Top 20 Chicken Destinations In Phase 3, Mohali

top 20 chicken destinations in phase 3 mohali

Apart from being the IT hub of Punjab, Mohali has also emerged as a prominent food destination in the state. Mohali gives tough competition to any other Indian city in terms of food. Punjabi people consider Phase 3 of Mohali a food hub. 

1. Katani Non-Vegetarian

Mohali’s Katani Non-Vegetarian is the most unique chicken destination. It serves very good quality chicken. Free kheer is served along with the food.

1. Katani Non Vegetarian

2. Shantz

The portion served is quite huge. The service provided by the restaurant is up to the mark. Food is delivered on time. These aspects make this restaurant one of the most famous chicken destinations in Mohali.

2. Shantz

3. Amigos Cafe-

Amigos Cafe is famous for its non-vegetarian dishes, burgers, and pizzas. Enjoying coffee along with food makes this place unique. The services are great.

3. Amigos Cafe

4. Dhaba Amigos–

After considerable success, Amigos Cafe has now come up with Dhaba by Amigos to cater to Desi’s food cravings. This restaurant has a crisp menu covering all popular demands. Special spices are used to prepare the food. 

4. Dhaba Amigos–

5. The 3b2 Spot-

It is a unique place in Mohali for non-vegetarian cuisine. On weekends, it is packed to its capacity. You can visit here with your friends and have good memories.

5. The 3b2 Spot

6. IL Forno Magico-

This place is one of the best dining destinations in Mohali. Food items like pizza, fries, chicken burgers, choco lava cakes, and lemon iced tea are available. If you go on a Sunday night, the restaurant will be fully packed.

6. Il Forno Magico

7. The Win-Win Burger by Burrill-

The grilled chicken wrap is the best dish in this restaurant. The aroma of the food will make you hungry. The service is speedy, and the words are pocket-friendly.

7. The Win Win Burger By Burrill

8. Uncle Jacks-

This restaurant provides a wide variety of dishes like sliders, captain crunch, Californian cheeseburger, double trouble, and hotdogs. It is one of the most well-furnished restaurants in the city.

8. Uncle Jacks

9. Big Jerks-

In this restaurant, your order will be perfect from taste to proportions. The calzone with a super thin layer is mind-blowing. The price of everything is reasonable, and the environment is good. 

9. Big Jerks

10. Classic 44-

It is one of the best food destinations in Mohali, which always has the best products. The bus stand is just a few hundred meters away from this place.

10. Classic 44 

11. The Pizza Box-

This restaurant serves one of the best chicken pizzas in the city. The presentation and texture of the pizza are superb. As you enter the site, it is difficult to wait for food.

11. The Pizza Box

12. Kathi Roll Express-

This outlet is highly recommended to all food lovers as they serve a wide variety of excellent food prepared with traditional spices and herbs. It is one of the best places to hang out with your friends.

12. Kathi Roll Express

13. 11th Street Bistro-

An excellent dining destination. The menu at this restaurant changes every night. You can visit this place with your family and friends to have a good time.

13. 11th Street Bistro

14. The Yellow Flame-

This restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. You may think of this restaurant when you want to eat the best chicken pizza in town. Students visit this restaurant in groups. The ambiance is relaxed, and you will love the atmosphere.

14. The Yellow Flame

15. Hong Kong Chicken Roll-

This restaurant is another popular place in Mohali to enjoy non-vegetarian food at a reasonable price. Your taste buds will be open to the food, and you will wish to eat more and more.

15. Hong Kong Chicken Roll

16. Roll Nation-

It is a popular restaurant in Mohali serving non-vegetarian food. The aroma of the food is superb, and the site has a beautiful ambiance

16. Roll Nation

17. Pal Dhaba-

The customers have so many options available to them. The quality of food is up to the mark. You can also try other non-vegetarian dishes of your choice. The ambience is outstanding.

17. Pal Dhaba

18. Owls Kitchen-

It is a simple place where you can enjoy non-vegetarian food. The food is very delicious, with a perfect aroma. This restaurant mainly attracts people at night.

18. Owls Kitchen

19. Shangrila-

It is a popular restaurant in Mohali serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Chicken soup is delicious. The best authentic Chinese in the city. 

19. Shangrila

20. Doner Garden-

The delicious food of this restaurant is very famous in the city. The aroma has a strong flavor. The location of this restaurant is excellent.

20. Doner Garden