Top 20 Sweets Of Kanyakumari You Will Never Forget

Top 20 Sweets Of Kanyakumari You Will Never Forget

Kanyakumari, a state in Tamil Nadu, also known as Cape Comorin or The Land’s End, is at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. As a popular tourist destination where you can see breathtaking sites and feel like heaven, it’s also famous for its sweets like Payasam, Kobbari Uddalu, Kothu, and many more, which will make your heart crave them again. When you go to Kanyakumari, don’t forget to taste all of these and enjoy.

1.Munthiri Kothu

Munthiri Kothu, also known as Paniyaram or Payatham Urundai, is a delectable festival sweet from Kanyakumari. The process of its making includes roasting, cooling, a lot of crushing, and finally , giving it a marble-sized structure. Munthiri Kothu, which means “Bunch of Cashews,” is the most famous sweet of Kanyakumari; hence, don’t forget to try it.



Boorelu, also known as Poornalu, Suyyam, Seeyam, Sukiyan, Sugeelu, or Sugunta, being an integral part of the menu in Kanyakumari, tastes the best when served hot with clarified butter. It’s made exuberantly and wholeheartedly and enjoyed with friends. It’s golden brown color and the sweet smell would attract you to it from any corner of the city.


3.Pazham Nurukku

Pazham Nurukku, made from Pazham, which is a banana, and a twist from a classic and traditional South Indian snack. The crispy outer layer of the banana and its soft soaked sweet interior will satisfy the sweet tooth. Once you taste it, you won’t feel like stopping eating it.



Fluffy in the center, crisp at the edges, and served with coconut milk; that’s Appam! It looks like a dosa, but it’s quite different from it. It’s like a thin flavorous pancake cooked in a deep pan. Don’t blame us if you feel like you got wings when you taste it.


5.Pazham Pori

Pazham Pori, or call it banana fritters, is a lip-smacking sweet snack made from super ripe and sweet bananas of Kerala, which are dipped in a sweet batter and fried. Serve it with tea or ice cream, and let the magic begins.


6.Semiya Payasam

Simple yet pleasurable, Semiya Payasam is a creamy vermicelli pudding with shimmering milk in it. Not only do you get it in a restaurant, you can make this tasty classic and milky dish at home within minutes, and that’s what makes us want it even more.


7.Nei Appam

Nei Appam, a sweet made for festivals like Gokulashtmi and Karthigai Deepam, will catch your attention, believe us. It is a jaggery-based sweet made with raw rice and jaggery; with differences in regions, there’s a difference in ingredients, too, such as adding coconut or bananas. As sweet as the festival itself is, don’t forget to taste and enjoy it.


8.Mysore Pak

Originated from Mysore, yet a royal sweet in Kanyakumari. From big restaurants to the street sides, you can find Mysore Pak everywhere. People are really into it; you will be, too once you put it on your tongue.



An authentic and traditional sweet, Okkarai is too delicious not to mention. It’s too flavorsome not to be tasted. Its main ingredients are dal and jaggery. The process includes steaming, crumbling, and blending. Guess what? With being delicious, it’s healthy, too, so don’t miss the chance to add it to your favorite food items list.


10.Innipu Theankuzal Mittai

Ever heard of something being spicy at one place and, when dipped in sweet syrup, becoming sweet at the other? Yes! Theankuzal is one of them. Some people like to eat it with evening tea, while most people enjoy it as a sweet. Have you ever heard of Jalebis? These will make you remember them with a little twist.



Adhirasam or Athirasam, a delicious mouth-watering sweet made out of rice, jaggery, and clarified butter rules the hearts of people who get to taste it. While it’s tasty, there are many health benefits, too; it’s good for weight loss, purifies the blood and improves immunity and intestinal health. What do we want more than a healthy and crispy sweet?


12.Pazha Sarbath

While You’ll be roaming around the streets trying different sweets, you’ll surely need a drink, probably a sweet drink to quench your thirst in the heat. Pazha Sarbath will be the right fit for your craving. It has fruits, syrups, and lemonade, a unique style and still wins the hearts of its consumers.


13.Vella Aval

A simple recipe and an almost no-cook dish with no confusion and lots of fun! Poha, clarified butter, and coconut grind it all, and mix it up; it’s ready! A sweet, healthy snack is what today’s generation wants. What are you waiting for? Try it as soon as possible.


14.Maravalli Kilangu Laddoo

Maravalli Kilangu is made up of Tapioca. You’ll find it in wide varieties, such as crispy chips, sweet laddoos, spicy dosa, and many more. Not many people know about it now, so be the one to have it before anyone else gets their hands on these tasty laddoos.


15.Innipu Sevu

Innipu Sevu, or call it sweet sev. You’ll find many street vendors selling it. You can find it in small confectioner shops, and even on bus stands to satisfy your hunger and you’ll never get enough of it. It is made up of Sooji, fried in a kadhai, and then dipped in syrup; no way it will get out of your mind for a very long time.


16.Nungu Sarbath

A delicious and extremely effortless drink made up of Nungu, or say, ice apple and Nannari syrup is Nungu Sarbath. It is a perfect thirst quencher and best for the summer heat of Kanyakumari. It’s a popular street side drink and has a lot of medicinal benefits, too, with being extremely delicious.


17.Payasam Pudding

Payasam Pudding is a pudding and has a jelly-like structure. It has milk, rice, and sugar in it instead of vermicelli. This version allows you to get Payasam Pudding in many different shapes. So, go for it, order the form you want it in, and enjoy.


18.Rava Kesari

As interesting as it sounds, Rava Kesari is made from Sooji, such a simple thing but still unforgettable. It’s a pudding, which has Sooji, clarified butter, cashews, and saffron in it. When you put it on your tongue, it’ll melt and make you feel like heaven.



Kozhukkattai is a popular South Indian dish made from rice flour, grated coconut, jaggery, and chakkavaratti. Usually, it’s sweet, but as per your mood, you can change its filling and experience a whole new savory dish. Similar to Modak, Kozhukkattai will always win when served among other sweets.


20.Kobbari Undalu

Kobbari Undalu is a sweet which gives you high energy and a delightful sweet free of any sweet preservatives. It is cooked in a pure, hygienic, and traditional way, which includes ingredients like coconut. It is a must to have on your food wish list.