Top 20 Indian Ghee Sweets

Top 20 Indian Ghee Sweets (1)

Indian sweets are renowned around the entire world. The mouth-watering sweets made out of desi ghee are ignored by none. Even patients with diabetes will sometimes have a bite or two because of the irresistible flavors. These ghee sweets are eaten either as a dessert item or whenever your tummy demands one. Here are the top 20 Indian Ghee Sweets that can become somebody’s favorite food item in seconds.


This dessert is a boon to weak and underweight children as it has 460 calories per person. This dish is from the diamond city of India, Surat. Ghari is made of mawa, ghee, and sugar with ghee and dry fruit being the star ingredients. The reason why it is eaten during the Chandani Padva festival is that after buying Ghari, you must take your family out on the streets, sit there and eat under the moonlight.



Sutar means “thread” and feni means “fine”. Sutarfeni is a melt-in-mouth Indian dessert that is the classic dessert in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The dessert is high in calories so it is suitable for use on special occasions like weddings. It is made from Kataifi pastry dough and baked for quick results that taste just professionally made. It is a very long and tedious process to make Sutarfeni at home.



A Gujarati authentic besan flour-based sweet recipe known for its creaminess and richness. Similar to besan barfi, Mohanthal has its uniqueness in terms of taste and creaminess. The chickpea protein in this dessert is useful for building muscles. Mohanthal is specially made during Festival season and occasions.



Another Rajasthani delicacy is made during the auspicious month of Shravana when the festival of Teej and Raksha Bandhan falls. Ghewar is a disc-shaped sweet resembling a honeycomb in terms of texture. This dish is full of useful minerals from dry fruits.


5.Kaju Katli

The most popular and most loved is Kaju Katli. It is a perfect sweet to spread joy and happiness during festivals like Diwali. Of course, the main ingredient is Kaju, just as the name suggests but, ghee is used as much for its desi taste. It is a simple and easy barfi made with a handful of ingredients that you can prepare at home.



Pootharekulu is a word derived from ’Pootha’ meaning coating and ‘Rekulu’ meaning sheet. It has the texture of paper. It is a south Indian dish, the dessert of Andhra Pradesh. It is made from rice or gram flour and coated with sugar/jaggery and ghee. This much-loved sweet is known for its crispiness.


7.Bombay Halwa

Bombay halwa is also known as Karachi halwa. It consists of 4 main ingredients, corn flour, ghee, water, and sugar. The smooth gelatinous texture of the Bombay Halwa complements the dry fruits on top that give you crunchiness. Some people use oil instead of ghee however, ghee is recommended for better taste and aroma.


8.Sweet Boondi

Boondi is small-shaped balls that are often served in temples as prasad. They are made with besan. Crispy on the outside and sugary on the inside. It is easy to make and a must-sweet item on festivals like Diwali and Dussehra. Kids like it even more and this Boondi can be made in different colors which makes it looks more delicious and exciting.


9.Moong Dal Ka Halwa

Moong dal ka halwa is high in calories but one can’t deny having such an addictive and tempting sweet. Your stomach will desire more of it and that’s the magic of this desi halwa. Moong Dal Ka Halwa is eaten during the winter season and promises to make your winters sweet and warm.



Anarsa, also known as Apoopa is a Maharashtrian sweet famous as a Diwali snack. It is a pastry-like snack made from soaked powdered Rice, Jaggery or Sugar, poppyseed, and Ghee. They are made specially during the Adhik Maas.


11.Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a popular sweet of Mysore. Mysore Pak is made of ghee, gram flour, and sugar. One should be brave enough to try out this recipe, but one should know that it is worth the effort. The texture can be smooth and hard and the sweetness can vary according to your liking.



In the south, it is known as Sheera, and the same is known as Suji Halwa in the north. It is commonly given as prasad in temples during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Varalaxmi Puja, and Navaratri. It is often prepared at home on auspicious days as a breakfast item or a dessert for lunch as it is quick to prepare.



Just like the song, this sweet round and spiral dish is just the thing to lift your mood. Hot jalebis with fafda in guajart is a perefct breafast combo. It should be crispy and juicy enough for your Jaleb experience to be the best. Dipped-in ghee will probably increase your calories but who cares when you have jalebis on your dessert plate?


14.Magaj Laddu

Magaj Laddu is a Gujarati sweet dish made with primary ingredients like besan, sugar, and ghee. A typical laddu like that melts in the mouth. The essential part of this recipe is roasting besan and sprinkling water while roasting it to give it a darker color.



The South Indian version of the famous Modak is Kozhukattai made during Ganesh Chaturthi. Kozhukattai can be shaped as a half-moon or the same shape as Modak. Apart from the regular stuffing of coconut and jaggery as in the regular Modak, Kozhukattai uses sesame seeds and ground nutmeg.



Lord Krishna’s favorite sweet item can be yours too. Thor is Guarati’s authentic and rich sweet delicacy. Made with flour and ghee and then dipped in a sugar glaze that gives a white, hard texture of sugar on top. Thor is similar to Khaja or Metthi Khajali.


17.Gond Laddu

For the health-conscious people out there, this laddu is for you. A healthy and tasty laddu prepared using dry fruits coconut, jaggery, and gond. It is prepared during the winter season to provide warmth. Rich in nutrients hence it is served to kids and elderly people.


18.Kopra Pak

Kopra Pak is the nariyal ki barfi that everybody craves. It has the intense and rich flavor of coconut and milk. Adding cardamon casts a special taste to this sweet. The rich flavor of this sweet is addictive enough that gives a magical experience.


19.Salam Pak

Another Gujarati dish that has a high medicinal value. It is made with ghee, sugar, mawa, and nuts. It gives relief from nervous debility and physical exhaustion. Salam Pak also gives relief to the muscles of your body. High in nutrition as it contains dry fruits.



Just like Thor, this is hard from the outside, but it is soft to bite compared to Thor. It has a similar shape as that of Medu Vada but this is a sweet dish. It is necessary to make the dough smooth without any cracks. Add a pinch of cardamon to the sugar syrup to have a better experience with the taste.