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Tag: Mysore Pak


Top 20 Street Food of Karnataka

1 Mysore Masala DosaAs the name suggests, Mysore masala dosa originated from the city of palaces, Mysore. This masala dosa is always accompanied by sambar and chutney. It has its very good flavors and...

20 Desserts And Snacks Made From Gram Flour

1Mysore PakMysore Pak is one of the famous desserts in India. It originates from Mysore city in Karnataka, thus the name Mysore Pak. Its ingredients include Gram Flour(besan in Hindi), pure desi ghee, and...
Top 20 Popular Sweets in India

Top 20 Popular Sweets in India.

We Indians are known to have a sweet tooth. All of us have a great love towards the varieties of sweets.  From auspicious occasion to festivals, sweets is the most important part of our...
South Indian Dishes You Should Try Once

20 South Indian Dishes You Should Try Once

South Indian dishes are the dishes which satisfies your soul. As you read this, I will be walking through some nice locations in South India to have them. The places are awesome and everyone...

Top 20 South-Indian Sweets

1 HoligeHolige is also known as Obbatu in many parts of South India. In Maharashtra, it is famous by the name Sweet Poli. This is a traditional sweet prepared by the South Indians during...

Desserts From Our Country

Desserts are part and parcel of an authentic Indian meal. Though similar in many ways, desserts across this culturally diverse country vary in taste and flavor. So here are a few picks from each...

25 Traditional Dishes prepared during Dussehra in Mysore

1Shavige PayasaShavigePayasa is also known as Kheer in other parts of India. People in Mysore prepare this Kheer during every occasion, especially during Dussehra. It is a dessert served at the end of the...

Top 20 South Indian Foods

If one wants to see the combination of traditional as well as modern cooking then they should look for South Indian cuisine because people over there create magic with their spices and one can...

Top 20 Sweet Dishes Of Diwali

1 Kaju KathliThis is a type of barfi, which is made from cashew nuts paste and very attractive thing, that I personally like about this sweet dish is, the silver paper covering on it....
70 Indian Sweets And Desserts

70 Indian Sweets And Desserts

India is known for its rich culture and the food that it offers. The country provides with beautiful delicacies that leave everyone hungry for more. As much as we are known for the spicy...

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