Top 20 Liquid Food Items For Acidity

Top 20 Liquid Food Items For Acidity

We have a hectic life. Our so-called progress in life seems to be becoming less in terms of health. People are coming up with different kinds of diseases that you have not heard of before. All these diseases are just because of the small thing we neglect daily. There are many small changes we can make in our life. They can help you have a healthier life. Furthermore, today we will discuss how to use juices to treat acidity. These juices are


Milk is a solid solution for acidity. People have been using it to calm their stomachs for a long time. However, drinking whole-fat milk might not work with speed. It can be a little heavy for people to digest. Hence, research suggests having low-fat milk that will calm acidity sooner.


2.Coconut Milk

There are other options one can go for instead of whole-fat milk. You can go for plant-based or vegan milk options. They include coconut milk. One may not be able to find it easily. However, the fast-moving twenty-first century has enabled us to search for it from anywhere. You can order it online or make it yourself.

Banana in coconut milk. Thai dessert

3.Soy Milk

Another plant-based milk option we have is Soy Milk. It is a delicious version of milk. One can calm down acidity with this juice. Furthermore, you can use it as a replacement for your whole-fat cow milk. It is a great option to go with if you are a vegan.

Four vegetable drinks lactose-free.

4.Cashew Milk

Lastly, you can take some cashew milk to clear up your stomach. It is a good solution for cooling the chest and heart burns. Furthermore, you can also take oat, almond, and flaxseed milk.


5.Herbal Tea

Generally, people advice not to drink tea during acidity. It may increase the reaction and cause more trouble. However, you can readily take some herbal tea. It has ingredients to soothe the body. Also, it will act towards the body naturally without leaving any harmful side effects.

Herbal tea is an alternative medicine

6.Licoricey Tea

Licoricey is one of the ingredients in herbal tea. It helps in reducing the backflow of mucus lining in the stomach. This quality reduces the stomach acids and soothes other parts of the same. You can find licoricey in many other supplements too.

Tea and stems of licorice - Glycyrrhiza glabra.

7.Ginger Tea

People advise consuming Ginger for good digestion and other stomach issue. Ginger tea has good benefits. It can help cure stomach and digestive diseases. Furthermore, it will help in increasing metabolism towards many diseases. Lastly, it has anti-oxidant properties to help with other health issues.



Another herbal ingredient we have on the list is Chamomile. Chamomile has a good comeback about stomach issues. One can use it to deal with acidity and constipation. You can take Chamomile even if you are on a strict diet for weight management. It is the most versatile herb to use.


9.Carrot Juice

One should not think of drinking any citrus juice to cure acidity. It will trigger the reflexes causing more trouble. Hence, you can drink something easy and soothing. Carrot juice will fill up the stomach. Also, its nutrients will help fight other reactions taking place in the stomach.


10.Watermelon Juice

Yes, you can eat watermelon during acidity. It does not have much content. This quality makes the watermelon easy to digest. If you are drinking the juice of watermelon, that will calm down the acidity faster. It will not have any side effects. Also, it will make you feel relaxed.

Slice of watermelon with blue straw on soft pink background with copy space

11.Beet Juice

Beetroot has been a superfood for long. It increases hemoglobin levels. For acidity, it has antioxidant properties. Those will help in healing stomach pains. Also, one can make a good smoothie using beetroot. This drink will increase the nutrition of the fruit. Do not add mint or lemon to the smoothie. That can have a bit of side effect.

Beetroot smoothie in glass jar, top view. Closeup.


Smoothies are in trend these days. They add up to the nutritional benefits one can have from a drink. You can add veggies like spinach and kale to your smoothie. This addition will increase the nutritional benefits and help cure other health issues. You can drink a smoothie instead of eating anything indigestible.


13.Coconut Water

We can drink coconut water almost any time of the day. It helps in balancing the body’s pH levels. Also, it has nutrients like potassium. This nutrition will help to reduce the acid refluxes in the body. Furthermore, one can get many health benefits through it.

Two coconuts full of fresh coconut water are served on a table in a beach bar.


Milkshakes will act just like milk. It will help reduce acid refluxes. Furthermore, one can assure to have a soothing and cooling effect after drinking a milkshake. Many people include fruits, ice-creams, and dry fruits in their milkshakes. You can try that too.

Iced coffee


Just like milkshakes, Lassi will have a cooling effect on your body. Usually, people suggest eating low-fat yogurt. It acts just like milk does. However, you can even consume some sweet lassi instead of that. You can take some plain, cool lassi and drink it in sips. This technique will fill your stomach and help heal acidity.


16.Avocado Smoothie

How do you make your smoothie? Well, I would love it to be sweet. Research says that one should consume avocados to get rid of acidic reactions. The good news is that you can make an avocado smoothie too. This smoothie will have the goodness of avocado. It will contain a lot of nutrients and will help your tummy heal.

Fresh green detox smoothie, with avocado and fresh salad


Kefir is a Yogurt drink. It is like Lassi. It is low in fat and excellent for digestive issues. It contains good bacteria. Hence, people who are lactose intolerant can drink it too. Kefir can be the ultimate solution to many digestive problems. You can consider the one that rises due to our hectic life.


18.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is slowly becoming a part of the daily life of many people. People use it for weight management, increasing metabolism, skin care, meditative issues, and more. Also, people are finding new ways to incorporate apple cider into their life. It is one of the best solutions to acidity.



You might say buttermilk is acidic. However, research shows that it is a solution to acidity. It contains lactic acid that normalizes the acidic reactions that take place. One can add fennel, coriander, black pepper, and asafoetida. This addition will increase its taste and make it better to drink.



Water is an elixir of life. Everyone asks for water when they are uncomfortable. Here too, you can drink a lot of water during acidity. Water will help in maintaining the ph level balance. Furthermore, the body will get a neutral liquid. It will help it deal with stressed conditions.