Top 20 Protein-Rich Alternatives For Gym Freaks

Top 20 Protein-Rich Alternatives For Gym Freaks

The Covid-19 pandemic has made people realize that good health must be the foremost priority of individuals. Prior to this, people were not concerned about health and fitness, and a proper diet was hardly followed. But, the pandemic has changed the scenario. Be it an ordinary individual or a gym rat, every single person has acknowledged the pivotal role of a good diet in maintaining a healthy body. Protein is one such important nutrient that must be included in every individual’s diet as it is responsible for the production of hormones and the rebuilding of muscles. Although, there are plenty of protein supplements, but its best to acquire the nutrient through diet. Here are the Top 20 Dishes that pack a high amount of protein in them that every gym freak must look out for –

1.Scrambled Eggs

This is one of the easiest and most healthy recipes filled with protein and other nutrients beneficial for individuals going to the gym. All you need to do is take 3 to 4 Eggs, along with Tomatoes, Spring Onion, and any other vegetable of your choice. You can also add up fresh herbs and spices that you like. This dish not only serves your requirements but also satisfies your need for some good tasty food.


2.Egg Sandwich

This is another recipe that you can make using Eggs. It would require two boiled Eggs and vegetables of your choice. Once perfectly cooked and placed in between two Multi-grain bread, it turns out to be a protein-rich food that also tastes good. The nutritional value can be increased by using Olive oil to cook the vegetables.


3.Mexican Rice And Chicken Bowl

This is a recipe best for individuals who love Spicy Chicken along with some rice. This recipe tastes best with freshly cooked Rice and Vegetables, but it can also be made using leftover food. The nutritional value is on point as it is a low-carb dish filled with protein. It can be made healthier by using brown rice and kidney beans, along with Avocados and Corn.


4.Chicken Biryani

This dish is one of the most famous ones in India and is known for its high-calorie content. On the contrary, this dish can also be made in a healthy meal if cooked correctly. The usage of brown rice instead of regular rice can reduce the carbohydrate content in it. Usage of less amount of oil and cooking Chicken using grills can make it even better. Despite all these, please make sure to have the right amount of Chicken Biryani to avoid extra calories.


5.Chicken Kebabs

This dish might contain extra calories, but it can be a good alternative for having it occasionally. To prohibit your body from having additional fat content from this dish, make sure to have a limited amount of it. Using Olive oil and various other vegetables as side dishes can add up to the nutritional value.


6.Garlic Chicken

Garlic Chicken can be the tastiest dish that leaves no stone unturned regarding its contribution to health. Not only it helps a person reach their protein intake goals but it also helps the person with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The usage of Olive oil or Rice Brain Oil can help in reducing the extra calories and make it healthier.


7.Chicken Shawarma

This is a delightful dish that is tasty as well as healthy. It is loaded with pan Fried Chicken and other vegetables like Lettuce, Onion, and Tomatoes. Using less amount of oil to make the Chicken can help the dish stay avoid extra calories. The usage of Pitta bread can also make it less of a fast food and more of a healthy snack.


8.Egg Salad

Egg Salad is filled with fresh vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, and lemon juice. This can be a perfect post-workout meal as it is balanced with high protein content and low carbohydrates and fats, fulfilling your appetite and nutrition requirement. Such properties make this dish one of the favorites of gym freaks.


9.Soya Milk

Some people might not always feel like eating a whole meal before hitting the gym. In that case, Soya Milk can be a perfect alternative. It serves 7-10 g of protein per cup. This can also be paired with Coffee or Tea, as they are often used as pre-workout beverages to boost energy. If extra sugar or sweeteners are avoided, this can be a perfect drink for Gym Freaks.


10.Oats Khichdi

Oats are considered the healthiest grain on Earth, and once it is coupled with Khichdi, it becomes a wholesome meal providing us with a high amount of protein and other essential nutrients. This can be made in the same way Khichdi is made, except for using oats instead of rice. To increase the protein content, one might add 100 gms of Paneer to it. This is a tummy-filling recipe that contributes to health as well.


11.Roasted Chicken

This can be the best meal for Gym freaks as this is packed with protein. This dish is also low in carbs and fat content. Once it is baked in an oven using spices that you like and seasoned with different sauces, this can be a meal that is no less than a treat.


12.Oats Smoothie

Khichdi and other recipes related to oats can take some time, and it can not be carried easily. Oats smoothie is an easy-to-make alternative that is equally filled with protein. All you need to do is take 50 grams of Oats and mix it well along with Dates, Bananas, Apples, and any other fruit of your choice. To add a hint of sweetness, one may also add a spoonful of Honey. The protein content can be increased by adding a scoop of whey protein and mixing it well.


13.Corn Salad

Sweet Corn is known for their negligible content of fats and zero contribution to cholesterol. It is also significant as it gives 15 grams of protein in a serving of 100 grams of Corn. Hence, corn salad can be considered an excellent post-workout snack. By adding Fruits, vegetables, and healthy seeds, this dish can be a spicy and healthy alternative.


14.Mix Dal Tadka

Dal is one of the easily available sources of protein and, if cooked properly, can taste amazing. One such recipe is Mix Dal Tadka. Various types of Dal, such as masoor, chana, and others can be used to make this recipe along with your favorite spices. This can be made even healthier by cooking it using Desi Ghee and having it brown rice.


15.Soya Chunk Masala

Soya Chunks, often considered as Veg Meat, is highly famous for the nutrition it serves. It can be cooked with your favorite spices and different vegetables to increase its nutrition profile further . With its magnanimous 50+ grams of protein per serving, this recipe is no longer an alternative but an essential for gym rats.


16.Chicken Salad

This fills all your needs for nutrients as it compromises various vegetables along with protein-rich Chicken. To keep the calories under check, please make sure that the proportions of Chicken and vegetables are balanced. Avoiding adding extra sauce can help you cut out on calories as well. Adding roasted Almonds and Egg white can improve the nutritional value of this dish.


17.Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is preferred and suggested by many dieticians because of the good amount of protein it has. It serves more than 20 grams of protein per serving along with delight to the taste buds. This is made using curd and other vegetables which increases the nutrient content of the dish.


18.Fish Fry

Fish is a very good alternative to Chicken which is often used by Bodybuilders. Fish serves a fair amount of protein, along with fats which are healthy for the body. Using olive oil for frying the marinated fish and having it along with vegetables and rice can make this meal a nutrition-packed one.


19.Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter Masala is one of the most popular dishes in the Indian Subcontinent. This dish is spicy and also filled with protein. Gym freaks make sure that they have more paneer along with some gravy to avoid extra calories and also meet their protein requirements. Whole wheat Roti can be a good option for having this curry.


20.Tofu Soup

Tofu is an alternative for people who are Vegan and can not have Chicken or Paneer. In order to meet their protein requirements, Tofu soup can be a perfect dish to have. This soup is filled with vegetables as well, which makes sure that other essential nutrients are also included in this dish.