20 Variety Of Coffee Beans Every Coffee Lover Should Know

20 Variety of Coffee Beans Every Coffee Lover Should Know

Basically, there are two common types of coffee consumed in the world- Robusta, and Arabica. Although there are numerous variations of coffee beans, these two are the most important.
Here is a list of other varieties of coffee beans every coffee lover should know:

1 Arabica

Arabica is a commonly produced coffee bean as it accounts for 60% of the world’s coffee production. These beans are grown at places which receive high rainfall, located at high altitude, and have a high amount of shade. Arabica trees are not taller than 6 feet and are easy to take care of. It is the most delicate plant as it is prone to diseases. They have a delicate flavor with a sweet and sharp taste.


2 Liberica

Liberica bean is considered as the only coffee bean in the world having an irregular shape. The beans have a unique aroma having floral and fruity notes. These are huge coffee berries that have nutty, smoky, and dark chocolate notes when roasted and brewed. The trees can grow up to 65 feet.People who have tasted these beans state that it tastes “woody.”


3 Excelsa

Excelsa grows in Southeast Asia and accounts for 7% of the world’s coffee production. It is mostly used in blends to give an extra flavor and complexity to the coffee. The Excelsa coffee beans are cultivated in the regions having medium altitudes. These possess a “teardrop” shape which makes it similar to Liberica.


4 Robusta

Robusta comes second to Arabica as the world’s most produced coffee. The Robusta plant is environment-friendly and immune from diseases. It is grown in places having a hot climate with irregular rainfall. The coffee beans contain double the amount of caffeine than Arabica. High-quality Robusta beans have low acidity and smooth texture. It is a perfect coffee for sugar and cream lovers.


5 Bourbon

Bourbon is another coffee variety found on the island of Bourbon. The coffee produced from these beans has bright fruit flavors and the sweetness of caramel. The Bourbon bushes are more susceptible to diseases than other varieties.


6 Gesha

Gesha is a new variant in the coffee world. It originates near the Ethiopian town of Gesha. The cup of coffee from these beans has a complex flavor and silky mouthfeel. Today, Gesha is one of the most prized coffee varieties on the market.


7 Jackson

Jackson is one of the varieties of Bourbon grown in Burundi and Rwanda. The flavor is somewhat similar to Bourbon but has an acidic edge which is lacked by Bourbon. Sinceproduction and processing have become advanced in these countries, they have started to acquire a name for producing high-quality coffee.


8 Maragogype

Maragogype pronounced as mara go hee pe is popular for the size of its coffee beans which is enormous. It is also known as the Elephant Bean coffee. The cup has buttery and a heavy body with floral and citrus flavors.


9 Mocca/Mokha

Mocca originated near Harrar, Ethopia, and is grown in Yemen and Hawaii. The size of the coffee bean is very small as compared to other beans.


10 Kents

Kents is the earliest variety of Arabica coffee which was selected by an English planter named ‘Kents’ during the 1920s. Since the plant had a lower susceptibility to rust, it remained popular with the planters until the 1940s. It is grown in a few areas and is known for its exceptional taste.


11 Cauvery

Cauvery is also known as Catimor. It is a hybrid of Caturra and Hybrido-de-Timor. This coffee bean has high-quality attributes of Caturra and the strong resistance of Hybrido-de-Timor. It is grown in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and India.


12 S.795

It is the most popular variety of Arabica coffee in India which was launched in the 1940s. The S.795 coffee plant is known for its high quality, high yields, better tolerance to leaf rust, and bold beans. The coffee plant was made using Kents Arabica which is known for its superior quality. The flavors are balanced along with the flavors of Mocha.


13 Selection 9

Selection 9 is a hybrid between Tafarikela, which is an Ethiopian Arabica collection and the tough Hybrido-de-Timor. It has all the high-quality traits present in Tafarikela.

Selection 9

14 Coffea Charrieriana

CoffeaCherrieriana is a variety of coffee bean free from caffeine. It is found in Cameroon.It is the only known caffeine-free coffee plant found in Central America.

Coffea Charrieriana

15 Caturra

Caturra plant was found in Brazil in 1937. It is popular in Central American countries and higher altitudes of Colombia. Today, it is one of the most economically important coffees in Central America. The coffee has a bright, light body with citric acidity.

Bourbon Coffee 1024x768 1

16 Catuai

Catuai is a hybrid between Mundo Nova and Caturra. It is widely grown in Brazil. It boasts about having the characteristics of bright acidity with underlying sweetness. The plant yields high-quality coffee beans and boasts about high susceptibility of leaf rust.

Caturra 1

17 Icatu

Icatu is a Catimor hybrid grown in Brazil. Since it is combined with a variety of Arabica, it gives a better taste as compared to other Catimors. It tastes best when it is dry processed. Also, the plant shows good resistance to leaf rust.


18 Jamaican Blue Mountain

Along with the coffee growing region, Jamaican Blue Mountain is the name of the coffee bean variant as well. The typical cup has a light body, mildly acidic, and balanced flavor.

Jamaican Blue Mountain 1

19 Maracatu

Maracatu is a cross between Caturra and Maragogype. It is a large coffee bean grown at the higher altitudes of Central America, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The plant has large leaves, large fruits, and flowers. It has ripe fruit flavors and complex acidity.


20 Villa Sarchi

Villa Sarchi is a hybrid of the Bourbon variant. This plant has a single gene mutation which causes the plant to grow smaller. The variety was first discovered in Costa Rica in the 1950s. It is well adapted to higher altitudes and can withstand strong winds. The cup profile has refined acidity, medium body with intense fruit flavors.

Villa Sarchi