20 Indo-Chinese Dishes That We Love to Eat

20 Indo-Chinese Dishes That We Love to Eat

The fusion of Indian and Chinese, also known as Indo Chinese exists. Be it chili chicken, honey chili potatoes or fried rice; every item tastes delicious. Desi Chinese was started when a small Chinese community settled in Kolkata in the 19th century. Since then, Indians have adopted their way of Chinese food items. It is an Indian adaptation of Chinese cuisine with different seasonings and spices. All the food items filled with flavors and spices will satiate your taste buds.

1 Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer is an Indo Chinese starter made by fried cottage cheese seasoned in chilli sauce. You should avoid eating them in restaurants because most restaurants use MSG which is harmful to the body. Instead, you can make it at home according to your taste.


2 Hakka Noodles

Hakka Noodles is a dish served in high-end restaurants and fast food joints. It is served with other side dishes like chili paneer gravy, veg manchurian, gobhi manchurian, chili chicken, or other items. It is difficult to make it at home as it requires Chinese wok or the stove with high burners which give the noodles its enticing flavor.


3 Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken is one of the most popular Indo Chinese appetizer served and loved across the globe. Boneless chicken pieces are marinated in different sauces like chilli sauce, soy sauce, and pepper. Deep fried and seasoned with spices and sauces give the best dish ever. You can grill the chicken pieces for a healthier option.


4 Paneer Manchurian

Apart from the regular Veg Manchurian, Gobi Manchurian, and Chicken Manchurian, Paneer Manchurian is also a famous dish. It is almost similar to chili paneer, but the sauce and the gravy are different. Paneer pieces are batter fried first and then added into the manchurian sauce. You can pair this up with noodles or fried rice.


5. Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are a delicious snack to pair it up with a hot cup of tea. You can make this at home using readymade frozen sheets or homemade spring roll wrapper. The readymade sheets are better because they are machine made and give a crisp layer when they are fried. You can make a filling of cabbage or noodles or any other vegetable you like.


6 Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop is a delicious appetizer made with chicken wings. You can make this at home which is a healthier option than restaurants as they use MSG. Just give the chicken a shape of a lollipop, season them with sauces, and fry them.


7 Chilli Garlic Fried Rice

Chilli Garlic Fried Rice is a variation to the normal fried rice. It is aromatic because of all the flavors. It doesn’t require any side dish, but chilli chicken, chicken manchurian or chilli paneer will go well with it.


8 Baked Fish

Yes, Baked Fish can also be prepared in an Indo Chinese way. Baking a fish is the healthiest way to consume a fish. The base of the fish fillet is saucy which is filled with different sauces whereas the top has a crust. It can be served as a starter or paired with dishes like Hakka noodles.


9 Veg Kathi Roll

Veg Kathi Roll is one of the easiest recipe and delicious dish you can have. Made with sautéing the vegetables like carrot, capsicum, paneer, cabbage in a chinese style on a high flame which gives out an aroma. Other vegetables like corn, broccoli, and beans are also used.


10 Garlic Paneer

Garlic Paneer is a recipe which can be made in less than 15 minutes. This dish is served as a starter as well as a side dish or a filling in Kathi rolls. Since the paneer pieces are not fried, it is a healthier option as minimum ingredients are used, and sauces added are homemade.


11 Chicken Noodles

Chicken Noodles is different from Chicken Chowmein. The type of noodles, sauces, vegetables, spices, and most importantly the Chinese wok matters the most which give the chicken a smoky flavor. You can replicate this dish at your home by using whole wheat noodles which is healthy.


12 Lemon Chicken

Tender chicken pieces with a flavor of mint, lemon, and other spices are a top favourite among Indo-Chinese lovers. It is tangy, spicy, and full of flavors. It can be paired with noodles or fried rice or with rice dishes like jeera rice or plain rice.


13 Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka served as an appetizer across the globe is quite popular. Tender pieces of chicken are marinated in yogurt and other spices and then grilled to make it more flavoursome. You can have this dish served as an appetizer or use the pieces in fried rice to make a different version of it.


14 Chilli Fish

Some restaurants serve chili fish and fish manchurian in the same way. The only difference between the two is that in manchurian, fish is served in the form of balls. Rest, the sauces are same in the two dishes. Many restaurants use salmon fish to make this dish.


15 Schezwan Fried Rice

Vegetarian fried rice is a popular dish but by adding Schezwan peppers, gives it a citrus flavor. You can add Schezwan sauce and peppers to the dish to prepare at home.


16 Egg Fried Noodles

Egg Fried Noodles is a bowl of noodles with fresh spices and vegetables along with a boiled egg. Various combinations of sauces like chilli sauce, soy sauce, and green chilli sauce add aroma and a lot of flavors to the noodles.


17 Manchow Soup

Manchow Soup is a spicy soup made with soy sauce. You can add vegetables or meat according to your taste. Flavoured with ginger and garlic makes it delicious. It is garnished with fried noodles and spring onions give it a crunchy taste.


18 American Chop Suey

American Chopsuey is a side dish topped with capsicum, chicken, cabbage, and other vegetables. Topping it with chilli garlic sauce and fried noodles make it more delicious.


19 Darsaan

Darsaan is a Chinese dessert where egg noodles are stir-fried and then coated with honey. They are topped with sesame seeds and served with a scoop of ice cream.


20. Date Pancakes

In the Indian variant of Date Pancakes, the different layers of dough are fried which are stuffed with dates and topped with a scoop of ice cream.