21 Delicious Street Foods of Punjab


During those times of my life when i am feeling low, all I think of as my best friend is FOOD. I don’t think any of can hold out against the hot and tempting call for delicious FOOD, especially that is served hot and super buttery directly from the tandoor. Yes! My dear friends, I am talking about the best of the Punjabi Cuisine. Wood fired, masonry ovens, burning stoves, Kath tandoors is the unique style of cooking owned by the people of Punjab from the times of ancient Harappan Civilization.Tandoor is used to bake Naan, Tandoori Roti, roast eggplants, Tandoori chicken, Bake Kebabs, roast leg of lamb or goat. So i would like to present the 20 Delicious street foods of Punjab.

1. Butter Chicken

We find this dish in any restaurant India. Made with a little variation across India Butter chicken is devoured the world over. Roasted and grilled,  this dish is garnished with coriander, green chillies and cream. People have a love of butter chicken along with butter naan and onions dipped in vinegar. Kundan Lal Gurjar, owner of Moti Mahal usually takes the credit bringing this heavenly dish in the world. One can head to Chicken Corner and Surjit Food Plaza in Amritsar. In Ludhiana Baba’s Chicken and at Karnal Mayur Dhaba is a must to visit. In Chandigarh, Night Food Street is a must to savour this beautiful dish.


2. Tandoori Chicken

This chicken is found at every corner of every street of Punjab. This chicken is given a smoked flavor with a fiery red hue by cooking it in a tandoor. Marinated with curd lemon and spices it gives the best juicy flavor. As soon as it touches our tongue, it melts like butter giving the best taste of chicken along with the spices. Cooked a high temperature makes the chicken soft and the heat cooks the chicken from the inside.Apart from the tandoor, Now a days the chicken is also cooked on grills also called barbeque chicken. The best of tandoor chicken found in Ludhiana at utam chicken in Kidwai Nagar, Lark chicken in chowda bazar. In Patiala, Patiala Shahi Chicken Point is a head up.


3. Chole Bhature

Bhaturas are golden brown crispy Punjabi flat bread made from maida or All Purpose Flour. Served with Chole also known as chickpeas. Chole Bhature are eaten along with onions, green chillies, Achar (Pickles) and a tall glass of lassi. Being the mostly used crop, Chole are have the largest eateries across India.


4. Paranthe

Stuffing can be of anything like potatoes, onions, cauliflower, radish or fresh cheese. Parantha is the most eaten food amongst Indians. These are found in  every nook and corner of all the streets.Fried in ghee or refined oil are served hot to taste the best. Eaten with butter spread all over the Parantha or cream/Malai (homemade) usually with Tea or Lassi. The best of the paranthas found in Patiala at Harbans ka Dhaba near Rajendra Hospital. In Ludhiana head to Pandit Paratha. Gopal’s is a must visit for the Paratha in Chandigarh.Giani Dhaba has the delicious parantha in Bathinda.


5. Gol Gappe

Gol Gappe also known as Pani puri in many areas of India, is the famous street snack and is predominantly loved by all of us. “Attay vala ya sooji vala” is something we all have knowledge about. This water bread is found across the globe and is loved by everyone. Cream gol gappe, Bhara hua gol gappey(potatoes mashed, onion, chilies, yoghurt). Made with semolina or wheat with all-purpose flour forming into a smooth are then fried in oil. Since we were kids, we have these little trips to the gol gappe vala and have had a good time while enjoying these small balls. The water used in the gol gappas are two kinds Sweet and Spicy. People enjoy when these both are mixed too. Gol gappas found anywhere r worth eating but of course, there are some places in Punjab which have many Bikaneri stores serving the best gol gappas.


6. Aloo Chat

Cubed Potatoes are boiled, and fried potatoes served with chat masala. It is a famous dish also made at home by many people. Mostly it is served with yogurt, lemon sprinkled, onions with spices and chutney. Garnishing is done with sev and coriander. Various variations can be used in this dish such as addition of tikkas in the all chat is a famous dish.


7. Chuski/Gola

Nothing is better than a ice ball with heavenly flavors spread on it! Chuski or gola is a kind of ice cream found during the summers in all the areas of Punjab. Flavors like rose khus, Mango, BlueBerry, cola are liked by the people. Mock tail syrups and soft drinks are to use on the top of the ice balls. The ice balls are made from Chuski makers, crushing the big bricks ice.


8. Pakoras

This a dish we have a craving for in any season. Deep fried in oil, these can made by adding any vegetable or non veg food. Like we have the most famous paneer pakora, Aloo pakora, pyaaz pakora (onion), mix pakoras and onions, eggplant, potato, spinach can be added. People buy pakoras on any festival to make it more worthy and remember able. These are eaten along with chai or masala chai. The best pakoras found in Ludhiana are Panna Lal Pakode Wala on gill road. Javali de pakode in Jalandhar is a place that is a must-visit.


9. Amritsari Naan

As the name suggests these are the best found in Amritsar itself. This bread is made from All-purpose flour / Maida. The naan are stuffed with mashed potatoes, onion (optional) and lots of spices Also called Oven baked flatbread or Kulchas are baked until golden brown giving it a little crispy touch. Head to Lucky Dhaba for the naans at national highway Jalandhar. In Ludhiana, you can find the best of the Kulchas at Amritsari Kulcha, Crystal Point Model town extension. Naan is the most consumed breakfast in many of Villages of Punjab along with lassi. In Chandigarh Krishna 8 is a heads up to visit for this lovely dish.


