstration of the sushi being made in front of you that just elevates the experience.

We hope this article could give you some insights on one of the most versatile cuisines in the world. Come back to this page for more such insights!