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Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Top 20 South Indian Tiffins

Top 20 South Indian Tiffins

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In India, we have a unique name for breakfast called as Tiffins. We all love tiffins, especially from the southern part of India. There are...

Desserts From Our Country

Desserts are part and parcel of an authentic Indian meal. Though similar in many ways, desserts across this culturally diverse country vary in taste and flavor. So here are a few picks from each...
Top 20 South Indian Delights

Top 20 South Indian Delights

1. DosaDosa is a kind of pancake with its main ingredients rice and black gram. It is famous for a breakfast dish and is also often served as dinner. It is an important part...
20 Dishes You Should Not Miss From Tamil Nadu

20 Dishes You Should Not Miss From Tamil Nadu

Most common things that come to our mind when we think of Tamil Nadu are dosas and idlis. But there’s a lot more to the cuisine of this state, right from tangy tamarind, to...

Top 20 One Dish Meal Recipes

It is always said that our meal should be a balanced one, which means that it should contain every nutrient we need in proper quantity. So, in India, having Chapati, a vegetable, Rice, Dal...
How To Make Kalkandu Pongal – Quick One Minute Videovideo

How To Make Kalkandu Pongal – Quick One Minute Video

The traditional dish of South India is the Kalkandu(sugar candy) Pongal. It also be called as kalkandu sadam. It is a creamy and delicious dish withexotic taste that just swings down your mouth. It...
Top 20 Eatables Of Chennai That Satisfies Your Taste Buds

Top 20 Eatables Of Chennai That Satisfies Your Taste Buds

Now let me pose a question to you. What Chennai does not have? It has good beaches, traditional religious places, historical places and educational institutes. Well, now let me not beat around the bush....

Top 20 Festival Foods In India

“Why do we prepare certain delicacies on festival occasions only?” “why milk is the core ingredient in preparations on festivals like Janmashtami or why is modak a must have sweet during the festival of...

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