Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

How often do you eat dragon fruit? Dragon fruit (strawberry pear or pitahaya) is a delicious summer fruit and is multi-seeded. It can add color to your salad bowls and smoothies and has numerous health benefits. Dragon pink has hot pink layers of skin with fleshy fruit inside. Sometimes it could have yellow colored skin and white colored flesh. You can assume it as a mixture of pear and kiwi with numerous tiny black seeds scattered within it. Let’s see the Top 20 unique health benefits of Dragon Fruit.

1.Loaded With Nutrients

Dragon fruit has low calories with essential minerals and vitamins. It also contains dietary fiber. One cup of dragon fruit contains 136 calories, three grams of protein, 29 grams of carbohydrate, 7 grams of fiber, 8% iron, 18% magnesium, Vitamin C, polyphenols, betacyanin, and Vitamin E.


2.Loaded With Fiber

Dietary fibers can boast potential health benefits. One cup of dragon fruit per serving contains seven grams of fiber. Eat more fiber-rich foods to keep your gut healthy and it has a positive result on weight loss. The recommended fiber intake for men is 38 grams and 25 grams for women. You can combine dragon fruit with chopped cucumber, cranberry juice, and honey.


3.Rejuvenates Hair

Have you ever heard of a fruit that can act as shields for your colored hair? Dragon fruit can give you strong, thick, and shiny hair. It is a topical fruit from a cactus-like plant. Artificial color damages your hair. You will need this once a day to keep your hair healthy as a dragon fruit mask on the scalp.


4.Prevent Diabetes

Diabetic people are often left with limited fruit choices. Several studies have shown that fiber can safeguard heart health and decrease blood sugar levels. This fruit contains a low glycemic index and encourages your body to produce more insulin. The perfectly ripe dragon fruit is the bright red-skinned one.


5.Fight Against Cancer

This bright color dragon fruit is loaded with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and flavonoids. Combining these compounds can amazingly affect the free radicles that produce cancer. Carotenoids and Betalains are other antioxidants that can fight cancer cells and oxidative stress. Fiber in dragon fruit can work against colon cancer.


6.Reduces Blood Cholesterol Level

Do you still eat processed foods that claim to be healthy and have low saturated fat? Munching on cakes, pizzas, and processed foods can block your arteries. Dragon fruit contains omega-3 fatty acids. The unsaturated fats in dragon fruit can steady your blood circulation. This fiber can keep your heart healthy and away from disease.


7.Cure Arthritis

Several studies have shown that dragon fruit has anti-inflammatory properties. Arthritis is inflammation of joints. Sometimes it can be accompanied by unbearable pain upon moving that joint. Dragon fruit can reduce swelling and irritation of your joints. Scientists have shown that an antioxidant-rich diet can help you to get rid of arthritis.


8.Fights Aging Skin

Premature skin aging causes old and dull skin. The monopolized markets are packed with cosmetics that have the power to cure aging skin. The micronutrients in Dragon fruit make your skin radiant. One cup of dragon fruit juice contains 9% of the recommended daily intake.


9.Supports Bone Health

Dagon fruit has calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which are essential for strong bones. If you are prone to fractures weak bones, and injuries, then a glass of smoothie is perfect to include in your daily routine.


10.Good During Pregnancy

The most common problems that pregnant women face are vomiting and nausea. This refreshing fruit can go easy without making you want to throw up. Dragon fruit is the powerhouse of B vitamins, folate, and iron. This will keep you energetic. Ion helps to carry more oxygen in your blood. Dragon fruit gives 8% of the daily recommended iron intake.


11.Fight Against Chronic Disease

Free radicals (unstable) can cause cell damage. It forms inflammation and disease. Dragon fruit has antioxidants, including Lycopene, Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, and Betalain. Lycopene and Beta-carotene can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C decreases the risk of neck and head cancer.


12.Promotes Healthy Gut

Dragon fruit has prebiotics and improves the healthy bacterial balance in the gut. Daily consumption of prebiotics can reduce the risk of digestive tract infections and diarrhea. Dragon fruit promotes good bacteria growth in the gastrointestinal tract.


13.Boosts Immune System

Dragon fruit is a source of carotenoids and Vitamin C and has immune-boosting properties. Carotenoids and Vitamin C can oppose free radical reactions and defend against harmful cell damage.


14.Increase Low Iron Level

Dragon fruit is rich in iron along with Vitamin E and Vitamin C. It has a mixture to improve the body’s absorption. Iron has an essential role in oxygen transportation throughout the body. It plays a crucial role in food to energy conservation.


15.Rich Source Of Magnesium

Dragon fruit contains more magnesium than other fruits. This fruit has 18% of your daily magnesium intake in one cup serving. A person needs 24 grams of magnesium per ounce on average. Magnesium helps in bone formation, muscle contraction, and DNA formation.


16.Improve Heart Condition

Heamoglobin (Hb) contains iron and binds with oxygen. These cells transport oxygen to other body organs from the heart. Dragon fruits have iron and aid in heamoglobin formation. The red-colored pulp in dragon fruit has betalains, which contain nitrogenous pigments. Betalains are useful in lowering bad cholesterol levels.


17.Best For Eyes

Beta-carotene in dragon fruit can break into Vitamin A. Our lens contains zeaxanthin, lutein, and meso-zeaxanthin. It prevents ophthalmic diseases and maintains good eye health.



Dragon fruits are packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants are betalains, flavonoids, and hydraoxycinnamates.


19.Gives Glowing Skin

Are you looking for a healthy and glowing skin? Dragon fruit boosts skin radiance. Vitamin B3 can heal your skin. Vitamin C may treat acne and can improve your skin complexion.


20.Improves Body Metabolism

Dragon fruit is loaded with beneficial nutrients. It can metabolize protein in the body and is responsible for increasing your bone strength.