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Top 20 Delicacies from the Streets of Mathura & Vrindavan 

Mathura and Vrindavan are the two cities known for their temples of Balgopal and Radha Rani. These cities are famous for their sweets, especially the items made by adding lots of milk in it...

Top 20 Street Food in Haridwar

Haridwar is a paradise for foodies besides being a historical residence. The Haridwar street food has everything from chatpati papri chaat to spicy chhole bhatura to everything that is mouthwatering and lip-smacking. And not...
best foods of katmandu

20 Best Street Foods of Kathmandu That You Must Try in Your Life

Nepal has a wide variety of ethnic cuisines. From Tibetan to Newari to Thakali, Nepal has it all. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, has a dozen street vendors offering delicious food items.Here is a...
20 Dishes from Curd You Must Try

20 Dishes from Curd You Must Try

Yogurt is a permanent food item present in every refrigerator. It is used as a marinade, next to spicy Indian food, and even in body creams. Natural yogurt has a snow-white color, a smooth...
top 19 home foods for vinayak chaturti

Top 19 Home Foods For Vinayak Chaturthi

1 ModakIt is made in India during the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. People who don’t like oil and ghee will enjoy it. Its ingredients are rice flour, raw coconut, jaggery, desi ghee, poppy seeds,...
Top 20 Dishes that consume less time to cook

Top 20 Dishes that consume less time to cook

1 MaggiIt is made between 5 to 7 minutes and is loved by the children. It is much easier to make,  and kids can also make it. It is very tasty, and many of...

Top 20 Indian Style Drinks to Cool you down in Summer

To beat the hot summer days we do a lot of things. We also make and buy cooling drinks to consume in summer. To our guests also, we offer summer cooling drinks instead of...
20 Best Vegetarian Dishes of Ramdev Hotel, Mumbai

20 Best Vegetarian Dishes of Ramdev Hotel, Mumbai

1 Vada PavWe can have this dish during breakfast. It is a vegetarian fast food dish mostly sold in the state of Maharashtra. We can have it with green chili or chutneys. Its ingredients...
20 Different Types Of Curd Dishes

20 Different Types Of Curd Dishes

1 Flax Seed RaitaFlax seed is the richest source of essential to build immunity as it contains omega 3 fatty acids. It is combined with calcium rich curds to prepare Flax seed raita. Mint...

Top 20 Mouthwatering Foods to eat on your Amritsar Trip

Amritsar is one of the oldest cities in Punjab. This city of Punjab is known for the Golden Temple. People from various parts of the country visit this place to pay obscene at the...

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20 Best Restaurants in Indiranagar, Bangalore

Indiranagar is the food hub in Bangalore. You can find a lot of popular restaurants which serve a variety of dishes like Italian, Japanese,...

Top 20 Street Food of Karnataka

1 Mysore Masala DosaAs the name suggests, Mysore masala dosa originated from the city of palaces, Mysore. This masala dosa is always accompanied by...

Top 20 Most Delicious Foods of Madurai

Madurai referred as the temple city is also famous for delicious food. This city is called as thoonganagaram, as tyou can get the special...

Top 20 Places to get lip-smacking Chaat in Hyderabad

Who doesn’t love eating chaat? Chaat is Indians’ most favorite street food, blended with sweet, tangy flavors. Hyderabad, prominently known for its amazing biryani's,...

Top 20 Lost Recipes of India

As we move further with time, cuisine changes with every decade, where some recipes are modified, and some get lost with time. Also, recipes...