Best 20 Restaurants In New Town, Kolkata

Best 20 Restaurants In New Town Kolkata
Best 20 Restaurants In New Town Kolkata

If you love an extraordinary view or a comfortable spot to partake in an incredible spread of some flavorful food, then, at that point, eating in the New Town region is precisely what you need. From the Mediterranean to Burmese and everything in the middle, you will get whatever you need, when you want. During the Mughal’s rule, they gave Mughlai plans in the Bengali food sources and desserts.

Nonetheless, it is never a test to discover eateries spend significant time in delectable, genuine cooking styles in New Town, Kolkata. There are scores to look over. We have curated a rundown of the top 20 eateries in New Town, Kolkata.


The exceptionally extensive Chinese climate overwhelms you as you navigate through the tight opening of the spot. The jasmine tea, wasabi peanuts, and cured vegetable supplement the stylistic theme and work towards finishing your oriental experience. The food menu is exceptionally thorough and ruins one for decision. In case you are high on experimentation with non-veg food, do check the poached pecking sheep out.image002


This restaurant is situated to draw in a corporate client base. The eatery is extensive and is lit with a happy atmosphere. The food is a blend of North Indian, Chinese, and South Indian cooking. Their solidarity is their array which has an exceptional standard spread at a genuinely sensible value. The À la carte menu is short and fresh and generally has traditional North Indian food. The kebabs are usually very much done alongside some Masala Kulcha or Roomali roti.



It is a spot for chugging down your number one spirits with lip-smacking food and is one of its sort places around here. The style is moderate with some standard modern hint of the open roof and uncovered vents; however with a class. The seats are a slight bit awkward, however, it compensates for the done food. A multi-cuisine menu is exhibiting some splendid sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, finger food varieties, and more.’Murgh Angara Kabab’ is intended for the solid-hearted and is beaten on with red hot flavors.image006


As you enter this restaurant you are shocked by the rich inside. The administration has increased their game and has at last offered significantly to the atmosphere. An intriguing blend of rarities from ‘Nasi Goring’ to ‘Wok Fried Huk Choy,’ Sheep Masamman Curry,’ ‘bar-b-que Pork Chops’ to ‘Torino Teriyaki’ is the thing that you will discover here. Feel free to be audacious in requesting as opposed to adhering to known dishes. The workers guide you very well.image008


Adhering to the subject of life in Bengal, the feeling is lovely. The food is remarkable, directly from “bhetki” “paturi” to “chingri bati chorchori” to “postor bora” or “shukto,” anything that you give a shot there is second to none. For something new and exciting, the “rui macher” exquisite “patishapta” is an unprecedented decision. What stands apart here is that they do not utilize tomatoes in any of the traditional cooking, which is the way Bengali food should taste. The “kosha mangsho” is maybe extraordinary compared to others that you get in the city; a creamy dish slow-cooked flawlessly is an unquestionable requirement.



Contrasting checkered floor tiles, green wooden bars, and jute blinds falling over huge French glass windows strikeout to you as you enter this room property. With a beautiful individual menu, the food is likely to be the best Bengali cooking for the burger joints. ‘Narkel Postor Bora’ is a splendid starter and has a sweet and gritty offset in the mouth with the grainy surface of the poppy seed.



They have spearheaded the utilization of grill or barbecue on the table. With adequate live counters for intriguing meat, Kulfi, and uniquely one’s set-up for celebrations, a feast at Barbeque Nation is generally an undertaking of ceremony and joy. You can have a grill and non-grill alternatives like Mushroom, Paneer, Patty, ‘Grouped Exotic Grill Veg’, ‘Firm Corn,’ ‘Chicken Drum Stick,’ ‘Boneless Lamb Keema In Seek,’ ‘Profound Marinated Fish, ‘ ‘Prawns,’ and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, you can take a hard pass on the fundamental course. Remember to fill your belly with ‘Biryani’ before you head out to the sweet bar.

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It is a themed eatery and the dividers are made up of Egyptian artistry, deco, and compositions. The shading plan is all gold, brown, and beige, giving it a bit of an ungainly look with the numerous divider workmanship. The food is multi-cooked with an accentuation on Indian food. The kebabs are very acceptable, particularly Tangdi Kabab. You get Chinese food as well.



