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Tags Chicken Biryani

Tag: Chicken Biryani

20 Wonderful Biryani Recipes of Tirupathi Style h

20 Wonderful Biryani Recipes of Tirupathi Style

1 Fish BiryaniIngredients: Fish-500 grams Oil -1 spoon Lemon juice- 1 spoon Coriander leaves - 2 spoons Mint leaves -10 Salt –as per taste Onions -1 cup Ginger paste- 1 spoon Garlic paste -1 spoon Turmeric -1 spoon Green chilly - 6 Coriander...

Top 20 Keto Recipes You Should Include in Your Diet

Indian food is full of flavors, and it is so tempting to order the classic dal makhani and naan. When people go on Keto diet, it is suggested that one should go dairy free...

Top 20 Types of Muslim Foods in India

1 Baida RotiBaida roti is an Indian bread with the goodness of eggs. It's a non-oily fried dish shallow fried in egg and minced with mutton. It is served as a tea snack or...
20 Best Foods Available At Barbeque Nation

20 Best Foods Available At Barbeque Nation

STARTERS1 Cajun PotatoesCrispy Cajun Potatoes are served as starters. It’s made with both baby potatoes and regular potatoes. The potato skins are not being removed as they give more crispiness to it. Cajun potatoes...


1Hyderabadi Biryani: Pride of Andhra PradeshBiryani is a multi-linguistic dish which can savor the taste bud of every kind. It is like a split-personality of a rice dish existing in multiple forms, each having...

Top 20 Dishes In A Wedding

Wedding not only reminds us of the party but for some people the food that is served is a wedding. People say that, whoever comes to the wedding, must speak about the food served...
20 Restaurants For South Indian Food Lovers In Bangalore

20 Restaurants For South Indian Food Lovers In Bangalore

1 Taaza ThindiTaaza Thindi is one of the best rated restaurants to have South Indian breakfast in Bangalore. Service is quick and the more popular dishes are the Masala Dosa and the Plain Dosa....

Top 20 Karaikudi Dishes

Karaikudi is known for its delicious and mouth watering dishes, it serves traditional taste of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. This place Karaikudi is famous for its spicy taste and various types of numerous...
7 Dishes Recipes

7 Dishes Recipes

1 Besan HalwaIndian cuisine consists of different regional dishes. Besan Halwa is a rich and delectable Indian dessert. It is the favorite of Punjabis and is used in celebration of special events. And the...
How To Make Pepper chicken Recipe – One Minute Video | Crazy Masala Foodvideo

How To Make Pepper chicken Recipe – One Minute Video | Crazy Masala Food

The pepper chicken is a starter that is apt to serve during the monsoon season. It is a dish that is prepared with minimal oil and is highly nutritious as we are using the...

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