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Tags Chilli Paneer

Tag: Chilli Paneer

top-20-instant-and-flavorful-snacks-for-a-lazy-day (1)

Top 20 Instant And Flavorful Snacks For A Lazy Day

So how does it feels when you are lazy and hungry at the same time; doesn't want to get up from your comfort zone, doesn't want to even think about cooking boring as well...
20 Indo-Chinese Dishes That We Love to Eat

20 Indo-Chinese Dishes That We Love to Eat

The fusion of Indian and Chinese, also known as Indo Chinese exists. Be it chili chicken, honey chili potatoes or fried rice; every item tastes delicious. Desi Chinese was started when a small Chinese...
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Top 20 Best Chinese Restaurants In Agra

Best Chinese Restaurants In Agra1 Sheros HangoutYou can find this restaurant at Tajganj, Agra. The restaurant is opposite to The Gateway Hotel, Fatehabad Road. The rating of the restaurant is 4.1. The restaurant is...
20 Amazing Paneer Dishes

20 Amazing Paneer Dishes

Everyone loves eating Paneer, and for a vegetarian, it is something that can replace all non-vegetarian dishes. All paneer recipes are loved by vegetarians and are famous in the Indian subcontinent. You can prepare...
20 Chinese Items Available In Banasthali

20 Chinese Items Available In Banasthali

1 Hakka NoodlesHakka noodles are famous street side Chinese recipe very popular in India. The easy recipe is loved by all kids as well as adults. The Hakka Noodles are different from the common...
Top 20 Dishes To Try This New Year

Top 20 Dishes To Try This New Year

1Seared Tofu Banh Mi SandwichesThese Tofu Sandwiches are your best option for this New Year.  The taste of these Sandwiches is amazing. The recipe of the Sandwich is very easy. The filing in the...
20 Popular Dishes Of Shanu’s In Banasthali

20 Popular Dishes Of Shanu’s In Banasthali

1Tortilla WrapTortilla Warp is the very famous dish in Banasthali. It is the special dish of the canteen Shanu's. The tortilla wrap is made up of the components Maida, veggies and different types of...
20 Most Favourite Chinese Dishes Of India

20 Most Favourite Chinese Dishes Of India!

1ChillichickenChilli chicken is probably most common Chinese dish readily available in all parts of the nation. In fact, it is so famous, that most roadside street food stalls even sell Chilli Chicken. It is...

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