Top 20 Tricks Used By Restaurants

Top 20 Tricks used by Restaurants
Top 20 Tricks used by Restaurants

Ever wondered how restaurants run so smoothly and at the same time can deliver the same quality and taste repeatedly? The texture, color, and presentation are so magnificent. The secret lies in the character of the restaurants because they follow a set of tricks that you could not imagine and generally do not follow at home. This article will give you a rollercoaster through the tips and tricks that will surely blow your mind. Here are the top 20 ones:

1.Kneading the dough for the Momos with cold water

It might seem strange, but many of the restaurants knead the dough with Coldwater to give it more strength so that it can hold more stuffing. Many of you might have tried preparing momos at home using hot water, but cold water does wonders. It does not allow the momos to break easily and thus makes your work easy.

momo dough

2.Boiling gravy for a particular time

The secret of the same quality and taste repeatedly is here. Restaurants  cook the base gravy, primarily consisting of onions and tomatoes, for a particular time. It will ensure that the food will hit the taste buds of their customers the same way as it did before.


3.Adding Garam Masala to Chili Paneer

Who does not like Desi Chinese and Chili Paneer? It is one of the favorites, but we fail to prepare it the same way as restaurants. The Chinese we eat in India is typically Indian-Chinese apart from traditional Chinese restaurants which serve proper Chinese cuisine. Adding Garam masala while frying paneer is one of the tricks that restaurants use to give it that zing.

chili paneer

4.Adding cardamom powder to North Indian gravies

The aroma that you first take in when a gravy is served is something everyone craves for. It is nothing that cannot be achieved by using cardamom powder at the last step.

cardamom powder

5.Serving liquids upfront

Be it any occasion or a particular day, restaurants never fail to give mega offers and hospitality, but wait is it a blessing in disguise for them? The answer is yes, because when there is a rush, they serve you drinks that make your stomach full so that you order less and leave the restaurants soon so that they can serve the maximum number of customers possible and swell their profits.

serving drinks

6.Crispy Corn in buffets, lip-smacking starters

Tasty starters and mediocre main course is pervasive nowadays in restaurants serving buffets. Starters make you full so much that you cannot pounce upon the main course dishes. It is a tactical move used by many restaurants.

crispy corn

7.Adding oil after boiling noodles

Yes, you read it correctly because many of us pour oil in the boiling water that does nothing but simply waste oil. As we know, oil is lighter than water, it merely floats on the surface of the water and goes to the sink when we drain it. Restaurants instead add cold water and oil after boiling to prevent them from sticking.


8.Smashing potatoes in the gravy as a substitute for cream

Sometimes, we wonder how some restaurants provide creamy gravy at such a minimal rate. It is nothing but potatoes. It is cooked with the base gravy and then ground, giving the dish the right texture. It can cut down the expenses of a restaurant.

creamy gravy

9.Adding MSG to Chinese dishes

Don’t worry, MSG won’t kill you. It is used by restaurants as taste enhancers. They add it in fried ric e,Chinese gravies to give it that peculiar restaurant feels which we fail to deliver at home.

msg chinese food

10.Adding White Pepper instead of Black Pepper

Pepper plays a vital role in Chinese cuisine and moving simply from black pepper to white pepper, will make your food come to life because white pepper is way too stronger than black pepper and give that beautiful flavor to our dish.

white pepper

11.Advertising dishes that are not going down well with customers

It is true that restaurants advertise such dishes and prepare pamphlets of such dishes with an artificial gorgeousness that lures the customer to purchase the dish that may or may not be worth it. Beware of excessive external beauty and try to use your brain more than just your eyes.

advertising dishes

12.Frying Samosas at the lowest temperature possible

Who has not tried making street-style samosas at home but bubbles on the surface wreck the mood completely. To avoid the bubbles, the samosa makers lower them in lukewarm oil to cook nicely and prevent them from developing any unwanted bubbles on the surface.


13.Coating burger patty with maize flour for extra crispiness 

Crispy burger patties are the center of attraction for any burger joints, and they do it just by coating the patty with maize flour that gives them that characteristic taste and crispiness. Simply adding the patty in slurry or coating it with bread crumbs might not give you that perfect texture.

maize flour

14.Adding powdered rice in Sambhar for extra shine

These minute details can take your dish to a different level altogether. While making Sambhar for 4-5 people, a tablespoon of rice in your sambhar powder can do miracles. It won’t contribute to taste but will make it look more delicious.


15.Coating Bread rolls with little water possible

Oil-stained bread rolls are something no one likes but how do you achieve the non-oily bread roll? It is simple while making rolls out of bread, try to use less water and let it dry for some time so that it does not absorb much oil. Professionals use this trick to make a perfect bread roll.

bread rolls

16.Adding Chana Dal to your Dosa batter

That swirling action of the dosa maker is a pleasing sight for every foodie. Everyone has noticed the pale-yellow color of dosa batter, whereas at home it is generally off-white. The difference is Chana dal that adds that color and texture to that dosa, which makes it soft and crispy at the same time.

chana dal

17.Adding butter in your Momos stuffing

Succulent momos is something everyone likes, but  moist stuffing will damp my momo sheet. So, what to do? Just add a cube of butter that absorbs excess moisture but, when cooked, melts, and gives that incredible flavor to the momos.

momos stuffing

18Asking for Flat or Sparkling Water

Most of us are concerned about what others think about us, which sometimes makes us do things that we won’t generally do. This human nature is exploited by restaurants when they ask for flat or sparkling water and customers are sometimes tricked into buying the expensive one.

sparkling water

19.Using descriptive language

Detailing is liked by everyone. Similarly, when we come across a menu card that gives us a little detail about the food, we enjoy it because somehow, we start to imagine the little pieces into a bigger picture that increases our hunger and craving.

menu card

20.Using heavier cutlery

To escape the reality for the time being and experience the comfort and luxury, we go to restaurants. To aid that, restaurants tend to use heavier cutlery and plates which give us a sense of satisfaction. Heavier cutlery also tends to move less, which prevents it from making unwanted sounds while eating.

restaurant cutlery