Top 20 Authentic Non-Veg Food Items Of Lucknow


Lucknow is known as the city of Nawabs due to the lifestyle people live here. The residents of this place never compromise in terms of their taste buds and cravings. It is famous for its non-vegetarian cuisine. The traditional dishes of the Mughal era are still an all-time favourite for the people over here. The satisfaction people get after consuming the authentic cuisine of this place is remarkable.

1.Nalli Nihari

Nalli refers to a tube-like structure. Nihari refers to daytime. Previously it was served to the Mughals after the morning prayers. It’s made of goat, chicken, or beef. It is cooked on low flame for longer to get the softest meat and delicious Nalli. The Nalli is filled with protein. The traditional way to eat this is to suck all the material from the nalli, which is rich in proteins. It is a good source of health booster. Generally, it is served with Indian bread such as naan, tandoori roti, or Rumaali roti. The best and most authentic Nalli Nihari is available in the Chowk area of Lucknow.



Lucknowites can’t pass a day without Kababs. The origin of kababs took place back in the 17th century. It is the most basic non-veg need of the people over here. The kababs are available in different varieties such as Mutton Kabab, Buffalo Kabab, Galauti Kabab, etc. In Lucknow, the most famous kabab is from Tunday Kababi. Tundey Kababi is serving the souls of Lucknowites since 1905. It is best served with Rumaali roti and chicken gravy.



Originally, it was a Kashmiri dish. But in Lucknow also it holds great importance. It is a quick energy and health booster for an ill person as it contains more than enough proteins and vitamins. It treats weakness quickly. It improves gut health and provides strength to joints and bones. It has a soothing texture, also used as a soup. It is made of beef, chicken, or lamb. Also, used as a base to make Yakhni Pulao. Tunday Kababi and Naimat Khaana are the people’s choices for this dish.



It is a curry-based dish. Yogurt and cream play an important part while cooking this, which makes it creamy and mouth-watering. It is easily digestible. It is made of lamb or goat legs. It is a bit tangy and fruity in taste. Also, it can be made in the form of kababs. Mubeen’s is a good choice to try in Lucknow.


5.Mutton Biryani

It is made of rice and mutton. People like it because of its authentic blast of spices, all in a single bowl of rice with soft mutton. It is cooked in an old-school method. The rice and meat both are cooked separately and then combined to form a bowl of happiness. It serves with raw onion and plain raita. One can add gravy to any meat to satisfy the taste buds more. Tunday Kababi, Dastarkhwan, and Manish Eating Point are good options for this.


6.Chicken Biryani

It is made up of rice and chicken. Whole spices are used for the cooking of this dish. Kewda and rose are the ingredients that add the Awadhi or Lucknowi Mughal touch to the recipe. It is milder than mutton biryani in terms of spices. The flavor is more subtle and aromatic. Wahid Biryani is the evergreen option to try Lucknow’s all-time favourite chicken biryani. It is serving in Lucknow since 1955.


7.Seekh Kabab

It is cylindrical shaped and can be easily identified in comparison with other kababs. It is also known as Kakori Seekh Kabab. The main ingredient is garam masala, chili peppers, and lemon juice, which gives it an authentic taste. It is cooked over fire like tandoori items. Tunday Kababi, Dastarkhwan, Mubeen’s, Wahid Biryani, and Kareem’s are some of the must-try places for Seekh Kababs of Awadh cuisine.


8.Shawarma Roll

It is made up of chicken boneless thigh pieces, with some veggies such as cucumber, onion, tomato, cabbage, lettuce, and many sauces with some yogurt to make it juicy. The chicken is sliced into small pieces. All these items are rolled on flat Indian pita bread. And then the roll can also be further grilled for better taste and presentation. The best place to try this is on the street foods of Lucknow. It is also very affordable.


9.Mutton Kaleji

It is made of goat liver pieces. It is rich in proteins and vitamins that are important for the human body. It contains less fat. It can be made as a dry or a curry dish. The gravy is somewhat similar to mutton curry. Kaleji is very soft and has a juicy texture. Mama mutton, Shahi Darbaar, Rajdhaani, and Tundey Kababi are the places to have your hands on the Mutton Kaleji.



Tikkas are made in a tandoor. The specialty is that it is boneless. Grilled food lovers must try this. There are different tikka options available, some of them are Chicken tikka, Fish tikka, Reshmi tikka, and Murgh malai tikka. Street food or any restaurant in Lucknow can be tried for this.


11.Murgh Musallam

It is a chicken dish. A whole chicken is used to make this. The chicken is marinated to give it a soothing and juicy texture. The filling of the chicken is done with eggs. It is cooked with whole spices and saffron. Kareem’s, Mubeen’s, and Dastarkhwan are some options to try this out.


12.Mutton Rogan Josh

It is a main course dish. It is also known as Mutton Rogan Gosht. It is made of red meat of either lamb or goat. The chili spices are widely used in this, which provides the authentic red color to the gravy. It is served with naan or tandoori roti. Dastarkhwan is the perfect place to try this out.


13.Mutton Korma

It is a main course dish served with Sheermal (an Indian bread). It has thick gravy because of the use of yogurt during the preparation. It is a fulfilling dish. One can try this out in any good restaurant in Lucknow.


14.Tandoori Chicken

It is a starter dish. It is somewhat similar to roasted chicken. The difference is that tandoori chicken is a bit juicy, whereas roasted chicken is dry inside. It is prepared in a tandoor. Local food stalls of Lucknow serve delicious tandoori chicken to the food admirers.


15.Roasted Chicken

It is a go-to starter for everyone. It is prepared by roasting the chicken, which gives it a smoky flavor. It is served with mint green chutney. Tundey Kababi is the oldest and most trusted place for this.


16.Mutton Keema

The use of minced meat is required to make this. It is served with Rumaali roti. It is a kind of dry nonveg main course dish. Sometimes green peas are also used to enhance the taste and presentation of this dish. People prefer this version of mutton as it is easily digestible. Marksmen, Mughlai Zaika, and Manish Eating Point serve the best mutton keema in Lucknow.


17.Kaala Tawa Chicken

It is cooked on a black tawa. The black tawa contains iron, which the chicken absorbs while cooking. It is a healthy meal. It is soothing and aromatic in taste. It is affordable. The best place to try this out in Lucknow is Chatori Gali.


18.Bun Kabab

Enjoy it as a breakfast dish with tea. It is a combination of a bun and a kabab. The kabab used in this can be either mutton or beef. It also resembles an authentic Awadhi burger. Kareem Kababi sells the best authentic Bun Kabab.


19. Chicken Afghani

It is a creamy main course dish. It is served with Rumaali roti or Butter naan. Cream, cashews, seeds, and peppers are the main ingredient of this mouth-watering dish. Cream and cashew provide a creamy and soothing texture while the peppers add flavor. The combination is a must-try. Mughlai Zaiqa, Mama Mutton, and Mubeen are some options to try this out.


20.Kaathi Roll

Have it as an evening snack. The rolls can be either chicken or mutton. It is wrapped in Indian flatbreads with veggies such as onion, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and some red chili or Shezwan sauce to give it a Chinese touch. It serves with mayonnaise or green mint chutney.