Top 20 Special Street Food In Kanpur

Top 20 Special Street Food In Kanpur

Kanpur offers some of the most delectable street food, especially if you want a chaat. If you walk in the evening, you will see vendors on the side of the streets selling chaat and people with their families and friends enjoying and having the time of their lives. The simplicity of the city is what will make you fall in love with the environment and the food. You will find many more delicious food on the streets. So, to help your adventure, here is a curated list of street foods that you can try to capture the essence of Kanupriya food.

1.Aloo Tikki Chaat

Aloo Tikki Chaat is the most famous street food in Kanpur. The fried potato patty topped with chutney and yogurt is heaven in your mouth. It is a great way to start your food adventure. In the evening, this dish is a great snack to enjoy with your friends and family.


2.Paani Ke Batashe

In Kanpur, people call golgappa or paani puri, Paani Ke Batashe. It is a refreshing snack you can enjoy at any time of the day. The paani is made up of various spices and doesn’t have boondi in it, and the filling contains potato, white peas, and some herbs blend, making the dish a little different from the others.


3.Falooda Kulfi

Falooda is a cooling dessert or a treat. Kulfi topped with vanilla ice cream, sevaiyan, rose syrup, and nuts. The combination is just excellent as you can enjoy different flavors in your mouth.


4.Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is a dish that you can enjoy as any meal, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can find some of the best chole bhature on the streets. The chole is a fantastic blend of spices, served with onion, mint chutney, and raita, and the bhatura are piping hot.



Samosas are always a fantastic snack for your chai or coffee. The deep-fried goodness is available in the halwai shops. You can find some halwai selling samosas with raitas, which go extremely well with the snack. And you can also find some vendors selling colorful samosas that are fun to eat.



Biryani is a dish favorite among many people, and the people of Kanpur are no exception. This dish is also available in restaurants, but there is something about eating it on the side of the road that brings out some flavor that is impossible anywhere else. Soya bean biryani is a specialty here in Kanpur, so vegetarians can also get a chance to taste the goodness.



Laddoo is a treat that is so simple yet so delicious. You can find it easily at any halwai shop. Besan ke laddoo is a dish that is everyone’s favorite, and the laddoos you eat on the street are impossible to make at home, which makes them taste even better.



When you want something comforting that reminds you of home, you need kachoris. When they are handed to you piping hot with some sabzi, it is the ultimate food that could satisfy your soul. You can find variations everywhere, but it will always taste fantastic.


9.Malai Makhan

Malai Makhan is a treat that even Lord Krishna would sneak it. This dessert is so delicately flavored and is always such a treat. You need to eat it at the shops that make it fresh every morning, and it is so creamy, fluffy, mildly sweet, and topped with nuts. It’s a good option if you want to eat something light.



On a hot day while shopping, if you need a cool drink that will give you energy and leave you feeling refreshed at the same time, you can always go with Lassi. In some places, it gets served in kulhads that enhance the experience. You can find this drink easily around the city.



Chai is like an emotion for us Indians. We need our chai then; it can be at any time of the day. This one beverage can accompany every snack or even go without it. Tapri valas are scattered around the city and offer some of the best chai you’ll ever have.


12.Bun Muska

Sweet buns slathered with butter. What’s not to want? It’s a perfect way to start your morning. Vendors put up their stalls in the morning because people like to eat them in a rush. You can pair it with a cup of chai or buttermilk.



Parathas are always a comfort food whenever you need something filling yet satisfying. A paratha topped with butter, pickles, and yogurt to go along with it is a perfect meal. It is an unusual street food, but it is very delightful to have.


14.Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla is fried goodness dipped in yogurt with tamarind chutney, cumin, and red chili powder. You can find it in chaat places, and it can be eaten as a snack as it is not too heavy. It can be a perfect food if you want to try something different.



If it is rainy weather, what better food to have than pakoras? Different vegetables coated with a gram flour batter, fried to perfection, and then topped with garam masala. It is a perfect snack that is always delicious and goes perfectly with chai. Mirchi Pakora is a specialty where a green chili has a stuffing of a potato mixture and then fried like a normal pakora.



Chowmein is a dish that India has put its twist on with its flavors and spices. You will find many people selling it and youngsters coming in the evening and enjoying it with their friends. It’s a pocket-friendly option where the taste is impeccable.



Momos are a very famous street food. They are delicious and enjoyed by young people. You can find them in different varieties according to your taste buds. The spicy chutney is the main attraction. If it’s too spicy for you to handle, the sweet mayonnaise is always there. This dish is simple yet delicious and a great street food option because of its bite-size pieces.



Dosa is a South Indian dish immensely loved by North Indians, too. This dish goes with sambhar and coconut chutney with a filling of a potato mixture. But now you can find different varieties of fillings like cheese or paneer, whatever you like. It can be quite a filling meal, considered healthy as well.



If you are around Ganga Bairaj, you must try Maggi from a local stand there. The fantastic view while eating is something you can never get while making those noodles at home. It is a popular snack loved and consumed joyfully among the people there.



Rolls are an easy grab-and-go snack. You can find vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and both are equally delicious. Most stands sell them fresh. The greasier they are, the better. Kathi rolls are a specialty, so don’t miss them!