Dazzling Lassi Points At Uttar Pradesh

Dazzling Lassi Points At Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a state located in Northern India which is a paradise of sweet and meat. Similarly Lassi is a traditional drink of Uttar Pradesh which is a mouth-watering drink and tempts every soul. Lassi is an easy making drink with toothsome taste. It has a variety of flavors to mesmerize loving hearts. Lovers enjoy this drink with single straw sharing feelings of their heart. It is a cool summer drink served in khulhad. There are many Lassi shops in Uttar Pradesh which are famous for their awesome taste. Few of them are:


 Blue Lassi Point

Scintillating is the word that describes this place very aptly placed amid the wonderful glory of Banaras; it perfectly establishes the sweet and salty tastes of Lassi which is very well accompanied by their wonderful places. Blue Lassi point is a hot favourite place for banarsis which offers a huge variety of flavours in simply two minutes Lassi.


 Pehelwan Ki Lassi

Attractive by the name, this point serves no less. This one is the most famous and well known Lassi points in Varanasi which attracts a lot of people. Not only in Varanasi but this Lassi point is even famous in other cities. People from other cities specially come to Varanasi to enjoy the taste of Banarasi Paan, cuisines and Lassi. It is a famous spot for all college students to hangout at.


Shree Lassi Point

Lassi is not very common in Lucknow but Shree Lassi Point is indeed one of the best places to have a sip of Lassi served in a huge “Lassi Glan”. It is also accompanied by some unusual bread sticks which are also used with soups. It is a best family hangout place in Lucknow for Nawabis.


 Bana Lassi Point

If you want to taste the original concept of Lassi, then Bana Lassi point at Varanasi is the place you are looking at. This place serves exactly the right amount of Lassi one can drink. So now you know where to jump when you want to taste the fullness of this amazing Lassi. They follow the phrase “YOUR WISH OUR COMMAND”.


 Mithaas Sweets

It is a renowned sweets and Lassi shop in Kanpur. Kanpur is known for its unique accent and sweet suga. Lassi here is ultra sweet which is loved by the people who love to have a candy too.



 Famous Lassi Point

Meerut and sweets have the oldest relationships and that to a very strong one. This Lassi point is very popular in Meerut for its unique taste and healthy environment. It has an eccentric flavour of fruit Lassi.


 Hariya Ki Lassi

From breakfast to dinner Meerutwalas love to have Lassi. Hariya Ki Lassi is a treat for all Meerutwalas. It is very famous and a person from other cities loves to have Hariya Ki Lassi. It has a richness of dry fruits with yogurt in Lassi. As it is famous saying “Hariya Ki Lassi, Abu Lane Ki Chaat,Budhana Gate Ki Jalebi.”


 Raja Ram Ki Lassi

They don’t only have a royal name but also the taste. Raja Ram Ki Lassi is very famous for its royal ingredients. Though it is a Punjabi drink, this Lassi is loved by everyone. Allahabad is famous for many things but this Lassi point gave Allahabad a unique identity.


 Shanti Kulfi

Though it is a kulfi shop, it still serves the best Lassi in Allahabad. It is the first choice of married couples to hangout at. The Khaata Meetha taste of this Lassi makes it very famous. As Allhabadis are royal in nature their choices are royal too. It serves double treat of Kulfi and Malaai in single Lassi which makes it exceptionally unique from other Lassi points.


 Amritsari Lassi Wala

It serves the taste of Punjab ki Lassi which is famous all over the world. Amritsari Lassi Wala in Delhi Chandni Chowk has a huge crowd. People of Delhi love to have this Lassi at least once in a day. It is the finest place for the college students to sit at. It has a very easy recipe of mixing yogurt, water, sugar and ice cubes and can be easy prepared at home. The places where this amazing white drink was originated was Punjab and who else could do it better than the Punjabis? Chandni Chowk is the perfect public joint for all the Lassi lovers.


Lalman Lassi Wala

Lalman Lassi has a unique blend of yogurt, fruits, cherry, sugar and ice cubes. Ghaziyabadis love to visit this Lassi shop to refresh their relations with tempting fragrance and delicious taste of Lassi. The serving of Lassi in khulhad gives the wonderful impression.



My Little Diary

Don’t just go on its name. Although they have little dairy they provide good relish. You cannot resist having its delicious taste. This shop is famous for many milk products. Having Lassi at Vrindavan means having at “MY LITTLE DAIRY”


Sherepunjab Lassi And Roll

Do you know what Aligarh makes famous for? Yes, its famous lock industry but Sher-e-Punjab Lassi and Rolls are no less famous in Aligarh. It is a well know Lassi and Roll shop to feed empty stomachs. People regularly visit this famous Lassi shop to have delicious flavoured drink.


Deviram Lassi Restaurants

Deviram Lassi is the most famous shop of Agra to have Lassi at. It is situated at Mahatma Gandhi Road Pratap pura. It serves one of the most delectable tastes of Lassi with the filling of malaai. They offer great flavours of Lassi. It is totally an appealing Lassi because of its rich and royal texture.


Bajrang Lassi Bhandar

Lucknow, the city of Nawabis, is famous for many Nawab drinks and dishes. Bajrang Lassi shop is from one of those Nawabi shops which serve royal and rich Lassi like their attitude. It is located at Charbagh, Subhash Marg, and Lucknow.


Deenanath Lassi

This Lassi point is located in Bareilly which offers the most wonderful flavours of Lassi. They even prepare the fruit Lassi which has the goodness of vitamins and proteins. Lassi in summers is the most soothing drink.


Gupta Lassi Wala

It’s good to have uniqueness in life. Guptaji Lassi Wala has the same funda. They offer Lassi with exceptionally unique taste. The taste of khulhad combined gives the fresh aroma of Lassi. It is located in Gorakhpur where people are foodie.


Maharaja Lassi Shop

Fatehpur is a city where people love eating and enjoying. Maharaja Lassi point in Fatehpur serves all those foodie stomachs who finds variety in everything. Maharaja name explains kingdoms; similarly people of Fatehpur have a royal choice of delectable cuisines.


 Kanhaiya Sweets And Lassi Shop

It is located at Shivaji Nagar in Jhansi. Jhansi city itself signifies boldness and uniqueness similarly Lassi of Kanhaiya sweets are very famous for its bold and eccentric taste.


 Ghat Wali Lassi

Varanasi is a place where we can have variety of street foods near Ghats. Ghat ki Thandi Thandi Lassi with soothing air and awesome view makes feel special.