Top 20 Delicious Cuisines Of Nepali Culture

Nepal is a country offering the best trekking destinations and mouth-watering authentic Nepali cuisine. Nepal is a beautiful nation that serves its people with uniqueness submerged in the cuisines of Nepal, which are way too different from Indian and other cuisines. Nepali Culture presents several dishes with relishing taste that will impress your taste buds and make you feel like surviving in heaven. Let’s get acknowledged with the Top 20 delicious cuisines of Nepali Culture.

1. Dal Bhaat

Dal Bhaat is the staple food of Nepal. This cuisine is the main course meal of Nepali culture. Rice and Lentils are the main components of this dish. This dish is a typical Nepalese platter that offers Rice (Bhaat) and Lentils (Dal) along with side dishes like achaar, curd, and meat. This dish is a must-try because it is the pride of the Nepali nationality.

1.Dal Bhaat

2. Sel Roti

Sel Roti is a fusion of doughnut and bagel, traditional cuisine made on special occasions like Tihar, Dashain, and Marriages. Sel Roti’s are circular loaves of bread made with rice flour, stir-fried to give a crunchy essence and relishing taste. This dish is a must-try.

2.Sel Roti

3. Gundruk

Gundruk is a national food of Nepal. This dish is all about vegetables fermented. The veggies include carrot, radish, green leaves, cauliflower, and coriander which are left in a pot type of utensil to get pickled. This dish is usually prepared and given to guests.


4. Samay Baji

Samay Baji is an authentic dish of Newari people, frequently demanded these days. This dish is specially prepared for occasions. This dish is a mixture of side dishes like chiura, chatamari, aachar, egg, etc. This dish is a must-try.

4.Samay Baji

5. Juju Dhau

The most delicious curd-based dish in Nepalese cuisine is Juju Dhau. Bhaktapur is the integral hub of the original taste of Juju Dhau. This dish is yogurt, excreated from buffaloe’s milk rich in texture. One who wishes to have a sweet yet the most delicious Nepali cuisine should try this out.

5.Juju Dhau

6. Chatpate

A spicy, tangy, and the most delicious quick-ready dish is chatpate. Chatpate is the spiciest dish in Nepali Culture. In this dish, the puffed rice is blended in authentic Nepali spices and coriander garnishing to provide an unforgettable taste. This dish is famous in the Terrain Region of Nepal. One must try this dish out.


7. Sukuti

Sukuti is a pure non-veg dish made of dried pieces of meat. This dish is the most favorite dish from pahadi region of Nepal, mostly made on any occasion of happiness. This dish is a must-try for all non-veg lovers. This dish consists of goat meat sauteed in spices so that this dish can provide a unique taste.


8. Dhido

Dhido is a typical authentic cuisine from the pahadi region of Nepal. This dish is a combined effort of different types of flour like wheat flour, rice flour, millet flour, maize flour, and buckwheat flour cooked traditionally.


9. Momos

Momos, the king of all dishes, is the most in-demand cuisine worldwide. Momos are small pieces of dough-shaped uniquely wrapped around the small portion of filing and then steamed in a pot called Motko and then served with chutney. It is a dish availed in every restaurant in Nepal. Nepali Culture praises this dish as wholesome.

9.Momos 1

10. Yomari

Yomari is a classical Newari Dish frequently seen on Nepali Menu. This dish is a mixture of rice flour and chaaku. Firstly, the dough uses rice flour, then chaaku (a mix of meat and khuwa) is prepared and left aside. The Balls of rice flour are shaped and given a circular shape with a filling of chaaku inserted and further steamed to make it an ideal dish.


11. Chatamari

Chatmari is a classical Newari dish inspired by the Newari people. Rice Flour, Vegetables, and eggs are the main elements of this dish.


12. Thukpa

The most in-demand and served dish famous for its delicious taste is Thupka. This dish is a must-try and is always present on the menu of every second restaurant or stall in Nepal. A traditional Tibetan-Sikkim noodle soup made by mixing vegetables and chicken is all a Thupka about. If you are looking for an ideal match to accompany the pleasant weather with a hot soup, one should try Thupka.


13. Kheer

A sweet dish is a must when dining for a full-square meal at any eatery. In a world full of spicy cuisines, here comes the delicate and sweet eatable to please your mouth and heart with a smooth sweet taste. Kheer is a Nepalese Cultural sweet dish made on any occasion or festival like Tihar, Dashain, etc. This dish is a delicate, sweet, and relishing cuisine of Nepal.

13.Kheer 1

14. Gorkhali Lamb

Gorkhali is a dish of various flavors stuffed into one package. Gorkhali lamb dish is a curry gravy dish cooked in a slow process where the lamb piece in the curry with potatoes and onions is stir-fried. The Lamb piece was then removed from the curry, grilled, and coated with chilies. This dish represents the Nepalese Culture. This dish is a must-try.

14.Gorkhali Lamb

15. Choila

Choila is a Nepali-traditional cuisine made on occasions like Tihar. This dish is all about char grilled cube meat fillets marinated with fresh herbs and toasted in garlic, onion, and mustard oil sauteed in Himalayan Sauce to give authentic essence. This dish provides the authentic typical Nepalese-cultural dish taste.


16. Chicken Biryani

The most preferred Biryani in the whole Biryani Section of Nepalese Cuisine is Chicken Biryani. This dish is an authentic chicken biryani made in a very traditional manner. If someone is looking for an exotic rice dish, this is the best one to go with, as this dish is a mixture of tiny pieces of chicken and assorted vegetables that brings combined flavors of chicken, veggies, and rice. Nepali people consider this dish a cultural dish.

16.Chicken Biryani

17. Lafhing

Lafhing is a typical Tibetan dish. This dish is a portion of common street food in Nepal. This dish is essential in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. This dish is a kind of noodles only given a garnishing of fresh herbs, spices, and veggies.


18. Titaura

Tituara is an integral part of Nepalalese cuisne. The main element of this dish is Fruits. This dish is a must-try dish. Tituara is something found in both spicy and sweet-sugary textures.


19. Tongba

Tongba is a spicy yet tasty Nepali cuisine. This dish grabs attention among all traditional cuisine because of its unique and delicious taste of millets and roasted grains. Tongba is a must-try dish. This dish is in demand because of the warmness it provides.


20. Khuwa

The Nepalese Culture of having dessert after the full-fledged meal is still going on, along with the special Khuwa served with dry fruits garnishing in the beautiful bowls. This dessert took birth in the terian region of Nepal. This dish resembles the completion of the meal as the sweetness fills the mouth with the best of unique flavors. This dish is milk condensed and thickened by cooking continuously for an hour.