10. Samosa

Having a tetrahedral shape, Samosas are local cuisine and are found easily across the globe too.  Samosas are usually filled with potatoes, onions, noodles, spices, and peas too. In Punjab, Vegetarian samosas are found. Samosas are served hot along with chutney or mint sauce and green chilies. In many areas of Punjab, these served in many variations like Samosa chole, in this dish these crispy layered triangles are served with chickpeas. It is an appetizer which people enjoy during the evenings. The best samosas in Chandigarh are nowhere but at Night food street sector 14. Nayer sweets, Kapurthala are known for the Samosas.


11. Bread Pakora

Bread pakoras are a tea time snack usually is stuffed with potatoes or are filled with paneer slices. The stuffed break is dipped in a mixture of spices and besan. Further, are then deep fried till golden brown. Served with sauce or chutney. These tempting pakoras are found in a city. In Ludhiana, the Jamalpur choupatti has best Bread Pakora. In Patiala, Gopal sweets is a place to visit for sure and Sahni’s too. Shree Narayan Das ji Bare Wale in Jalandhar is the great place to go for the bread pakoras.


12. Shakarkandi (Sweet Potatoes)

Sweet Potato is the English name of Shakarkandi. Shakarkandi is seen on the streets by the vendors when the cooler weather is on its way. These are warmed up usually on coal by the vendors. Followed by peeling them slowly and cutting in cubes. Further, they are sprinkled with lemons and spices (masala).It is a light snack with which you can treat yourself, no ghee or any other fattening additives. Also found with many variations like Sweet potato chat and mixed with chana.


13. Shikanjavi

Shinkjavi or Nimbu Pani or Lemonade is the most refreshing drink found on the streets of Punjab. These chilled drinks are made by mixing lemons, sugar, ginger, salt, black pepper is sometimes added for a different flavor. This drink is more refreshing than any beverage on this earth. It is one of the oldest drinks of Punjab. This drink is served on every Occasion. It has no harmful effects like the cold drinks have.


14 Amritsari Ladoo (Ram Ladoo)

Amritsari Ladoo are salty and spicy, being different from usual sweet ladoos. The ingredients of these Ladoo are yellow moong dal, channa dal, ginger, red chilies powder, baking soda. These can be reheated and garnished with chutney and radish.


15. Soups

The Punjabi streets are famous for the presence of soups. Many kinds of soups like Tomato soup, Chicken soup, Spinach soup, sweet corn is available garnished with coriander or cream. Hot served with the best combination of the spices. The Milan soup is a place to find the best soups in Bathinda. Naturals in Ludhiana is place where you will forget all your worries and enjoy the best soups. The soups are freshly prepared and are served hot. Night food street in Chandigarh is a must go for the soups. The best thing of NFS is that is open all night and day.


16. Cotton Candy (Budhi Mai Da Chata)

Cotton candy also known as candy floss is made by spinning sugar. Cotton makers are usually seen in the markets. In this process, sugar is heated liquefied and then spun, food coloring is added too. Kids love it because of its sweet, soft and melts as soon it reaches our mouths. It is found in the small markets to all of the malls of Punjab. The vendors sell cotton candies for 10 to 20 Rs.


17. Kulfi

Kulfi have denser and creamier taste than ice creams. Kulfi is a special dessert and is eaten by most of the families in Punjab.It is named as “Traditional Indian Ice Cream”. The dessert originated from the Mughal empire. Kulfi has such properties than it takes a longer time to melt than western ice cream. Many flavors like shown in the picture having pistachios and cashews are available. Falooda kulfi is also a kind of Kulfi available. It consists of boiled soft noodles on the kulfi.


18. Challi

Challi is highly consumed grain plant by the Punjabi. Corns can be used to add more taste to it. It can be found cooked on the tava or pan. Also, challis are roasted in the sand. The vendor’s then sprinkle salt and squeeze lemons on the challi to add more taste to it. Corns are used in sandwiches, salads, and soups. Mixed vegetable of spinach and corns is also loved by the people. During the summers, Challi is sold by the vendors, being mobile they keep roaming around in the streets and keep selling the corns.


19. Kadhi Chawal

Kadhi or karhi is a Punjabi dish made from sour yogurt with pakoras in it. Karhi consists of thick gravy because of gram flour (besan) that is in taste. This dish goes well with boiled rice and roti. It is easily for in the streets. It is a winter meal and stomach filling. People in some parts of Punjab eat it with onions.


20. Shakes

We all love shakes such as chocolate shakes, mango shakes, Banana shake layered with or without ice cream. Of course, Punjab is a place where you will find many shake vendors roaming around. It is a cold sweet beverage that refreshes you on a hot summer day. It can hand blended, made from machines or made from premade products. You can go for Naturals in Ludhiana for the best shakes, Narang cafeteria in Hoshiarpur is a place to visit. Cafe Chokolade is a place to go for in Amritsar.


21. Fish

The streets of Punjab are famous for the fishes, being a state of 5 rivers fishes are an important part of the cuisine. Carp, Rohu, thela machi are used for the selling in Punjab. Fish tikka is an Amritsari specialty. It tastes good with green coriander, tamarind chutney and served with onion rings and lemon.