Top 20 Street Foods In Mysore

Top 20 Street Foods In Mysore

Mysore also known as Mysuru is situated at the foothills of Chamundi Hills. Mysore is famous for Mysuru Dasara and people from every corner of the world visit Mysore during Dasara for 10 days. Mysore Palace, Mysore Silk, Mysore Painting and more add beauty to this beautiful city. Apart from this, Mysore has some famous street foods and no one should miss them when on a trip to Mysore.

1.Mysore Mallige Idli

It is the most popular breakfast recipe in Mysore. Mysore Mallige Idli has its name after a jasmine flower. It is found in all the kitchens of Mysore and there are many variations in the preparation of Mysore Mallige Idli. Every variation is unique. The Idli’s are delicately soft and served along with hot and spicy sambar and tangy coconut chutney. It is a snack everyone has when in Mysore.


2.Mysore Masala Dosa

The Masala Dose has a separate fan base. The dose is so crispy yet soft. The masala dose is filled with a thin layer of red chutney often spicy, potato sabzi that is delicious and loads of pure ghee. The masala dose is always cooked on one side and served in a brownish-red colour. The masala dose is so delicious that no one can stop after one.


3.Mysore Bonda

Mysore Bonda has been originated in Mysore itself. It is also famously known as Mysore Bhaji. Mysore Bhaji is a very popular snack paired with evening Chai. These bhajis are soft yet crispy and lightly spicy. It is usually served with coconut chutney and sometimes with sambar. It is a tasty and healthy snack consumed by most South Indians.


4.Khara Bath

Khara Bath is also known as Uppittu and is more popular by the name of Upma. It is a variation of upma but loaded with a lot of vegetables, peanuts, and ghee. It is one of the healthy snacks. Sometimes it is served with a raita but most of food lovers prefer it just as it is.


5.Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is listed as the 14th best street food in the World. Mysore Pak originated in Mysore itself and is the signature dessert of Mysore. This dessert was an accidental discovery. The most authentic and delicious Mysore Pak can be found only in Mysore. Almost every shop sells this sweet and it is a highly recommended sweet to try.


6.Kesari Bath

Kesari bath is served in every temple of Karnataka in the form of Prasadam. Kesari Bath is popularly known as Sooji ka Halwa or Sheera. In restaurants of Mysuru, Kesari Bath is served with Pineapple, a generous amount of dry fruits, and overloaded with desi ghee. Its taste is delicious. It is a must-try.


7.Poori Saagu

It is a South Indian Breakfast prepared in almost every household. The Saagu is a very tasty and unique dish with vegetables, tamarind, and some unique spices from Karnataka. The poori is soft, fluffy cloud-like and is served with saagu, aloo palya, chutney, and a salad. The dish is fulfilling.



Uttappam is a classic dish from South India. It is also known as Indian Breakfast Pancakes. Uttappam is similar to Dose. But it isn’t crispy like dose. It is soft and has toppings of vegetables on it. It is served hot with sambhar and chutney. Uttappam is often considered as the most healthy, delicious, and very ful filling snack. It is a must-try when in South India. Especially in Mysore.



Bisibelebath originated in Mysore Palace, Karnataka. It is a rice-based dish that is rich in flavors and spices. It is a healthy and nutritious dish. It is basically a type of spicy khichdi. It is a very popular dish in Karnataka and can be found in every hotel and restaurant. It is considered as a comfort food.


10.Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa is another type of Dosa which is made up of Rice Batter and Water. It is a popular food and is often found in all South Indian Breakfast or Snack homes. It is very soft and delicate. It looks beautiful and thin in structure. Most of the time, it is served with a spicy chicken or mutton curry. It enhances the taste.


11.Shavige Bath

Shavige Bath is basically a Vermicelli Upma. They had loads of vegetables and topped it with cashew nuts making it healthy and tasty. It is a very famous breakfast and tea snack. It is a simple yet tasty snack. It is nutritious and tempting.



Polihora is also known as Tamarind Rice, Ambad Baath, Kokum Rice, Puliyogare, etc. It is a traditional rice recipe popular in Karnataka as Polihora or Puliyogare. It is made with a lot of spices, flavours, tamarind, and unique masalas of Karnataka. It tastes slightly sour and tastes good. It is a healthy dish and is perfect for a cozy environment.


13.Rava Idli

Rava Idli is a variant of Idli. It originated in Karnataka itself in the kitchens of MTR. Rava Idli in Mysuru is served with saagu and coconut chutney. Rava Idli is considered to be healthy as it has toppings of carrot, cucumber, etc. It is quite healthy and the most preferred snack by the South Indians. Do try it out.


14.Ghas Ghase Payasa

Ghas Ghase Payasa is the most popular dessert among the Kannadigas. It is a type of rice pudding loaded with lots of cashew nuts, almonds, raisins, cardamom powder, ghee, etc. It is a time favorite dessert for all the South Indians. It is a must-try especially during Festivals and Celebrations.



Nippattu is originated in Karnataka itself. It is the most preferred snack during the evenings. It is crispy and few people prefer the kara nippattu which means spicy nippattu. It is deeply fried and is the perfect snack during chai time. It is delicious and easily found anywhere in Mysore.


16.Millet Dosa/ Ragi Dosa

Ragi dose is a variant of Dose. It is made from Finger millet or red millet. Ragi dose is considered as the most healthy snack because it is rich in Iron and Fibre. It tastes delicious with saagu and spicy chutney. It can be found all over Mysore and in Karnataka.


17.Onion Chakli Masala

Onion Chakli Masala also known as Onion Murukku is a famous snack often enjoyed with evening tea. All the flavours of onion can be felt and it tastes very unique and delicious. It is considered quite healthy. It is found in the old lanes of Mysore. The aroma of fried onions is spread all over the streets and one can not resist without tasting it.


18.Majjige Kodbale

Majjige Kodbale is also known as Mosaru Kodbale. It is an evening snack. It has a unique taste of spicy, sour, and crispy, It is soft from the inside. It is a delicious and healthy snack. It is often found all over Mysore.


19.Masala Puri

Masala Puri also known as Tikki Puri is a famous chaat in Mysore. It is layered with a unique combination of crispy puri, spicy gravy masala of peas, a few vegetables, and sev. It is garnished with onions and cucumbers. It tastes delicious. It has many flavours and is found all over Mysore.



Paddu has various names such as Guliyappa, Paniyaram, or Gundpogalu. It is a famous snack in Mysore. Paddu is made from Dosa batter. It is served with hot sambar and tangy chutney. Paddu contains a lot of onions, carrots, cucumbers and more. It is a rare combination of Healthy as well as delicious. It is a must-try.