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20 Best Bengali Dishes, You Must Try Today

20 Best Bengali Dishes, You Must Try Today!

All of us have had one Bengali friend while growing up, right? Meals at the Bong's friend's house would mean only one thing - phenomenally good food. Growing up we never figured out how...
24 Types Of Biryani, Every Foodie Should Know Of

24 Types Of Biryani, Every Foodie Should Know Of !

Biryani may soon be declared as the national dish in India for the fact that it is a dish which beyond cultures is a favourite among most. How it arrived in India has a...
20 Pocket-Friendly Foodie Places In Delhi

20 Pocket-Friendly Foodie Places In Delhi!

1Kake-da-hotelWith a devoted fan base, no wonder even with the not-so fancy interiors and stylish decor, they are visibly crowded at most times. Their dishes like Saag Chicken, Chicken Pulao, Keema Kaleji, has sparked...
secret guide to Bangalore chat shops.

The Secret Guide To Bangalores Chaat Shops

1Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall (Jayanagar)Located on the third block of Jayanagar, this place redefines the taste of chat, and takes it to a whole new level of taste. Dishing out savory treats, this joint...

Top 20 Restaurants In Assam

1Paradise RestaurantIt is one of the restaurants in Guwahati which serves authentic Assamese food. This restaurant offers food ranging from Indian to Assamese cuisines and Asian food. It is children friendly restaurant and is...
20 Best Restaurants In Pondicherry

20 Best Restaurants In Pondicherry

Pondicherry/ Puducherry, a former French colony is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Other than the beautifully designed White Town, it hosts the world renowned Universal city, Auroville. With increasing popularity,...
Twenty-Five Ways To Make Bitter Gourd Taste Better

Twenty-Five Ways To Make Bitter Gourd Taste Better

Karela (Bitter gourd), when prepared in a better way, people will love it like hell.1Karela and Capsicum SubjiIngredients:-- Two cups bitter gourd strips, cut approx. two”- One cup coloured capsicum strips (green and yellow)-...

Top 20 Kashmiri Foods You Have To Try!

Kashmir, the crown of India, is not called so just for its geographical location. This little state has a rich treasure of culture, heritage, flora, fauna and FOOD! Yes, Kashmiri food is a meat...
20 Oldest Restaurants In Kolkata

19 Oldest Restaurants In Kolkata

Kolkata, the City of Joy, has all the reasons to be renamed to the City of Food. For all those who have grown up or even remotely lived here for a while will have...
20 North-Indian Dishes You Must Try

20 North-Indian Dishes You Must Try

There are times when are stomach is full but we aren’t satisfied. We should eat food which not only satisfies our stomach but also soothes our soul; and according to me Indian food certainly...

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