How To Make Oreo Biscuit Cake – One Minute Video | Crazy Masala Food


The oreo biscuit is one of the popular cookies in United States that made its entry into India in the recent years. There are many varieties that are available in the biscuit’s like Double Stuf Oreo, Mega Stuf Oreo, Chocolate Oreo where they have vanilla stuffing, peanut stuffing and the list goes on and on.

Now we are going to make use of the Oreo Choco creme flavour that can be prepared within few minutes. The ingredients are very simple milk, powdered sugar, oreo biscuits and baking powder when baked they produce a rich aroma along with a spongy layer that attracts everybody and the chocolate brown colour tempts everybody to have a bite.

The kids are sure to enjoy eating the Oreo biscuit Cake during their return back from school. So, just try out the recipe and have a nice time.

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