Brands That Should Make A Comeback


Old is Gold. Changing technologies and changing lifestyles have an impact on the food market. The unhappy thing that could happen to us is when our favourite food items go missing. Let’s have a look at the old food brands which are out of sight. I am sure by looking at them you would want them back to hit the retail market soon.

1. Cadbury Bytes

Cadbury Bytes was launched in the year 2004. It was available in flavors such as caramel, coffee, and strawberry. It was crunchy with flavoured cream filling and was a huge hit among youth. It came for ten rupees. Now we miss these packets at the stores.


2. Cadbury Nutties

Cadbury brand launched Nutties. It was fun eating nuts covered with chocolate. This was packed in a red box with gold embossing text which makes it look fancy. The tagline used was ‘Favorites Forever’. Nowadays we can rarely find them in the stores.


3. Center Shock

The ads were as crazy as the chewing gum. This liquid filled bubble gum created excitement and ‘shocking’ consumption experience. This brand created its benchmark. One of the ads was that of a hair salon where the customer is given a Center Shock candy, and then he would automatically be ready with a crazy and hilarious hairstyle.


4. Phantom Cigarette

These chalky cigarettes helped kids to pretend like adults. Harnik food industries manufactured this product in the 90’s. Kids loved smoking these peppermint-flavored candy sticks.


5. Rol-a-cola

Popping this coin-sized boiled candy into the mouth would give the same feeling of sipping a glass of Cola. It was discontinued, but we would want to go back to the good old days for sure.


6. Kismi

Parle manufactured a cardamom flavoured toffee called  Kismi. This product was the popular choice among chocolates as it was sold for two rupees. But now it has taken a backseat.


7. Big Babool

Big Babool was the chewing gum with the biggest bubble and was popular among kids across the country.  The tagline ‘Bade Kaam Ki Cheez’ urges kids to put the bubble for good use.


8. Hippo

This food snack was launched by Parle-Agro. It came in five flavours. Each variant priced at Rs. 5 and Rs. 10. Its popularity slowly diminished from the market. This was the perfect snack item that was suitable for any occasion.


9. Milk Treat

This was from Cadbury again. ‘The goodness of milk married to the fun of chocolate’ was the tagline used. The Kids loved this butterscotch flavoured creamy wafers covered with milky white chocolate. This chocolate is out of stock now.


10. Lays Chaat Street

Lays, the popular brand among chips came with two flavours “Dahi Baray” and “Mint Chutney” under the sub-brand “Chaat Street.” These desi flavoured chips adapted from traditional dishes suddenly went missing from the market.


11. Pepsi Blue

Pepsi Blue launched during 2003 Cricket World Cup. It was berry flavoured and very sugary. Due to some controversies, it was banned. But this drink is still being searched for, by some.


12. Mango Bite

This product by Parle is very common during birthdays. It’s made with the goodness of real juicy mangoes. It tastes yummy, and this candy had a unique packing compared to all the candies of those times. Now we can rarely find them at the stores.


13. Campa Cola

Campa Cola was the only Indian soft drink brand at those times. It came in Orange, Lemon, Mango and Coca flavours. It got a huge interest from people due to its purity and freshness.


14. Tit -Bits

This one rupee chewing gum in the form of small tablets was a huge hit among adults. It was refreshing to have this peppermint mentholated chewing gum. This product was manufactured by Kamco chew Foods Pvt. Ltd.


15. Greedy Bistix

These stick-shaped biscuits came with a tasty cream dip. Kissan manufactured this product and it came in three flavours chocolate, strawberry, and mango. Greedy Bistix was surely an innovative product in the biscuit category.


16. Milo

This milk powder by Nestle was a favourite among kids. It supported nutrition as it offered essential vitamins and minerals. This product used to provide free badminton racquet and so kids went crazy about it. This product gave healthy and tough competition to other famous milk powders at that time.


17. Cadbury Choki

Pressing this product at the bottom and filling the yummy cream into your mouth was like heaven. It came in different flavours like chocolate and strawberry. It came in just Rs. 2 which is the best part of the product. Later similar kind of product was launched by other big companies like Nestle to give a tough competition.


18. Peppy Tomato Discs

One of the all-time favourite snacks made from a combination of soya and wheat.    Peppy was tasty as well as a healthy product. We all loved the muscular mascot of Peppy a lot. This product was considered healthy and hygienic when compared to the other wheel packets that we get at stores.


19. Pepsi sticks

This frozen Pepsi in plastic wrappers was the best choice to beat the heat. It came with a variety of colours and flavours. But we no longer find them anywhere. The best memory was flaunting colourful tongues to our peers after having them.


20. Poppins

Parle manufactured rainbow coloured candy called as Poppins. Each circular candy had its colour and fruit like taste. This product was priced at rupees two and was favourite among children.


21. Magic Pop

Having this crackling candy was like playing a magic game. The package of the product and design was made attractive. Kids had fun hearing the rustling sound of the magic pop.


22. Pan Pasand

This product by Ravalgaon was India’s all-time favourite mouth freshener. This candy was inspired by the traditional pan flavour and gives the real taste of pan. The famous tagline of this product was “Pan Ka swaad – Gazab Ki Mithaas.”