Top 20 Dishes For Healthy Cravings

top 20 dishes for healthy cravings

We all have meals three times a day, but hunger keeps attacking us in between, and we keep craving snacks. But whenever we speak of snacks, it is usually something deep-fried fritters with tea, coffee, or cold drinks. Whereas snacking is good for health, junk foods aren’t good. However, we do have healthy and nutritious options for replacing our junk snacks whenever we are at home without buying packed foods from nearby stores. Snacking healthy can keep us fit for the long run and improves our immune system, and reduces cholesterol and coronary diseases. We can replace our fritters with homemade sandwiches, rolls, parathas, or different types of fruit and vegetable salads. Instead of sugary soda cold drinks, we can opt for rich and creamy smoothies or iced lemon tea, or green tea. 

1. Vegetable Tax

The vegetable tax is an exciting concept for snacking. Different types of vegetables are boiled and chopped into small pieces and sprinkled with black or regular salt, and are consumed within thirty minutes of eating any wholesome meal. It helps in reducing body fats and maintains our cholesterol level and blood sugar levels.

1 Vegetable Tax

2. Herbal Tea 

It detoxifies our body and purifies our blood from within. Mixed herbs like mint, chamomile, and tulsi benefit our body’s functioning. Ginger and lemon can be added for additional taste preferences. Consumed early morning or evening, it purifies our skin from within and improves our metabolism.

2 Herbal Tea

3. Vegetable Smoothie

Different vegetables, according to our choice, can be blended with herbs like mint or coriander for a refreshing taste. Buttermilk or milk can be added for a creamy blend. It is a healthy choice instead of soda drinks with their nutritious values. We can drink it in the evening as a replacement for junk snacks or in the morning as a breakfast supplement.

3 Vegetable Smoothie

4. Mixed Fruit Salad

Various fruits are added and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and chaat masala. To make it more palatable, we can use some coriander or curry leaves. It refreshes our taste buds and helps heal our body from inside by repairing our cells. With loaded vitamins and minerals, we must keep in mind that we use citrus fruits.

4 Mixed Fruit Salad

5. Dark Chocolate

We all love chocolates, but mostly, we eat all the sugar-heaped ones. However, dark chocolate has low sugar content and more cocoa powder. It is delicious and is high in antioxidants, and also helps in reducing coronary diseases consumed to an extent. While having keep in mind not to consume in higher quantities; otherwise, it may increase the sugar level in our diets and body, harming us.

5 Dark Chocolate

6. Greek Yogurt

Rich in protein with vitamin B, calcium, and beneficial bacteria for our body. It is low in sugar and can curb the constant hunger we sometimes feel from not eating our meals properly. It can be consumed with cucumber or other vegetables to make it healthier. 

6 Greek Yogurt

7. Hot Chocolate

One of the widely consumed drinks in cafes and at home during winter. It makes our stomachs feel full without constantly craving junk or ready-made restaurant dishes. Moreover, consumed with chocolate cookies, it is a fantastic drink with its high content of dark chocolate and cocoa. 

7 Hot Chocolate

8. Fruit And Nut Butter

Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits are always at the top of our list regarding healthy eating. However, sometimes we crave a bit of crunchiness in the fruit bowl treat. Therefore nut butter, with its low sugar content, can be added with fruits for a crunchier snack for kids and elders. It is a fulfilling dish to satisfy our cravings.

8 Fruit And Nut Butter

9. Vegetables And Hummus Sandwich

Slices of brown bread overspread with dairy-free hummus and mashed avocado filled with bell pepper, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes can make a fantastic relishing dish to curb the evening hunger. It can be served as breakfast or can be packed for lunch too for the school breaks. 

9 Vegetables And Hummus Sandwich

10. Banana Ice-Cream

Craving for sweet desserts or ice creams, here’s a healthy option you can try without buying them from next-door shops or ordering from takeouts. It is homemade by blending ripe bananas and freezing them for more than an hour. Rich in fiber and fewer calories, it is perfect for a sweet tooth. You can add milk or cream to top it up, keeping in mind the calorie factor.

10 Banana Ice cream

11. Popcorn

Popping up some popcorn at home is much healthier than buying loads of chips for salt and spicy cravings. It fills our desires and is low in calories. However, homemade ones are much better than the unhealthy packed microwave ones widely available in the marketplace. Opting for healthy snacks is always an action you must take daily.

11 Popcorn

12. Cottage Cheese

Lovers of dairy products mainly include it in their sandwiches. Low in calories, it is highly packed with protein. It curbs our hunger factor by making us feel fuller, thus, lowering body fats and helping us lose weight. Staying fit should always be our concern when choosing food options daily, even for small cravings. Choose healthily and stay fit.

12 Cottage Cheese

13. Olives

It is rich in oleic acid and low in calories. If you’re craving small intakes, you can readily grab some olives to snack on. Pinches of black pepper can be added for more flavors. Good for health, it is widely available in the marketplace and relatively cheap. It is proven to reduce inflammation in our bodies.

13 Olives

14. Dates And Almonds

For a crunchy and sweet treat, craving dates are perfectly stuffed with pieces of almonds. Though dates are high in sugar, a few won’t hurt much and are high in antioxidants. It is nutritional and can curb the sweet intake if consumed in a low quantity. However, daily consumption of two or three dates is good for health. 

14 Dates And Almonds

15. Cold Drinks

Drinking sugary soda drinks can harm our bodies and lower our bone density. Therefore, to curb the cravings, we should choose a healthy cold drink made at home, like iced lemon or green tea. However, cold coffee is also a good option for coffee lovers with a bit of sugar and cream. Sometimes a bit of lemon and jeera mixed with refrigerated water is a good option for digestive problems.

15 Cold Drinks

16. Strawberries And Cream

A healthy and refreshing dessert quick and easy to make with three items. With a low amount of sugar and whipped cream, chopped strawberries taste fantastic when dessert cravings haunt us, but we are concerned with high calories and sugar intake. It can be prepared for guests coming home for a get-together party.

16 Strawberries And Cream

17. Multi-grain Rolls

Packed with a variety of whole grains and rich in fibers, they are highly nutritious and can be consumed with vegetable curry or non-veg curries. It can be served in lunch, but it is best to curb small cravings for snacks in the evenings. Eating healthy can make our immune system stronger.

17 Multi grain Rolls

18. Almond Cookies

Almonds are rich in magnesium, dietary fiber, and vitamin E. They are baked with refined wheat flour, milk, sugar, and vanilla essence, making them a unique sweet treat for small cravings with hot chocolate or coffee. Choco chips can be added to the cookie batter to make it chocolatey in flavor and taste for chocolate lovers

18 Almond Cookies

19. Scrambled Eggs 

Eggs with their rich protein content are easy to make, taking a few minutes. It can be eaten with salt, or more local spices can be added to it to make it spicier. Bread toast with scrambled eggs can be a good option when we are craving some salt and spicy items and are pretty hungry and have less time to make dishes.

19 Scrambled Eggs

20. Fried Chickpeas

Lightly fried chickpeas for five to ten minutes are a good alternative with a pinch of salt. It is a good source of vitamins, fibers, and minerals and helps in weight management and digestion. Easy and quick recipe to satisfy your cravings and look forward to the wealth of health with a spare few minutes and homemade food.

20 Fried Chickpeas