Best 20 Fine-Dine Restaurants In Bandra, Mumbai

Best 20 Fine-Dine Restaurants In Bandra, Mumbai

Bandra, a paradise for food enthusiasts, is not only known for its vibrant street food and trendy cafes but also boasts a stellar lineup of fine dining restaurants that take culinary experiences to a whole new level. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey that will leave you craving for more as we explore the top 20 fine-dining restaurants in Bandra. From exotic cuisines to innovative fusions, these places promise to satisfy your cravings with a touch of elegance and a dash of humor.


Mizu, where the glitterati hide from the paparazzi – and not just for the star-studded snapshots! This hip joint worships Japanese cuisine like a cult, serving sushi, baos, and yakitori that make taste buds sing. Imported fish from Japan even moonwalks into their hamachi smoke ponzi, while dessert’s sweet moves include hazelnut cacao mousse with salted caramel.

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Picture this: Back in the day, Izumi was a cozy 15-seat hideout, ramen lovers waiting like marathon runners. Now, it’s a Bandra ramen arena! The secret? Chef Nooresha Kably, an International Ramen School ninja. From bowls of joy to sushi artistry, Izumi’s menu is like a flavor fiesta!

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When Bastian busted into Bandra a while back with chef Kelvin Cheung riding the culinary wave, everyone lost their sushi. Celebs joined the seafood fiesta nightly, and Sundays saw brunch battles. Now, with chef’s hat swaps and a new Worli pitstop for party animals, the OG Bandra joint still waves its seafood scepter. There’s mac’n’cheese to tackle, bagels to veganize, and the legendary Bastian cake to party with.

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4.Joshi House

Joshi House burst onto Bandra’s food scene, making waves like a rockstar. Pali Village Cafe’s ghost has competition, with Joshi’s place becoming the new celeb hotspot. Thanks to architect Ashiesh Shah, it’s like Rajasthan threw a rave in Bandra – the menu is a riot, mixing North and South Indian with global grub. Chaat, kachoris, tacos, and risotto unite in a foodie mosh pit!

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5.Blue’s Kitchen By Loima

Hidden in the belly of Bandra, this Japanese and Thai joint is like a delicious ninja hideout. Kanokwan Loima, the culinary sensei, might surprise attack your taste buds with secret dishes or mini feasts. Do not ninja-flip out; take a sushi sword, katsu curry shield, blue rice potion, and prawn tempura shuriken!

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6.Tanjore Tiffin Room

Are you yearning for cozy soul grub? Look no further! At this Tamilian haven, Chettinad treasures are served in a charming courtyard. Family secrets turned menu magic! Crispy yam cutlets? Major crush! Plus, gunpowder idli and gin cocktails are squad goals. It’s like a family reunion with a flavorful twist!

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In the world of eateries, size doesn’t count, and this Bandra gem proves it! With a cozy six tables, it’s like food magic in a shoebox. North Indian Heaven, crafted by Chef Vikram Arora, offers chaat acrobatics, kebab symphonies (chicken shammi kebab, we’re looking at you), and the cheese kulchas finale!

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8.Olive Bar Kitchen

Hidden beyond the legendary azure entrance and those walls that can rival a snowstorm lies this Bandra marvel. An ancient wonder that keeps rocking the good times. With a history longer than a giraffe’s neck, it’s famed for its grub and the quirky Thursday nightlife (yes, it’s still a thing). Rustic garden feasts, must-try pizzas, and a cheesy cocktail dance party – perfection!

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9.The Lovefools

In a quirky Bandra bungalow, chef Sarita Sera’s treasure trove is not just about food – it is a whole shebang- first, a secret rendezvous spot; now, a vintage heartthrob in Ranwar village. Expect a global gourmet rollercoaster with her multicourse magic. And guess what? Breakfasts here might write your love story!

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Are you stuck at home but craving Italy? Gustoso’s got your back with its menu of pizza magic straight from the wood-fired dreams of Italy. Try their Indianapoli delight, a Giulio Adriani invention with toppings galore. And do not miss the cheesy spectacle of Tagliolini Bombay – served right off the cheese wheel. Cheers to pizza dreams!

