Top 20 Instant And Flavorful Snacks For A Lazy Day

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So how does it feels when you are lazy and hungry at the same time; doesn’t want to get up from your comfort zone, doesn’t want to even think about cooking boring as well as tiring dishes? Yes, it’s very irritating! It creates so much confusion in the head that what can be cooked which is delicious and easy to make even being lazy. Still clueless about the ideas? Do not worry about that. We have come as a savior for you, bringing a list of top 20 instant and flavorful snacks, which will surely make your lazy day as peppy day.

1 French Toast

Most of the people believe that as its name suggest, French Toast has been originated from France. But here is a twist! France is not the birth giver of French Toast. Though there isn’t any mention of the exact place of its origin in the books, the Roman Empire had it’s beginnings back then. Talking about its recipe, it is one of the easiest and includes very fewer ingredients. Dip some of the bread slices in the mixture of eggs, salt, pepper, red chilly powder, and place it on a pan covered with melted butter. Just 5 minutes of cooking and Voila! The French Toast is ready to be served with butter or ketchup.


2 Chilli Bread

Chilli Bread can be serve to those who are fond of hot and spicy snacks as well as chillies. Cut 4-5 slices in small pieces of square shapes. Toast them for 3 minutes in a non-stick pan. Heat a little amount of oil in the same pan and add garlic paste. Sauté till it turns brown. Then add the vegetables, soy sauce, vinegar, chilly red powder, salt, etc. Cook them for a few minutes. In the end, add the bread pieces and mix them well with the mixture.


3 Vegetables Cutlet

The crispiness, the taste, the lip-smacking feel, which comes at every bite of the vegetable cutlet. A full package of healthy and tasty snacks that everyone must try at home. All you have to do is mix some mashed potatoes with any vegetable you may want to include,e.g.,beans, onions, green chilly, etc. Then add all the masalas, seeds, breadcrumbs, and salt and shape them into small balls. Press them slightly from both sides and fry them on a pan. After a few seconds, you can serve with tomato ketchup, and coriander leaves sprinkled on the top.


4 Crispy Bread Rolls

Crispy Bread Rolls can be of various types that may include mashed potatoes, veggies, cheese, paneer, or anything you like. It is good to go to an evening snack and very easy to make. All you need to do is prepare the fillings according to your taste preference and mix it well. Make rolls of it. Take a bread slice, cut its outer covering, dip it in water, and cover it around the filling completely. Do the same with the rest of it and fry them in heating oil. After a few minutes, take them out once they turn brownish. Serve them hot with ketchup or any of your favorite.


5 Bhel Puri

It is an all-time favorite snack of many food lovers. It is a tremendous combination of spicy, sweet, and sour, making it one of the most favorite chaat across the country. It’s just a five minutes process, and you get a flavorful, packed snack. Take a bowl and add puffed rice, onions, tomatoes, mixture, chaat masala, roasted peanuts, lemon juice, coriander leaves, and chutney, either red or green. Mix them well and serve it o the plate with some coriander leaves sprinkled on it.


6 Bread Pakora

The concept of having Bread Pakoras with Green chutney is so mesmerizing. It is the 2 in 1 combination of crispiness from outside and softness from inside which makes it one of the most loved snacks. Fry boiled potatoes, turmeric powder, chilly red powder, salt, coriander leaves, onions, and garam masala in a pan. Mix them thoroughly. Then make a paste of gram flour, turmeric powder, chilly red powder, and water. Place the potato fillings in between the bread slices and dip in the mixture. Repeat the same process with the rest of the fillings. Now, fry them in hot oil. After a few seconds, take them out. Serve it with hot tea or coffee.


7 Sprouts Chaat

Sprouts Chaat is a very healthy snack, packed with so many nutrients. Take sprouted daal and add chopped tomatoes, onions, green chilly, lemon juice, chaat masala, and salt to taste. Mix them well and serve it into a bowl. Isn’t it a pretty easy and quick snack?


8 Chocolate Mug Cake

Chocolate lovers don’t have to feel left out. We have brought you this yummy snack that you can easily make in just a few minutes. Just add all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, and mix them well. Then pour milk, vanilla essence, and a little bit of water. Bake it in a microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Take it out once done and sprinkle some choco chips, which can’t be neglected at any point. Here is your decadent chocolate mug cake!


9 Masala Corn

Masala corn is not only famous among the elders but is also loved by small children as well. It is one of the quickest snacks packed with nutrition. It is a combination of both sweet and spicy. Boil one packet of sweet corn and leave it until it turns soft. Then rinse the water and wash it with fresh water. Now add salt, chilly red powder, sugar, black pepper, and lime juice. Mix it gently and serve them hot.


10 Aloo Chaat

Aloo Chaat is very famous as a street food and snack. Even it is very easy to prepare especially, when you are craving something sour and tasty. Cut some small pieces of potatoes and add salt, chilly red powder, onions, tomatoes, tamarind chutney, lime juice, coriander leaves, and chaat masala. Mix them well and serve it on the place. Sprinkle some coriander leaves on top of it.


