Best Mughalai Restaurants In Chennai


Mughlai cuisine is a rich and flavorful culinary tradition that emerged in the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal Empire’s reign from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Cream, nuts, dried fruits, and saffron are common ingredients that add depth and richness to dishes. Chennai emanates a distinct charm with its dynamic blend of modernism and tradition and rich cultural heritage. Here are the best Mughalai restaurants in Chennai :

1 Mezze

Mezze is one of Chennai’s most popular Middle Eastern restaurants. The décor reflects the diverse Mediterranean culture. They’re well-known for their diverse hummus offerings. Top sellers comprise Lamb Souvlaki, Beetroot Hummus, Babaganoush, Peri-Peri Hummus, Mezze, and Shish Taouk.


 2Al Souk

In Arabic, Al Souk means “marketplace.” It specializes in Turkish, Moroccan, Egyptian, and Lebanon cuisines. The ambiance is defined by antique Middle Eastern decorations. Their best-selling dishes include Harissa Spiced Wings, Moroccan Tagine, Tzatziki, Manakeesh Bi Zaatar, and Saffron Dijaj Kebab.


322 Constanza

22 Constanza is a must-visit Mediterranean restaurant in the city. The interiors are entirely brown and white. They also serve a variety of dips to complement their Middle Eastern dishes. Some of the best-sellers include Shorbet Dajaj Soup, Smoky Moutabal, Crispy Lamb Hummus, Harissa Duqqa Mushroom, and Knafeh Prawns.



Diwaniya serves Turkish and Arab cuisine. The restaurant resembles an old Mughal palace. The Lamb Shashlik is the menu’s highlight. It consists of marinated lamb skewers seasoned with Arabian spices that are hand-pressed and flavorful. To add a smokey flavor, the lamb is roasted over charcoal.


5Ottoman’s Doner Kebab

They’re famous for their traditional Turkish Doner Kebab and authentic Middle Eastern desserts. The brick walls add to the cozy atmosphere. The best-sellers include Doner Durum Roll, Chicken Turkmen Palov, Beyti, Turkish Sherbet, Saray Sarmasi, and Walnut Dolama.


6Cafe Arabica

Cafe Arabica offers Middle Eastern cuisine. The atmosphere is dapper. The menu includes classics. Mushroom Jalfrezi, Zuppa Gamberi, Shrimp Basket, Chicken Gourmet Burger, and Dry Fruit Falooda are the best-sellers. However, they are famed for serving a wide range of baked treats.



Ignna is a Mediterranean restaurant run by Midnight Sun. The dishes are presented skillfully. The space exudes a contemporary bohemian vibe, with open ceilings and plenty of greenery. The menu features dishes from Lebanese, Middle Eastern, and Moroccan cuisines.



Zaitoon is a popular family-friendly restaurant that offers a variety of cuisines. They are famous for their extensive grill and barbeque menu. Their best-selling dishes include Mushakkal grill, Fattoush salad, Raan Biryani, Dry Fry Chicken, Dejaj Honey Kebab, and Tandoori Rogani Murgh.


9The Great Kebab Factory

The Great Kebab Factory is located at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The interior boasts vibrant Middle Eastern design elements. The menu features a variety of kebabs. The Galouti Kebab with Ulta Tawa Paratha is an absolute must-try. They also offer buffet style seating.



Buhari is a prominent restaurant in Chennai. The menu features Iranian, Middle Eastern, and Indian dishes. They are famed for their imported range of seafood. Their best-selling dishes include Chicken Almondine Sizzler, Iffah Dejaj, Afghani Barbeque, Honey Dew Broccoli, and King Fish Fillet.


11Al Khalifa

Al Khalifa offers North Indian, Mughlai, and Chinese cuisine. The ambiance is perfect for a family lunch on Sunday. Chicken Kali Mirch Kebab, Special Non-Veg Soup, Mutton Dry Fry Chilli, Khuska Biryani, and Paneer Haryali Tikka are some of the best-sellers.


 12The Empire

The Empire is a spacious family-friendly restaurant, renowned for its robust Arabian flavors. The light fixtures enhance the bright ambiance. The best-sellers include Shredded Lamb with Oyster Sauce, Sweet Chilli Shawarma, Hara Bhara Kebab, Special Chicken Biryani, and Fish Fingers.



Fazari is a muticuisine restaurant with an extensive menu. The ambiance is modern and classy. Their Arabian Platter comprising Pepper BBQ, Arayes Lebanani, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Laham Awosel, Tiger Prawns, Squids, and Basa Fish served with salads, fries, and various dips is a must-try.


14Arab Street

Arab Street specializes in serving authentic Arabic, Lebanese, and Mughlai cuisine. The interior exudes regal charm because of its traditional Middle Eastern furnishings. Their best-selling dishes include Turkish Sultan Kebab, Mandi Laham, Chicken Arrayes, Sayidiyah Hamour, and Ghosh Biryani.


15Dhaba Estd 1986

The entire restaurant is decorated to mimic a Punjabi dhaba and the vibe is energetic and colorful. The menu features a variety of Indian favorites and other grilled specialties from around the world. The best-sellers include Handi Gosht, Palak Paneer Ki Seekh, Tawa Mutton, Sarson Saag, and Dhaba Dal.


16Copper Chimney

With three branches in Chennai, Copper Chimney is the perfect place to dine in for an Indian dinner. They offer inventive dishes, such as their Bazaar plates which showcase the famous dishes from all the marketplaces in India. They also offer meal packs that serve four people that are an absolute steal.


17Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is an oriental restaurant. The extensive menu features all the classics. The leather furnishings and geometric chandeliers accentuate the space. Paneer Malaidaar Kabab, Fish Hariyali, Chicken Akbari, Murgh Hyderabadi, and Seven Jewel Stir Fried Noodles are the best-sellers.



Sigree is a global grill. The menu offers a wide range of dishes from the grill, tandoor and even chaat, especially from North Indian cuisine. They offer no onion and no garlic specialties. Their Malai Matka Kulfi is an absolute must-try. They also offer buffet style seating.


 19Spice Trail

Spice Trail serves dishes from all over India, but they are particularly well-known for their Andhra creations. The delicacies are also affordable. Chicken Mughalai Biriyani, Mamasam Vepudu, Mutton Keema Paratha, Hara Bhara Kebab, Tandoori Prawns Masala, and Egg Bhurji are some of the best-sellers.


20Palm Jumeira

Palm Jumeira serves Chinese, Mughlai, North Indian, Arabian, and South Indian cuisines. They are well-known for their seafood and barbecue offerings. Roasted Sharjah Shawarma, Kashmiri Chicken, Fish Achaari Kabab, Alfaham BBQ Chicken, and Jumeira Special Mutton Biryani are some of the best-sellers.