Top 20 Bitter Gourd Dishes To Try In Kolkata

top 20 bitter gourd dishes to try in kolkata

Whenever we speak of eating something bitter, we already think in the back of our mind that we can’t eat it no matter what. Similar thoughts appear when it comes to eating bitter gourds, also known as bitter melons to us. With its bitterness, it is one of the most underrated vegetables widely available in the market. However, it is highly nutritious and improves blood sugar levels, and lowers cholesterol. Moreover, we are going to look at twenty delicious recipes to eat bitter gourd in whichever way you would prefer.

1. Shukto

It is one of the most widely yummy and healthy dishes prepared by Bengali families. Bitter gourds are the stars of this dish. It is stir-fried in a pan with a significantly less amount of oil with seasonal vegetables. Milk is added with sugar to make a thick and creamy gravy. 

1 Shukto

2. Dahi Karela

To remove its bitterness, the bitter gourds are sliced and sprinkled with salt and kept aside for a few hours. Afterward, they are lightly fried with onions and tomatoes with coriander, red chili, and garam masala powder. And at last, a cup of freshly beaten curd is added to it. It tastes yummy when served with parathas.

2 Dahi Karela

3. Bitter Gourd Chips

Bitter gourds are sliced and salted and kept aside for five minutes. Later the water is drained from them, and they are mixed with red chili, coriander, and cumin powder and coated in rice flour and cornflour mixture and set to deep fry. Served with hot steamed rice, curry, and dal, it’s a wholesome meal.

3 Bitter Gourd Chips

4. Bitter Gourd Stir Fry

After slicing and deseeding the bitter gourds, they are salted and kept aside for half an hour. They are later sauteed in mustard oil with chana dal, urad dal, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and dry chilies. At last, it is added with two tablespoons of tamarind juice and jaggery and garnished with shredded coconut.

4 Bitter Gourd Stir Fry

5. Stuffed Bitter Gourd

Made with potato, paneer, processed cheese, and bitter gourd peels as a stuffing, it calls for a yummy side dish to a wholesome meal. With garam masala, chaat masala, and mango powder, it is yummier than you think. It is a deep-fried dish, and even children relish it, fulfilling their hunger.

5 Stuffed Bitter Gourd

6. Bitter Gourd Curry

Bitter gourds are sauteed with chopped onions, chilies, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, and curry leaves. Cumin powder, garlic paste, tamarind pulp, and jaggery are added to bring out the various flavors. It can be served in lunch with chapatis or hot steamed rice to satisfy our stomach.

6 Bitter Gourd Curry

7. Stuffed Karela With Cheese

Easy to make, it is delicious for people loving cheese. A dish you can’t say no to with its high nutritious values. Bitter gourds are peeled and stuffed with cheese and pan-fried, which gives away their bitterness. It can be enjoyed as a snack alongside coffee or cold drinks.

7 Stuffed Karela With Cheese

8. Bharwan Karela

Bitter gourds are sliced length-wise and filled with a stuffing of local spices and garam masala for a fantastic taste. It is yummy and appealing when served alongside hot steamed rice in lunch with a dal for a healthy full-fledged meal. Please don’t skip this dish as it’s a must-try one.

8 Bharwan karela

9. Karela Aur Baingan Ki Sabji

Sliced bitter gourds paired with chopped brinjal and authentic local spices available make it a unique and easy-to-try recipe. Cook well on a low flame and add garam masala, at last, to bring out the smoothness of brinjal. When served with roti, it is a hunger-satisfying dish.

9 Karela Aur Baingan Ki Sabji

10. Karela Ka Meetha Achaar

A tangy achaar is served alongside a healthy meal. With mustard seeds, chilies, jaggery, and tamarind pulp, it tricks our tongue with unknown flavors and piques our curiosity without giving us the bitterness of bitter gourds. It can be eaten with snacks in the evening for a yummier experience.

10 Karela ka Meetha Achaar

11. Bitter Gourd And Potatoes Stir Fry

One of the most widely made dishes at homes in Kolkata, it is tastier and healthier served with dal and hot steamed rice. It is a fantastic dish served with rotis or chapatis. Fried with potatoes, onions, and local spices, the bitter gourds are lip-smacking. However, sugar can be used to lower the bitterness if needed.

11 Bitter Gourd And Potatoes Stir Fry

12. Karela Chaat

Deep fried and crushed, teamed with fried papris, boiled potatoes, onions, and chilies, it sounds delicious. One of the unique cuisines made with bitter gourd, it is hyped with positive reviews and is mainly eaten at home to change the flavors of homemade foods from time to time.

12 Karela Chaat

13. Aamchoori Karela

Turmeric, red chilies, salt, and vinegar are added to the bitter gourds and kept aside for half an hour. Later they are drained and fried with the local spices used in making aachar like mustard seeds, asafoetida, carom seeds, mango powder, and ginger. It tastes fantastic when served with hot parathas. 

13 Aamchoori Karela

14. Khatta Meetha Karela

Bitter gourds are cut into slices and sprinkled with salt and kept aside for 2 to 3 hours to remove their bitterness. Later they are sauteed with cumin seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and chilies. Coriander and mango powder are added with a little bit of water, and at last, some jaggery is added for sweetness.

14 Khatta Meetha Karela

15. Karela 65

Bitter gourd is mixed with chili powder, tamarind paste, ginger garlic paste, wheat refined flour, and garam masala powder. Curry leaves and red food color is added to make it taste and look alluring. Easily assembled and a healthy snack to eat, it can be enjoyed as a party dish or alongside cold drinks.

15 Karela 65

16. Keema Karela

With minced mutton or chicken sauteed in gravy style with local spices, garam masala and tomato puree bitter gourds finely chopped are added to make an alluring dish. Served with hot rotis or chapattis, it is a must-try dish when you visit a place like Kolkata with authentic Bengali foods.

16 Keema Karela

17. Karela Dahi Puri

A tangy and spicy chaat with pan-fried bitter gourds topped with various chutneys and bhujia and garnished with chopped coriander leaves. Curd gives the dish a smooth and creamy texture and taste. It can be served with masala tea and enjoyed as a healthy evening snack.

17 Karela Dahi Puri

18. Bitter Gourd Pickle

It is a bit sweet, spicy, and tangy pickle that is easily made and can be served with rotis or chapatis to savor the flavors. Coriander seeds, methi seeds, and mustard seeds are added along with tamarind paste. Sweet and spicy food lovers must try this pickle with a daily meal. 

18 Bitter Gourd Pickle

19. Tetor Dal

A very famous basic dish made in Kolkata mostly at every Bengali house. With a healthy and tasty twist, it can be served with hot steamed rice and vegetable curries. Boiled moong dal is used with sliced bitter gourds and ginger, garlic paste, and cumin seeds. Coriander leaves are added to bring out different flavors.

19 Tetor Dal

20. Bitter Gourd And Egg Fried Rice

An easy and fast recipe with the goodness of eggs and bitter gourds. It can be served for lunch or dinner for a wholesome meal. Highly nutritious, it is made with boiled rice, scrambled eggs, finely chopped bitter gourds, soy sauce, and tomato sauce. Local masalas are added for fantastic flavors.

20 Bitter Gourd And Egg Fried Rice