11 Veg Cheese Sandwich

A quick, easy, and tasty snack, which you would love to eat, over and over again. Cut big slices of onions, tomatoes, and butter. Place them in between two bread slices. Add cheese spread or mayonnaise, and veggies. Then toast them in a grill toaster. After a few seconds, serve them with chutney or ketchup as per your taste.


12 Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer is one of the most favorite snacks. Especially a Paneer lover is a die-hard fan of it. It is just 15 minutes of cooking in which you have to first mix the all-purpose flour with cornstarch, black pepper, ginger paste, garlic paste, chilly red powder, salt, and water. When the puree is ready, add small paneer pieces in it. Mix all the pieces gently,and then fry them in hot oil. Then frizzle some chopped onions, capsicums, tomatoes, green chilly, red chilly sauce, soya sauce, and salt for a few minutes. At last, place the paneer pieces into the mixture and mix them properly. The chilly paneer is ready to be served.


13 White Cheese Sauce Pasta

Who doesn’t like the mouth-watering white cheesy sauce pasta with oregano seasoning on top of it? All you have to do is boil the pasta and add a pinch of salt to it. Cook it at high flame until it gets soft. Then heat the oil and fry ginger and garlic paste. Add all-purpose flour to it and mix it well. Add 2 cups of milk and stir the mixture. When it starts becoming saucy, add pasta, cheese, oregano, and salt in it. Keep mixing it for a few minutes more, and then you can serve it hot with extra oregano seasoning on the top.


14 Veg Masala Maggi

Veg Masala Maggi is not only popular among the small children, but is also very admired by every person across the country. It is a famous snack, which is present in every other household of India. Take a medium size cooking pot, heat the oil on high flames and add chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicum, salt, chilly red powder, turmeric powder, and maggi masala. Cook it for a few minutes and then pour water in it. Add the Maggi and let it cook for few more minutes. At last, it is ready to be served.


15 Crispy Aloo Tikki

Crispy Aloo Tikki is a much-wanted snack of all the time. It is very effortless and tasty to make. If you are craving for something fried and crispy, then this snack will be an amazing choice. Take some mashed potatoes and add salt to taste, chopped onions, green chilly, red chilly powder, and coriander leaves. Mix them well and cover them with bread crumbs. Then shape them into small balls. Press them lightly from both the sides and deep fry them in hot oil. After they turn reddish, you can serve them by sprinkling some coriander leaves and tomato ketchup.


16 Honey Pancakes

Sweet lovers will look for a sweet snack. Honey pancakes can come for their rescue. Take a large bowl and mix the all-purpose flour with baking soda, baking powder, eggs, butter, sugar, and vanilla essence until all of them are blended well. Then add half a glass of milk and stir the mixture. The texture of the puree should neither be too thick nor too thin. Heat butter on a frying pan and add a small amount of puree on it. Bake it from other another side as well. Repeat the process until mixture gets over. Place 2 to 3 pancakes, one above the other and pour sweet honey on them. Honey pancakes are ready!


17 Egg Roll

A healthy snack, which is quick and easy to make if you are not in a mood of making a proper meal. Fry some chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicums, coriander leaves, salt, chilly red sauce, and green chilly. Make an omelet on a frying pan. Once it is ready, place it on a chapati and pour down the mixture. Roll it into a roll and tada! Your tasty egg roll is ready.


18 Onion Pakora

Onion Pakora are very much loved by the people, especially during the rainy season. But it still doesn’t matter what the season is going on. A food lover will never leave a chance to eat such a crispy and tasty snack at any time. Just cut onions into small pieces and mix them with the paste of gram flour, salt, chilly red powder, black pepper, and water. Put them in the frying pan for deep fry. Once they turn brownish, serve them with tomato ketchup or hot tea.


19 Paneer Pakora

Paneer lovers will prefer this snack over others. The fluffiness of the paneer pakoras is undoubtedly irresistible. Cut small pieces of paneer and mix them with salt, chilly red powder, and black pepper. Dip them in the paste of gram flour, salt, chilly red powder, and water. Fry them in hot oil for a few seconds. Then place them in a plate and sprinkle some coriander leaves on it. Paneer pakoras are ready to consume.


20 Aloo Samosa

An irresistible snack, loved by many people and is still in demand, which makes it one of the most famous among all the snacks. It is very simple and fun to make. Take some boiled potatoes and add salt, green chilly, peas, coriander leaves, and other seasonings to it. Mash them sufficiently so that every ingredient mixes up well. Then fry the mixture in hot oil for a few minutes until it turns brownish. After that, mix the all-purpose flour, salt, oil in a bowl, and add water to it. Start kneading the mixture until it turns into a perfect dough. Start filling the aloo in small doughs and shape them into a triangle. Keep them in hot oil for deep frying. Once they are ready, serve them with ketchup sauce or any other chutney(s).