Top 20 Festive Feasts Of Mysore

Top 20 Festive Feasts Of Mysore

Mysore is famous for its palaces, its rich heritage, and its culinary delights. These delicacies are a subtle mix of flavors. Grains like ragi, rice, jowar, urad dal, and semolina are staples. Palm jaggery is also an integral part of the cuisine. During Dussehra, these sumptuous delicacies secure the topmost preference in the menu. Daily diet or festive feasts, these tempting dishes have gained popularity. Here are the top 20 such festive feasts of Mysore:

1.Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a popular sweet dish that contains ghee, sugar, and gram flour. The sweet is dense and simply melts in the mouth. It originated in Mysore Palace and is a famous traditional cuisine of the region.



Chitranna is a savory rice dish. The rice is seasoned with lemon, turmeric, and aromatic spices. This contributes to the spicy flavor. This simple preparation is a staple on festive occasions.



Bisibelebath is a flavorful, spicy rice dish. It is made from rice, lentils, and a generous mix of spices. It tastes delicious with ghee, boondi, or crispy chips. It is a staple food during festivals.



Puliyogare is a famous rice dish. It has a tangy flavor. The main ingredients are rice, tamarind and spices. Rice is cooked with the pulp of tamarind and spices. Puliyogare is a common offering in temples.


5.Mysore Bonda

Mysore Bonda is also known as Ulundu Bonda. These are dumplings made from black gram. They are deep-fried. This makes them crispy. The outer crunch and the soft inner part makes Bonda a delicious snack. They taste well with coconut chutney and sambar.


6.Rava Kesari

Rava Kesari is a sweet delicacy. Semolina pudding is mixed with cardamom and saffron. Nuts and raisins are used as garnishing ingredients. Rava Kesari is a delectable dessert during festivals.


7.Holige Or Obbattu

Holige is also called Obbattu or Puran Poli. These are sweet breads. Holige is a traditional dish prepared during festive occasions. A sweet mixture is made using chana dal and jaggery. Coconut, peanuts, or sesame seeds added in the filling make them tempting.


8.Vangi Bath

Vangi Bath is a rice dish. It is full of flavor. Rice is mixed with spices and brinjal. The spices confer a distinct aroma. This simple preparation is a staple during festivals.


9.Uppittu (Upma)

Uppittu is also known as Upma. It is a well-known breakfast dish of South India. This delicious porridge is made from semolina, fresh vegetables and spices. Curry leaves and mustard seeds add a sharp flavor.



Payasa or Kheer is a dessert prepared in milk. It is made with rice, vermicelli, or split green gram. Dry fruits like cashews, and raisins are added to elevate the taste.



Kosambari is a nutritious salad containing soaked lentils, cucumber, grated coconut, and a gentle sprinkle of spices. Kosambari is a refreshing dish loved by all. It is made during special occasions.


12.Masala Dosa

Masala dosa is a popular South Indian dish. It is a part of almost all festive occasions. It is thin and crisp crepe. It is a mix of fermented rice and urad dal. The flavored potato stuffing makes it delicious.


13.Ragi Mudde

Ragi Mudde or Ragi Balls are a staple cuisine of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Ragi ball is made of ragi flour. It is rich in nutrients. It tastes delicious with Saaru, which is a spicy curry side dish.


14.Akki Rotti

Akki Rotti is a famous breakfast delicacy. It is rice bread made using rice flour. Grated coconut, chopped vegetables, and spices add the desired flavor. It pairs well with chutneys and spicy curry.



Gojju tastes sweet, and spicy. Gojju is a dense tamarind sauce or curry. The other ingredients such as pineapple, mango, tomato, or okra contribute to its savory flavor. Gojju is a popular dish prepared during festivals.


16.Saaru (Rasam)

Saaru is also known as Rasam. It is a tangy and spicy soupy dish. It is prepared using tamarind, tomatoes, and aromatic spices. Saaru is usually eaten with rice. Saaru is a part of many festive feasts.



Palya is a stir-fried vegetable dish. This festive cuisine is highly nutritious. Vegetables like beans, carrots, cabbage, beetroot, and various other local vegetables can be added in Palya. It tastes well with rice.



Huli is also called “Sambar”. It is a delicious lentil and vegetable stew. People relish this traditional dish with rice, idli, dosa, or vada. Toor dal and vegetables are cooked with a mix of spices.


19.Maddur Vada

Maddur Vada hails from the Maddur town of Karnataka. Unlike the traditional vada made from lentils, Maddur Vada is made using rava, rice flour, and maida. It carries the flavor of onions, curry leaves, and spices.


20.Jolada Rotti

Jolada Rotti is a Sorghum Flatbread. It is a nutritious festive delight. It is made from sorghum, so it is gluten-free. Jolada Rotti tastes delicious with curries, chutneys, or vegetable stews.