20 Chinese Items Available In Banasthali

20 Chinese Items Available In Banasthali

1 Hakka Noodles

Hakka noodles are famous street side Chinese recipe very popular in India. The easy recipe is loved by all kids as well as adults. The Hakka Noodles are different from the common noodle in a way that they are crispy and contain different flavours. Hakka Noodles consist of the ingredients like capsicum, onion, tomato and all the general veggies. It also includes the sauces which is compulsory in all Chinese dishes. Then it is cooked well and served hot with the tomato ketchup.


2 Manchurian

Manchurian is the vegetable ball which is dipped in the gravy and made up of the sauces like chilli, soya and tomato. The balls are made up of the ingredients like cabbage, carrot, onion, capsicum, etc. The grated veggies are squeezed, and all the water is taken out of it. Then the corn flour is mixed in it, and the balls are ready. Then the balls are deep fried in the olive oil. Then the balls are dipped in the sauce gravy. Then it is served hot.


3 DimSums

This is the famous Chinese traditional dish which is steamed. The stuffing is made up of veggies and served hot. It is also very famous in India. The dish is very rich in vitamins and protein. It is served with tomato ketchup.


4 Sweet Corn Soup

This is a healthy and the tasty soup. The soup is made up of the corn. The sweet corn is the main ingredient of the soup. The texture of the soup is very thin, and it is very easy to digest. The Sweet Corn Soup’s taste is sweet and salty. It is drunk before the lunch and the dinner.


5 Chilli Paneer

Chilly Paneer is the famous Chinese traditional recipe which is made up of the ingredients like paneer and the vegetables like onion, capsicum, cabbage and the different type of sauces. The paneer is coated with the corn flour and deep fried in the olive oil. Then the veggies are shallow fried in the oil, and the sauces are put into it and then the panner. Then it is mixed properly and served hot.


6 Baby Corn

Baby Corn the dish originated from China and is getting famous day by day in India. The dish is made up of the ingredients like baby corn and vegetables. The baby corn is deep fried with the cornflour or Meda. They are then mixed with veggies like onion, capsicum, etc. with the sauces. Then served hot as a snack.


7 Sweet And Sour Sauce

Sweet and sour sauce is the side recipe. The dish can be known as the Indian chutney. The sauce is served with the every Chinese item. The common sauce is made up of the different sauces and vinegar. The taste of the side sauce is sweet and sour. It is served at the room temperature.


8 Darsaan

Darsaan is the Chinese traditional dessert which is served at the time of festivals. Darsaan is made up of the noodles which are deep fried until they become crispy. When the noodles are properly cooked then they are dipped in the syrup of honey. Then it is served hot as well as cold.


9 Corn Schezwan Fried Rice

Schezwan is the chutney which is made up of red chillies. The chutney is mixed with rice which are boiled with corn. Then the Corn Schezwan  Fried Rice is ready. The dish is served hot with the Schezwan Chutney.


10 Garlic Fried Rice

Garlic Fried Rice is the famous street food of India which is originated from the Chain. It is the combination of garlic and rice. The rice are cooked with the flavour of garlic and served with the red chilli sauce. The dish is very famous in the Banasthali. Mostly the people like the taste of garlic and enjoy eating it in rain or winters.


11 Pineapple Fried Rice

This is unique flavoured fried rice which is sweet in taste. The juice of pineapple is added to it while cooking the rice. Then the pineapple slices are served with the hot pineapple fried rice. The dish is generally eaten by less people because it is sweet and not liked by all.


12 Garlic Mushroom

Garlic Mushroom is the gravy dish which is served as a snack. The Mushroom is grated with the corn flour and deep fried in olive oil. Then the gravy is made with the seasoned veggie and sauce. The dish gets ready in 15 minutes. Then it is served hot with the salad.

Garlic Butter Mushroom

13 Spring Roll

The Spring Roll is a roll which is healthy and tasty. The Spring Roll is made up of the Meda  and the vegetables. The batter is made like roti then the stuffing is done. Then it is rolled and packed from both the sides tightly. Then it is deep fried in the olive oil and served with Schezwan Chutney.


14 Mushroom Noodles

The Mushroom Noodles is the special street food. The noodles are made in a simple manner; only the boiled spicy mushroom is added to it. The dish is very famous in Banasthali. It is served with the different type of ketchup. The Mushroom Noodles are very famous because it tastes like non-veg. and the non-veg. food is not available here.


15 Veg. Manchaw Soup

By the name of the dish we come to know that is a famous Chinese dish. The soup is very healthy and made up of the ingredients like cabbage, tomato, onion, carrot and the different types of sauces like chilli, soya, green sauce. Then the deep fried Maggie is put into it and is served hot before the lunch and dinner. The Manchaw soup is easily available in the market also.


16 Gobi Dry Manchurian

The Gobi is the cauliflower and the dish is Gobi Dry Manchurian. The dish is made up of the ingredients like Gobi, onion and capsicum. In the entire Chinese dish the sauces are added to make it tasty and give the traditional touch. The GobiDry Manchurian is made up by deep frying the Gobi in the corn flour and adding the sauce. Then it is served hot with the cold drink.


17 Schezwan Chilli Potato

The simple Chilli Potato is made tastier by adding the Schezwan  Chutney. It is the Indo-Chinese dish which is made up of the ingredients like potato, tomato, capsicum, etc. All the ingredients are deep-fried in the olive oil with the marinated corn flour. When all the things become crispy, then the sauces are poured upon it and served alone as well as with the butter roti.


18 Sweet And Sour Vegetable Soup

Sweet and Sour Vegetable Soup is very common Chinese dish which is loved by the Indians a lot. The 5 minutes recipe is instantly ready while you are hungry. It is as tasty as the other Chinese dishes. Like all the Chinese dishes the sauces are also added to it to make it traditionally rich. And for the sweet taste, the tomato ketchup is added. Then it is served hot before the lunch or dinner.


19 Momos

It is the very famous street food which is recently becoming more and more popular. The dish is made in the steam. The Momos is steamed in the special Sancha and served with the special Mirchiwali Chutney. The stuffing is made up of the boiled veggies.


20 Chilly Potato

Chilly Potato, the well-known Indo-Chinese dish is very popular in India. The simple dish is just like the Schezwan Chilli Potato but it is made without the Schezwan Sauce. It is the simple snack but in Banasthali it is eaten with the Butter Naan.