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11.Mia Cucina

Do you have a hankering for legit Italian grub? Mia Cucina’s your jam! Imagine swanky wood vibes, brick walls, enough plants to be a mini jungle, and a vibe that is all smiles. It is ideal for lovey-dovey dates or lazy Sunday munching. Powai or Bandra, it is Italian bliss, your way. Our tummy’s tale? Dig in!

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12.Masala Library

Masala Library is like a history lesson you can eat! They are all about India’s funky traditions and artsy vibes. Each dish is a collab with local cool cats from different regions, cooked the old-school way. Hungry for desi delights? This joint is your guru. They have it all, from hipster Indian to kebablicious and currylicious classics!

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13.AB Celestial

Do you have a reason to celebrate? How about dining on a stationary boat? AB Celestial, owned by the fabulous Aishwarya Bhende, rocks a prime spot near Bandra’s Reclamation promenade. Gawk at Bandra-Worli Sealink while feasting on global grub, even Indian delicacies! Sky lounge, restaurant – it is three levels of pure entertainment. Sunsets and stories await!

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Yauatcha’s your dim sum dreamland with a grapey twist! Roll in to find foodies in a Japanese trance. Their dim sums are like wizard spells cooked by kitchen sorcerers. Sundays? It is a seafood séance! Whether it is a date with bae or a clan chowdown, this swanky spot has you covered!

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15.Pali Bhavan

Pali Bhavan’s like a time-traveling manor where posh ghosts might pop in! Costa Coffee’s neighbor is like your fancy uncle’s mansion. Pics of old peeps, posh wood stuff, and shiny light bling make it Insta-worthy. Opened in 2012, it is an Indian food maze! Have you ever heard of daal vadas getting hummus dips? Pine nut pulao? Curry quest? Do not skip paan kulfi or Bailey’s rasgulla for sweets!

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16.Ferry Wharf

Ahoy, seafood seekers! Ferry Wharf sailed into Reclamation in 2017, offering Mangalore’s treasures. Forget pricey pomp it’s all about yummy home-style seafood. Their menu is like an old book, but the decor is like a nautical party. Tables get a tasting sneak peek because choosing is hard, matey! Hungry? Fish thalis – double seafood, veggies, chapatis, and rice!

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17.Pali Village Cafe

Wakey-wakey, breakfast explorers! Bandra’s excellent morning munch spot sprouted from Pali Bhavan’s brain. Nestled by the legendary Janata bar, it is like Pali Bhavan’s Euro cousin – vintage vibes and a different menu. Pastas, pizzas, grills, oh my! Breakfast’s curfew? 7 p.m. Hungry beasts unite for peri peri lamb, herb chicken, and pan-seared duck – plus, vino, darling!

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Hold your forks, food enthusiasts! JLWA, the brainchild of Delhi’s bigwig Priyank Sukhija (yep, Tamasha’s wizard), promises sparks and spices. A daytime dapper, nighttime glamazon on Linking Road (below Escobar), JLWA’s here to Bandra-fy your dining groove. Culinary fusion alert! Indian zing meets Euro swag, all from a globe-trotting chef. Try East India Company – it is a flavor trip! Sip those cocktails like a boss, too!

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Ready your taste buds, people! Hakkasan Mumbai – where Cantonese charms meet Michelin wizardry by Chef Tong Chee Hwee. They have been globe-trotting goodness since 2011 on Waterfield Road. Prawn dumplings with tobiko, crab-tastic creations, lamb-aubergine symphony, and mushroom magic await. Their Sunday brunch is boss – but do not miss the Mughal Martini. Cheers to fusion flavors!

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20.Taj Mahal Tea House

Picture this: a tea haven in Bandra, courtesy of the posh Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea brand. Housed in a charming heritage bungalow since 2015, it is all about tea magic here. They have 40+ blends, from fancy chai lattes to quirky infusions. Food pairings are a big deal, and even the teacups are Instagram-worthy. Tea tales, anyone?

Bandra’s fine dining scene is a testament to the neighborhood’s culinary creativity and vibrant spirit. From flaming palates to whimsical woks, each restaurant on this list offers a unique experience that will leave you craving more. So, if you are ready to indulge in a symphony of flavors, head to these fine dining establishments and let your taste buds dance to the melody of delectable delights.

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