The place brings out the authentic taste of noodles from one side of the planet to the other of India, to give the total noodle experience to everybody. You can browse the best fixings in their free-form menu and order your customized noodles without sitting tight for long. One can have different, uncommon Chinese dishes here like Thai Fat Noodles – It has an unexpected desire for comparison to standard noodles; it has a seasoned fiery taste.



It is situated inside a shopping center. This spot has a comfortable climate with a ton of woodwork and soft lighting. It serves various delicious foods ranging from an assortment of spirits from homegrown to other countries. ‘Veg Kebab Platter’ has a decent choice of roasted aloo, paneer, and mushrooms out and out. You can be pretty fulfilled if you request the famous dishes. Indian food is superior to Chinese food in taste.



It has an enormous space with perfectly spread out furnishings, blue and white seats, white put dividers, and a high roof. With Mughlai and North Indian food on the menu, it additionally has some Chinese nourishment for the Chinese cherishing populace of Kolkata. Biryani, kebabs, and bread are all available here. With sensible estimating and the sky’s the limit from there or less great food, this is a famous diner in the territory.



If you wish to experience extravagance, Novotel is your place. Spacious modern building structure and trendy inside stylistic layout An incredible spot of unwinding and solace. The smorgasbord administration is accessible, having alternatives, with or without liquor. A great assortment of food, including shellfish. You can appreciate them by requesting from the live situation.



If you have never gone over Chinese and Mughlai foods, you should hold a table and attempt the menu at this eatery. Nababiana Restaurant offers you delicious Biryani and consummately cooked chicken. The staff is bright and polite to the customers. This spot is famous for its stunning atmosphere. This spot is genuinely ideal to go with a practically sensible cost for such excellent quality food.image026


Mehak-e-Punjab is a chain of relaxed eating cafés gaining practical experience in North Indian and Mughlai foods known for their fiery extravagance and rich fragrance. The additional fixings and dense sauce arrangements provide a satisfying taste to the cafes. The different fixings and a thick sauce planning in a flash give a fulfilling spirit taste to the coffee shops. This layout has an easygoing eating style which shows a brief look at the rich culture of the country.



Chufang Kitchen is an easygoing eating eatery. It has an exquisite and lively atmosphere. The menu has some Chinese cooking styles that you can savor. The staff at Chufang The Kitchen is benevolent and respectful. Visit them with adequate time close by to appreciate the food you would prefer. The fixings utilized were of top quality and reasonable for each age bunch.



Pleasantly cooked seared chicken, Biryani, and singed fish can establish a decent connection with you. Try not to pass up on the chance to drink great espresso or delectable tea. Food conveyance is a major addition to this café. Many visitors notice that the staff is prepared all around here. Great assistance is something that individuals note in their surveys. Delicious veg, and non-veg alternatives. Lip-smacking and finger-licking dishes. On top of this, the retailer’s friendliness is truly estimable.image032

17.31 32

31 32 gives you that awestruck feel that makes it one most loved escape, the second one stages in. 31 32 hosts a varied bar and a delicious cluster of Finger Food. The assortment of beverages is shimmering and inebriating, and with amiable staff, 31 32 turns into an ideal spot for individuals to sit back, loosen up and unwind.image034


It is situated on the tenth floor and that gives it an incredible benefit. This spot flourishes with its buffet Sunday early lunch is luxurious, where the majority of the food is on live counters. From barbecues, paellas, kebabs, chaat, sautés, and substantially more, the food from container to plate is in every case more delectable. Sundays are when you get choices for a tremendous assortment of fish, just as various types of fish.image036

19. NORI

This eatery gloats a cutting-edge Asian cooking café on the 31st floor. At the end of the week, it is delicious with both liquor and non-liquor variations and in the leftover days, individually is accessible. The food is ready as you would prefer and though on occasion it takes a bit long for the dishes to show up in the middle of courses, it merits the pause. There is a live Teppanyaki barbecue station and the gourmet specialist’s abilities are a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds. The unrecorded music adds to the atmosphere.image038

20.4 THALI

Find new dishes on the menu with Vegetarian cooking in the solace of this eatery. You can share delectable roti, garlic pizza, and vada with your companions and invest a decent amount of energy here. Offering great brownies is the exciting attribute of 4 Thali. Straightforward, sensibly valued, and tasty homelike food!6110bd431e2731000b7032f6